Top 10 Most Popular Accents in The World

The top 10 most attractive accents in the world in 2017, The X factory about the Top 10 popular accents.

Accents or our speech can do a lot in impressing a person. If you possess an attractive accent you can become the most popular person among the people around you. Around the world there are many people from different cast and creed. They speak in different accents and many of these people have an appealing accent too. Most of the people like to be with such a person who has an appealing accent while speaking.

List of top 10 most popular accent of the world in 2017:

Research says that around 6500 languages are there in world and among them some languages are extremely nice to hear. Depending on accent, people often chose their partner.

Here we can take a look at the most seductive accent in the world.

1. American: American accent is admired for its extreme transparency. This is a well-accepted accent which is famous almost in fifty states. Both men and women like to have conversation in this accent. Lots of people have been attracted to this accent and hence this has become one of the most top rated accents around the world.

American, Most Popular Accents in The World

2. Welsh: This country has a population of barely 3 million still this country has become extremely famous due to the accent. This accent has a tough of melody and people love to speak in this accent. Today we are great fan of Welsh born celebrities as Catherine Zeta- Jones, Charlotte Church mainly due to the melodious accent.

3. Spanish: Spanish is such a nice and lovely language which people all around the world like to learn. Expressing love in Spanish is the most attractive. Both men and women like to talk in Spanish and express their emotions in Spanish. If you are searching for the most seductive accents in recent days then Spanish can be the one. That’s the reason that we love Penelope Curiz so much in singing and acting.

4. Swedish: Can you speak Swedish? If no, then you should try to learn it as this is considered as one of the most lovable accent. Among men and women, this accent has become extremely favorite. Stellan Skarsgard has become extremely favorite within us owing to his special accent in Swedish.

5. English : Among the most seductive and lovely languages, English will surely be placed along with them. The Royal culture is noticed everywhere with this accent and this language is extremely famous among most of the people around the world.

6. Australian accent: In recent days, Australian accent has become hugely attractive and famous within us. This accent has its own feature. English here is spoken in different accent and that is hugely loved by people around the world. Nicole Kidman has become extremely favorite among us due to her nice Australian accent.

7. French : French is taken as the most sensual and lovely accent all over the world. We can say French accent is voted as the sexiest accent. Loving couples like to spend most of their times by talking in French.

8. Scottish: Another nicely ornamented and melodious accent is Scottish. You may be surprised as this dialect has rated over Spanish and French. This language has a prosperous cultural heritage. This language is extremely lovely as the people of Scotland.

9. Italian: Italian accent is again another nice language which has a perfect blend of Spanish and French. With this language you can experience the energy of beautiful Spanish accent as well as the sensuality of French dialect. This accent really has a romantic touch so that people all around the world are willing to learn this language. The accent itself expresses the stylish lifestyle in Rome.

10. Irish: You may be a bit surprised with the fact that people are enjoying the Irish accent very much today. No one can deny that there is something extraordinary about the Irish. Here you can enjoy both the soft tone as well as the bold tones. You will surely fall in love with this accent and will choose this language to speak with your partner.

So, above are the most spoken languages which have a specialty. People from all around the world are mainly speaking in these languages.