Top 10 Largest Galaxies In the Known Universe

List of the Top 10 The Largest Galaxy In the Known Universe in 2015-2016, The Largest Black Hole In the Known Universe.

Galaxies: Gives beauty to the universe- The universe is the place where we have the chance to see different types of galaxies. The galaxies are basically gives beauty to the universe. They are very beautiful and awesome. The universe has many stars but they are so far from us that we see them as the diamond in the sky. Actually these stars are like the sun. The different types of galaxies have different shapes and colors which really attract the students and the astronauts. We all have a big question that weather these galaxies have life in them or not. Astronomers are still working on it to know the actual answer.

Presenting the List of top 10 largest galaxies in the universe in 2017

The science behind the creation of the universe is still unknown to many of us but yes no doubt in the fact that the beauty and elegance of the galaxy world amazes us completely and we love to stare at it to know the secret.

Below here is the list of top 10 galaxies which are really famous in the universe. These galaxies are very fascinating also.

1. The Sombrero Galaxy- It is a spiral galaxy. The galaxy is present in the constellation Virgo. It has a bright nucleus and a large central bulge. The galaxy is very prominent in the dust lane. The dust lane gives the galaxy an appearance of sombrero. The galaxy has 9.o magnitude. The dark lane has attracted the attention of the astronomers.

The Sombrero Galaxy, The Largest Galaxy In the Known Universe

2. Black Eye Galaxy- The galaxy is in the Coma Berenices constellation. The galaxy is also known as the sleeping beauty galaxy. It has a dark nucleus. It is very much visible to the astronomers by their telescopes. It is the most beautiful galaxy and it is so big that it can be seen through the telescope.

3. 2MASX J00482185-2507365 occulting pair- The galaxy is the overlapping spiral galaxy. The galaxies give the distribution of galactic dust which is very much visible in the arms of the spiral galaxy. The arms can 6 times and it shows the silhouetted in the HST Image. The background of the galaxy is very beautiful.

4. The whirlpool Galaxy- The galaxy is also known as the NGC5194. It is located nearly about 23 million light years in the constellation Canes Venatici. It is famous spiral galaxy in the sky. The galaxy is the companion of the galaxy NGC 5195 and the astronomers see both the galaxies in the telescope.

5. The Grand spiral Galaxy- It is also known as the NGC 123. The galaxy has many stars in it. The open cluster of the galaxy has bright blue stars and they are seen sprinkled in the spiral arms of the galaxy. There are also many dim normal stars which are less visible and it has also interstellar gas in it.

The Grand spiral Galaxy, The Largest Black Hole In the Known Universe

6. The supernova 1987A- About two decades ago the galaxy was invented by the astronomer. The galaxy has more than 400 bright stars in it. The prominent feature of the galaxy is the bright spots. It is the most beautiful galaxy in the universe. The glowing ring of the galaxy is very bright and they are informers to the astronomers that they are present in the universe.

7. Galaxy NGC 1512- The galaxy is 30 million light years away. It is present in the Horologium constellation. The galaxy is very colorful as said by the astronomers and they have many starts in them. Galaxy starbursts are the episodes of the formation if the new stars and they are found in this galaxy.

8. Galaxy NGC 3370- The galaxy is 98 million away light years. This galaxy is found in the constellation of Leo. It is one of the largest galaxies in the universe. The galaxy was first noticed in the telescope. Cepheid is the star which is present in the galaxy. In the year 1994 the galaxy was first introduced.

9. M81- The galaxy is in the northern constellation of Ursa Major. It is one of the brightest galaxies in the universe. The spiral arms and the bright nucleus made the galaxy very prominent in the universe. The galaxy is very much similar to the Milky Way. The companion galaxy is M82.

10. Hoag’s Object- The galaxy is a non typical galaxy. It is also known as the ring galaxy. The astronomers cannot understand that weather there is one galaxy or two galaxies. In the year 1950 the astronomers first introduced the galaxy.

Hoag’s Object, Top 10 Biggest galaxy In The Universe

Thus these are the largest and the fascinating galaxies in our universe. The galaxies are very beautiful.