Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in India

Top 10 most expensive cities to live in India in 2017, India’s most expensive cities.

Live with luxury: in the expensive cities: Nowadays there are many people who want to get good jobs. But not all the cities can provide you the best jobs. But there are few cities whose cost of living is very high but if you once can settle in the city then you will be earning more money. These cities have many IT centers who provides the employees with the maximum amount of money so that they don’t have to face any problem while they are living in the country. The job opportunities are also very high there.

List of top 10 most expensive cities of India 2017

Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive cities of India. These cities give all the modern facilities and you will get a greater job opportunity in these cities.

10. Jaipur-

It is also called the pink city and it is the best planned city in India. The architecture of Jaipur is excellent and thus you can say that the city is very well designed. It is the business center of gold, diamond and stone jewelry. It is one of the most important tourist destinations also.

Jaipur Most Expensive Cities in India 2018


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  1. Hats off for class infrastructure buildings here.travelling a bit other cities of india in comparison to banglore.even though you can fine environment over here.night life is rocked.

  2. Kisne daala hai ye information….. Bangalore is the costliest and then pune and mumbai.Delhi is cheaper then 3 of the cities.Kuch bhi post krne ke pehle thoda study kr liya karein. Wrong info. Na dein.

  3. This is bullshit. Mumbai is way more expensive than delhi. Get your facts straight before posting something rather than spreading wrong info

  4. aiyooooo!!! Bangalore is actually costly….Transport is horrible nd traffic is the hell on the Earth…Do not travel in Bangalore at all….

  5. well delhi is good city
    but Mumbai is most costly city
    delhi can be 2nd or 3rd
    even gurgaon is expensive than Delhi

    but delhi is so good city of india

  6. Mumbai is costly and everything that is the basic need is costly there. Not even a house, shelter is avaliable in cheaper rates. Life is hard there with limited income.

    • Yeah. It is a busy city and what you find is that there is a demand for everything there and that’s why prices are high. The population is the cause I guess. Besides the luxurious Mumbai, one has to see the underworld, smuggling Mumbai too. It is the darkest city of the country.

  7. Bangalore is expensive too. Here the basic needs and amenities are very expensive. And the rural side of Bengaluru is cheap,but the urban side with huge malls is costlier.

  8. Delhi ke bger india kuch nhi kyoki asia ke sabsy bady market yhi h or delhi me her roj 40lakh people baher state se in market me tay h to delhi real me most king oi expenivé city òf india h modrn city h delhi jesi beautiùl girls khi nhi h

  9. I really do not find Delhi as the costliest city in India. There are other B grade and C grade cities in India which are more costlier than Delhi. Mine is a middle class family, I have relocated to Mangalore in Karnataka in the year 2014. Reasons may be 100 but,I find Mangalore more costlier than Delhi by all means.

    • The living standards in bangalore and mangalore is almost the same. It has developed a lot in recent times the coastal city. But still it is not as costly bangalore though. It has good environment too.

  10. exactly! Nowadays all are busy planning about developments of their companies. For thier needs they ruin poor people’s life, destroy our nature. Even if they had spent atleast 1minute about all these our india would ve got into developed nation list.

  11. You people speak about the richness of these cities but dont speak about the jerks present in the city. It is not at enough only if software companies develop there. Cant u people see the slums and people living there?

    • But the main software hub is in Bengaluru. It will be never ending for the city. Resources are flowing to Bengaluru so there isn’t any fear that it’ll loose it’s popularity as silicon city.

    • Dude are you ignorant. Apple is launching thier R &D office in bangalore. Hyderabad is a hub only for middle level IT work.

  12. Mumbai is a busy city and it is very crowded since long back. People from rural areas always hit such cities in search of jobs. It’s usual about Mumbai that with limit of resources, there are happens a costlier means to live. Even the rents are high in this major port city of Mumbai.

    • I guess even blore will become a busy city just like mumbai. The rents are costly, jobs are available but need to struggle hard.. Untill we lose all hopes.. Lol!

  13. With the growth of software companies and Bangalore became the Silicon city of India. Many companies are centered and employment was created. Now it is crowded like about 1 crore people reside in the city. It is cool and a better place to work unlike other big South Indian cities.

    • Yeah.. Most of the people from kerala, tamil nadu, and few north indian states flee to blore.. Blore is the only state where we can find different people all over from india.

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