Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages of India

10 Beautiful Villages In India You Must Visit Once In Your Life, 10 of the most beautiful villages to visit in India in 2017.

India, the most fascinating place in the world is the most classic area indeed. This is so because; you get to see many places like the villages that enhance the real meaning of beauty all the more. Every keen traveller has claimed that travelling to India is the most memorable experiences of one’s life. This intoxicating country bags the name to be one of the places where villages paint the truth of life.

Presenting The list of the top 10 beautiful villages from the heart of India in 2017

Each village has something unique in itself. This is what differentiates one from the other truly painting with the beauties and stating something that India is all about. Thus, these names listed below gives you the real loud and clear about this heritage of India.

The names are as follows:

1. Poovar Kerala: this is a small village located in Trivandrum district which is at the southernmost part of Kerala making old history of the place refreshed in the minds of the people who visit the interiors of the village. Sree Bhadrakali Devi Temple is located in this village as well.

Poovar Kerala, most beautiful villages to visit in India

2. Kibber, Himachal Pradesh: The natural beauty is spell binding making things highly eye soothing for the visitors. The literacy rate in this village is 100%. The Phase of Incredible India suits the village the most.

3. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya: The village truly is a beautiful manifestation of the heritage of India. The village is rich in terms of living embodiment of it. It is located about 90 Kms from Shillong. This village is well recognized of being one of the most beautiful and the cleanest villages in India.

4. Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh: It offers you the glimpse of the paradise that makes you feel at peace and the nature is quite serene and eye soothing. The first heritage village of India, Pragpur was founded in the 16th century with forts like- the havelis, villas and so on.

5. Zuluk, Sikkim: Along the old silk route, Zuluk is one of the places that provide the accommodation that are totally on the Old Silk Route. The places do not boost of many tourists but there are people who really want to capture this village in their eyes, therefore they can easily make it happen. The majestic sunrise view that makes one feel truly at peace is one such attracting factor for this village.

6. Lamayuru, Ladakh: witnessing a beauty that exists in reality is a luck that happens quite rare. India has many places that are awe-aspiring with the views. Housing is one of the oldest form of monasteries in Ladakh is branded as the moonscape for it’s believe. The monasteries are so well maintained that it has now become the main attraction of the Ladakh.

7. Kalap, Uttarkhand: Located in the lap of the Garhwal Himalayas, the village of the Kalap is a picturesque view to the travellers from all corners of the world who visits this place. The soothing blend of the beautiful trees has made things cool and clear with the blue skies for the visitors and villagers.

8. Malana, Himachal Pradesh: located in Parvati Valley, the Malana village of Himachal Pradesh is considered to be the first democracy of the world. It is cut from rest of the world with the people speaking dialects that can be only understood if that custom is being followed. The quietude of the place makes it unique to all.

9. Muttom, Tamil Nadu: this is one of the fishing villages with over 99 percent of the population believed in the Christian ethnicity. The famous Muttom beach is quite pristine. It is covered with sand on one side and rocks and the pebbles on the other side. The sunset view from the lighthouse is something that people look out for as well.

10. Panamik Ladakh: The village of Panamik is only one such village in India that has hot water spring. The uniqueness is visible in all parts. Although the water is quite hot, but when people tend to take a dip into it, it does not burn, this is because they believe that the water has a spiritual power to heal all pains.

These are the names that really reflect the real state of beauty and fashion so that India can rightly be regarded as the heritage of India. Simplicity, serenity and everything else promises to captivate the senses within forever. All that matters in it is the will power to explore.