Top 10 Largest Malls in India

List of Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in India in 2015-2016, very big and most popular famous shopping malls in India.

Top shopping malls: in India: Whenever we are free we want to go the shopping malls and spend some of our leisure time. The malls are one of the desired destinations to roam around as they are beautifully decorated and in those malls we can find everything we need in our daily lives. We can watch movie, can shop beautiful outstanding cloths, grocery, can have food can spend some time everything we can do under that one roof. The main specialty of the all the malls are we can find shops of famous designer also there. If you want to buy the some designer’s cloth then malls are the best place to buy the things.

List of top 10 largest malls in India in 2017

It will be hard to find a single person who doesn’t love shopping and to give wings to their dream of shopping A to Z these malls are coming up. We made an attempt to find which the largest malls in India are.

Below here is the list of top 10 malls which are present in India. They are very big and thus they are so famous. They are:

1. Lulu International Shopping Mall, Kochi- This is the international mall and the largest mall. The mall was opened on 10th March in the year 2013. From then the mall is famous in India. The mall has five floors. It has a 9 screen of PVR Cinemas Multiplex. Restaurants are also present in the mall. There are party halls, indoor Climbing rides, and 5D games are present in the mall. Foreign exchange counters are also present in the mall.

Lulu International Shopping Mall, Kochi, Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in India

2. Phoenix Market City, Mumbai- This is the favorite destination place of the foreign tourists. The mall covered 40, 50,000 sq feet of area. There are 14 multiplexes movie screen are present in the mall. There are more than twenty restaurants in the mall.

3. Phoenix Market City, Pune- After the phoenix mall of Mumbai the next biggest mall is in Pune. The mall covers large square feet of area. Food plaza, foreign exchange counters multiplexes are all found in this mall. The mall is very well decorated and it is very beautiful.

4. Phoenix Market City Chennai- This mall has more thirty hotel rooms. Foreign exchange counters. Cinema multiplexes, food plaza, car parking, club disco is all present in the mall. The mall is really large and it is decorated in an awesome way. If you visit the mall then the beauty of the mall will enhance your eyes.

5. Mantri Square Mall, Bangalore- The mall covers the area of 17, 00,000 square feet of area. In this mall you can find about 240 retail outlets. There are more than eleven thousand branded shops are present in the mall. Multiplex cinema hall are also there. At a time more than 1.6 million of people can visit the mall.

Mantri Square Mall, Bangalore, Top Impressive shopping malls in India

6. Z Square Shopping Mall, Kanpur- It is most outstanding shopping malls in India. The mall was opened in the year 2010. Hotels, food plaza, popular retail outlets, movie screen are all found in under the same roof. The mall is well decorated and they are so spacious that many people can enter into the mall at a time.

7. Great India Place Shopping Mall, Noida- This shopping mall is rated at the seventh position in the top 10 list. It is really a big mall. It covers 15, 00,000 square feet of area. BIG Cinemas are present in the mall which is the most popular multiplex. Many electronics shops are also found in the shops. International branded shops are present in the mall.

8. Select Citywalk, New Delhi- This is the best shopping mall in Delhi. The mall was opened in the year 2007. From then the mall was the best mall in India. There are more than 130 retail outlets present in the mall. More than 600 branded shops are also found in this mall.

9. AlphaOne Shopping Mall, Ahmadabad- in Gujarat this is the largest mall which is present. The mall has many international branded stores present there. The mall was opened in the year 2011. Multiplexes are also found in this mall. Thus overall you will have fun if you visit to the mall.

10. Neptune Magnet Mall, Mumbai- The total square feet of the mall is 1,056,000 areas. The mall has twenty two storeys. It is a six tower mall. Foreign exchange, food court, international branded shops, metro cash carry and everything is present in the mall. Due to it’s so much of facilities the mall is ranked on the top ten lists.

Neptune Magnet Mall, Mumbai, Biggest Shopping Malls in India

These are the most famous largest malls in India. You must visit them. If you want to give your shopping experience a new dimension and enjoyment then make sure to visit the above mentions malls of India for sure.