Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Characters

The top 10 hottest and most beautiful of Anime character in 2017, Most Beautiful Anime Girls.

The anime girls are not real, but most of them are beautiful, gorgeous, that’ why they easily became today the hot symbol of world. You can’t definitely speak with them, or cannot see them on the street. Even so, most of the Anime character attracts huge number of fans that their fans dream about them and try to speak them just like a really people.

Presenting the list of anime characters 2017 who are known for their beauty

The world of animation itself is very attractive and the charecter looks really cute to the people watching the same. Some of the charecter are so lovely that kids in special fall in love with them. we picked the top 10 beautiful female anime characters just for you.

Here is a list of Top 10 most beautiful anime characters in 2017.

1. C.C – Code Geass – CC has nice personalities with an elegant and sophisticated look. She is very cool and calm, because she is intelligent too much. Her attractive look and beautiful figure makes her 1st most beautiful anime characters. She does all her work with extreme very confident, most of the animation lover like her personality.

C.C - Code Geass, Most Beautiful Anime Characters

2. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail – Erza is now in second position. She is one of the best reasons why people like Fairy Tale than other animation picture. She can do all things which are possible only for boys or you can say possibly better. She is the beautiful, powerful and also caring so that most of the animation analyst agrees the fact that she is best. According to some specialist she definitely deserves the top position!

3. Ino Yamanaka – Naruto – Ino, one of the best characters of Naruto is more beautiful and also extremely powerful, so why she takes the 3rd position in list of top 10 most beautiful anime characters in 2017.

4. Hinata Hyuga – Naruto – This popular anime character revolves around Naruto. Though she weak, stupid and also selfish and stupid, but she is so cool because she always protect Naruto from Pain. Apart from this, she cannot do anything. She is weak, so that Sakura saved her. Not only had that Sakura also saved Shikamaru, Naruto, and more. Hinata is also a preferred character of Naruto, because she has a big heart. Hinata is a nice, beautiful and sweet but she is stupid. She feels and care for everyone’s feelings. But she’s selfish with Sasuke and attach with his butt. She takes the 4th position of among the top 10 most beautiful anime characters in 2017.

5. Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online – Asuna is considered as the beauty from another world because she is very near to the perfection; she is beautiful, caring, kindhearted and powerful. That’s why, this anime female character be on the list and definitely be in the top ten!

6. Sakura Haruno – Naruto – Sakura haruno’s is one of the beauty anime characters of the world; she is also independent, strong. Sakura Haruno is also a lady apprentice of tsunade’s that helps to makes her extremely calm and cool she has not a curvy body. But she is smart and strong enough and also very much confident. That’s why she can do anything. She is the 6th gorgeous anime character of the world.

7. Euphemia li Britania – Code Geass – You can say she is accurately what comes to mind when you think about princess. She is gorgeous, beautiful and also attractive with curvy body, blue eye and beautiful long hair. Her fans could not belief that she can died. This beautiful anime lady takes the 7th position among the list.

8. Winry Rockbell – Fullmetal Alchemist – Winry is a basically a strong character who doesn’t allow other people to tell her what to do. She that most of the fan loves her! She is attractive, cute sweet and beautiful. She is 8th gorgeous anime lady of the world.

9. Konan – Naruto – Konan is one of the most beautiful, confident, strongest powerful female characters of Naruto version. She is genuinely beautiful and has the capacity to easily smashed obitos mask which no one can on Naruto verse. This beautiful lady takes the 9th position among the list of top 10 most beautiful anime characters

10. Kikyo – Inuyasha – She is extremely beautiful and gorgeous, so that she is the 10th prettiest lady of the world. Not only has that she smarted, confident, powerful etc.

They all are gorgeous, confident, strong and smart. That’s why they all have a huge fan following. Through this list you can easily find why they are best.