Top 10 Most Popular Pokemon Cards

Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Of All time, Most Popular Pokemon Cards in 2017.

This is one type of cards that the tournament players collects for defeating the opponent. They are also collected for the arts on them. It is quite understandable that they look very nice and the beautiful graphical drawings on the cardboard plastics enhance the looks at the most. If you are a collector of the Pokes man card or a player of the tournament, then you must also be a fascination for the cards.

List of top 10 most popular Pokemon cards 2017

You must be trying to know the top popular cards as that will help you to know whether your choice is there in the list or not. Here is the list of the top cards that are used for the game. Some of them are very much popular for the art work on them, but others are favored for the function of the cards in the game.

1. Shadow Lugia- This is a card that is banned in any form of the games, but the card is a nice one to look. The dimension of the card is only 6 by eight inches, but the looks of the card is excellent. If you are a game player, then the card is on no use, but if you are a collector of cards, this card means many things.

Shadow Lugia, Most Popular Pokemon Cards

2. Rayquaza C Lv. X- It is known as the final blow up as this card is enough to blow up the opponent. The card is having a perfect design and thus if you are a collector of the cards, this one is a perfect card to be collected for the designs on it.

3. Charizard G Lv. X- This is a powerful card and the card is really wonderful to be collected. The design on the card is a nice one and you can use the card to keep a hold on your opponents in the game through the fire.

4. Armaldo EX- The card looks dull, but the power of the card is notable. The card is equipped with 160 HP and the card can wipe out the opponent with 40 consecutive attacks. You can collect the card as a record, but the art work on the card is not a mind blowing one.

5. M Venusaur EX- This one is a lovely card. It has 230 HP and can paralyze your opponent within a second. Thus you can get our opponents by using this card. The card is having great graphics in it and thus it is worthy to be collected as a stock.

6. M Blastoise EX- The card features a Japanese character and is bearing 220 Hp power. Thus the card is an excellent one for the game. The color of the card is exceptional and thus if you are fond of collecting the cards, then this one is a perfect one for you.

7. Xerneas EX- The card is not that much powerful and it is not that much used in the game because of the less power, but the card is placed at the fourth position for the great are works on it. The card is absolutely perfect in design and thus is one of the hottest cards that are liked by the card collectors.

8. M Gengar EX- This one is a tricky card, where the opponents turns back and kills the own army. You can collect this card for the game as it is a powerful one with 220 Hp power. However the card is in the third position for the card collectors, who like the design on the cards.

9. Mew Star- The card is mostly collected by the players, who want to ruin the day of the opponent. This one is again a powerful card and the card looks great for the collectors. The popularity of the card has been immense as it is not one that is very much costly.

10. Charizard Star- The top card is having an awesome look. Its graphics is extensive and that attracts the card collectors perfectly. The most important thing about the card is the style of the card. In the game also, the card can kill spontaneously 150 opponents and thus is one of the most favored cards of ever.

All these cards are either chosen by the players or by the collectors of the card as the hottest one and they are hottest fort their performance in the games.