Top 10 Hottest Game Characters in The World

Top 10 hottest most popular game characters in 2017, Top 10 Female Video Game Characters.

Preparing the list of top hottest in game characters is not an easy task, as each of the game character has its own beauty and is being loved by its players. Costumes and armors play a vital role in gaining the attention of players. There are various ravishing in game ladies that have take in games off the mark and have popularized them in entire world.

List of top 10 hottest, most popular game characters in 2017

Although the game characters are artificial characters, still people admire them for their beauty and in game skills that varies from game to game. Thus, here are some of the hottest and popular female game characters that are popular among its players.

1. Rayne: – Rayne is a vampire female character that is gaining popularity in online games. This female character is very attractive and looks hot in various dress and costumes. This character is known as hero in the game that fights with evil vampires and maintains peace. This appealing ingame character is at the top of the list of hottest in game character. This is very popular character of BloodRayne Series game.

Rayne, Hottest Game Characters

2. Jill Valentine: – As the Resident Evil game series is modified every time, the characters in the game are gaining its new look and costumes. The powers also vary and this in game character is known for its fighting kills in zombies hunt.

3. Sophitia Alexandra: – Sophitia Alexandra is gaining popularity for its good and attractive look; it is among the hottest in game character. She has best attire for battling and her arms look appealing along with her costumes.

4. Alyz Vance: – This is a game character of ‘Half Life 2’ and is the most appealing and hot female character. Her mesmerizing fighting skills and costumes will set your mode for the game. The beauty of the game character lies in its appealing sense and interest that this character generated among its players. Real players find them attached to the game and this character makes them feel the real pleasure of real world while playing game.

5. Dead Or Alive Girls: – Various series of in game ‘Dead Or Alive Girls’ have showed that its character plays vital role in capturing the attention of its real players. These female characters are best fitted for playing this game. The costumes and appeal of this character makes them feel the real pleasure of real world in this virtual game.

6. Tifa Lockhart: – Tifa Lockhart is a popular female character that is known for her fighting skills in ‘Final Fantasy VII’ part of the game. She is dressed in hot costumes that are tight and makes her most amazing character. Attitude of Tifa Lockhart make her the most appealing and loved game character by players.

7. Samus Aran: – People who are fond of playing Metroid game love the very popular female character of Samus Aran. This character has amazed everyone and players are happy to guide this character in the game. This character has attractive costumes and people are amazed to see such a hot female character in bikini. As the graphics have been improves, beauty of this female character in the game is also increased.

8. Joanna Dark: – Series of the game Perfect Dark has gained the attention of its players and this is because of the enhanced beauty of in game characters. Joanna Dark is the best female character that is known for her appealing personality, hot costumes and fighting skills.

9. Morrigan Aensland: – Morrigan Aensland is the popular female character in Dark Stalkers Series game. She is the hottest character and looks attractive with her wings on her back and head.

10. Lara Croft: – This is the most appealing and loved character of Tomb Raider Series game. Lara Croft character is appealing and looks realistic in the game and people admire her for her beauty and hot costumes. Along with her beauty, this character is also known for its intelligence, agile and fighting skills. Thus, these beautiful characters have poured life to the game.

The above mentioned in game characters are the top and hot characters that are loved by its players. Their costumes and personality pour life and beauty to the game. Thus, people can pick their favorite in game character and enjoy the particular game.