Top 10 Most Expensive Xbox 360 Games Ever

The 10 rarest and most valuable Xbox 360 games in 2017, Know the burning game sensation in the world of Xbox 360 games:

Xbox games are the real games of interest and are quit at par of excellence due to the quality graphics with the systems. However, the Xbox 360 games are priced expensive when compared with the others due to its rich quality. Even a single scratch may cause damage to the games.

Presenting the list of top 10 expensive Xbox 360 games in 2017

If you are true lover of Xbox 360 games then it is must for you to know in detail about the top 10 most expensive games in this genre available in the market.

The below is the list of the top 10 expensive Xbox 360 games which are right to present the exciting and the thrilling strategy to impose the inquisitive thought of the game players.

The list is as follows:

1. The Beatles: This is the game that does not seem to lose the high demand. The sealed version is purchased at high price to about 360 dollars. The logo of Beatles on the game makes it look all the more attractive. This has designs according to the instruments that are mainly used by the famous legends.

The Beatles, The 10 rarest and most valuable Xbox 360 games

2. Mass effect Limited Edition: The limited edition of the heavy investment of about 350 dollars. An art book was a must with the booklet which played the role of the handbook for all the gamers. This is a guide which refers the most significant parts. The edition is running for over six years.

3. Halo 3 Legendary Edition: The sealed legendary edition is available at the approximate price of about 250 dollars. While it is accompanied with the game is a disappointment for the most users who have complained not to fit the collector’s edition and it still worth all the more. The DVD consists of the action and the packages. The dramatic effects are launched linked in to one mega scene.

4. Bayonetta Climax Edition: This is the particularly most expensive Xbox 360 game. The collector’s edition provides the gimmicks of the pre orders such as the black hair that gets magically locked. The art book is suitable with the sound track. This game is quite high in New Zealand and the Australian fixed with the very rare and its cost effectiveness.

5. Tales of Vesperia Special edition: This is a special edition that is the most expensive XBOX 360 game editions which are sealed with the latest version so that the players get attached to this game and keeps it ranking on the list of the top 10 most expensive games. The manual of the original artwork is available with that of the box so that the players do not get distracted.

Tales of Vesperia Special edition, Most Expensive Xbox Games

6. Call of Duty the modern warfare: This is an action game that depicts the real story of the modern welfare. The call of the duty is the game that hits the best list of the Xbox 360 games which are just the right option to the game lovers.

7. Record Of agarest war limited edition: This is the latest edition of the war game can be purchased within the cost of about hundred and forty dollars. There is a collector’s edition with the manual so that the players can get to see the playing manual while they are all set to play the game.

8. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition: The ultimate edition of the Gold is about seven years old. After the particular edition, there are characters which were eradicated with the issues to relate the licensing. The reason that the issues lead to were so particular that you get to see a manual which will actually guide the players to get the real idea to play.

9. Legend of Spyros: The dawn of the dragons is a similar game that is just the version that works well with the emotions of the kids. This particular reason has leaded the game rise high in price with the most significant price shuttered in the same year of its release. Crash is a similar game under its category. He versions are all updated owing to the most perfect deal

10. Crash of Titans: This is available in the market at the cost of about hundred dollars which happens in the mint condition while the version gets updated. The riding features of these titans filled with the mythology and the fictional characters together make this Xbox game a real fun slot.

Crash of Titans, most expensive xbox 360 console

All these Xbox games are the most perfect and the ones among the expensive games in this world, featured in 2017. There are certain high demands for these games which are well accepted by the public on the ground of the sentimental facts. Grab the one you love to own.