Top 10 Best Selling XBOX 360 Games Ever

List of top 10 best-selling Xbox 360 video games in the world in 2017, 10 Best-Selling Xbox 360 Games Ever.

Microsoft has provided better than expected quality products so far. Xbox 360, a home video game console, is one of the Microsoft products which brought revolution in the gaming world. It is the second console to the Xbox series and successor to the Original Xbox. In spite of other varieties of latest superior technology gaming consoles in the market Xbox 360 hasn’t lost its position yet. These games are divided into categories like- trivia, strategy, adventurous, actions and so on.

Presenting the amazing best seller list of XBOX 360 games 2017

In the year 2017, we came across a huge variety of mesmerizing Xbox 360 games. So Gamers! Be ready to witness more entertaining, more exciting and hotter range of Xbox 360 games this season. The games are having a perfect storyline; you can even use your brains to submit the answers by playing the game. The list of categorized beneath with the best deal on the best selling games of 2017.

1. The LEGO Movie Videogame- At the time of the introduction of this game, it was considered as an unpopular and B Grade game but in a very short span of time it won the hearts of gamers of all age. The attracting aspects of this game are its comical moments, funny dialogues, delivered jokes, good textures and models. The overall presentation of this game provides a completely different experience to the gamers. Atleast try this once.

The LEGO Movie Videogame, List of best-selling Xbox 360 video games

2. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2- This action-packed and adventurous game is as promising as its trailer. If you watch its trailer, you will not be able to control yourself from buying it. The amazing graphics of this game will spellbound you. Experience the Action-Adventure game this season.

3. Pac-Man Museum- This game is an attracting gift to all PAC-MAN fans as it contains a huge collection of PAC-MAN games ever released from 1980 to 2010. Not only for those who have already played the previous PAC-MAN versions but also for the first timers this game is great and easy to play. You can have fun in a group with this game.

4. The Walking Dead Season 2- This is the sequel of the Award Winning Game “The Walking Dead”. In spite of having an average graphics the game has a lot more aspects which stole everyone’s heart like its storyline, voice acts and characterizations.

The Walking Dead Season 2, Xbox 360 Best Selling Games Statistics

5. The South Park: The Stick of Truth- This game has its own value. In spite of ban of some scenes in few countries, it’s a good game to play. Positive things about this game are its comic situations, silly jokes and entertaining conversations. A gamer can have great fun while playing the game.

6. Earth Defense Force 2025- This is a great adventurous shooting game with great graphics. This game is the sequel of “Earth Defense Force”. The wide range of weapons available and the antagonist creatures will blow your mind while playing the game.

7. Dark Souls 2- It is the sequel to “Dark Souls 1”.Well this is for sure good news for those who have played and faced some complexity in the previous part of this game. The compelling storyline, great artwork and impactful voice actions will surprise you.

Dark Souls 2, 10 Best-Selling Xbox 360 Games Ever

These were the best selling Xbox 360 games released this year so far. A lot of more exciting, thrilling and entertaining games are waiting to be released. So gamers, hold your breath and start the countdown as a huge variety of mind blowing games are coming to your Xbox this season. Numerous enticing features are introduced along with these games so that the ones who play can easily know and learn about why these games are the best selling games of the time. These above mentioned games are consoled and powered especially by Microsoft.

The integrated features of the Xbox live attributes makes them rank among the top 10 best selling games in the recent era. The Focus attack is a move that one can easily allow to get absorbed as an attack from the most opulent and launch medium punch just by giving a kicking start, if you hold on to the medium punch for a longer period of time. Amazing sound tracks and the co operative play make the games a massive hit.