Top 10 Best Selling Video Games In The World

Top 10 best selling video games in 2015-2016, greatest selling games of all time.

Top 10 best selling games 2017 : Video games in the recent era are sold and shipped at least one million copies all over the world. These best selling games are not only pushed to the world with mere goodness and into greatness. The top selling video games are rightly parted into three major platforms. They are- Xbox 360, PC or the personal computer, and the last but not the least Play station. The video games through the platforms have found recognition in the field. These best selling games are a perfect form of art unto themselves and they have achieved a part through the PC platform.

Know the top 10 best selling video games that are creating blast in 2017

The video games of the recent era are the ones which are being introduced in the major platform. Not only the teenagers but also the adults get involved in the games. Without further ado, here is the list for top 10 best selling games of 2017. The list has been updated after it receives the accolades from the people.

The list is as follows:

10. Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD ( PS4, Xbox One):

The best action role video game is the rolling game that is developed and published for the play stations which is portable and was released in Japan, 2011, since then to till date it is ranking in the list of the bestselling video games to the consumers.

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, Best Selling Video Games 2018

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  1. aside from al the idiots commenting here, i agree with this list, btw, battlefield definitely outsaled cod worldwide, hating on it just because you’re a fanboy is pointless

  2. From where did you get the infos? This doesn’t seem like to be very accurate. All seem a mess and written without proper research.also,the 2ay it is written is also not so good.

  3. Haha.. Not a new list but this was like a good list an year ago. I have completed all those games and I was searching for new. Can you please update?

  4. This is not a good list I guess. No numbers are given to prove the sales and also no good descriptions being given. So I guess, there has to be a lot if improvement with writing.

  5. COD IS THE BEST GAME. There may be any new games like assassin’s Creed, far cry, hitman etc. The game play was so good and it has seen so many sequels and it has got better.

  6. Not a good list this . No proper information regarding game, game play is given. It’s just a mere description by someone and that too very poorly written.

  7. Sources? Numbers? Anything actual piece of information except for this useless list, that seems to be nothing more than someone’s opinion…

  8. I’ve been a video game lover and GTA, COD, CS have all been the best games ever made. The story, game play, graphics have been superficial. I feel lost playing games. A good list.

  9. Omg.
    Dude why is this so bad? Should have done enough research before writing one such. Seems so bad. Fed up of reading the first 3 itself.

  10. This is not a good article at all. The description is so very bad and it has quite a good list of games but not a perfect one. Better have an update.

  11. Was this article written by a complete idiot? Did the author even take English class or even play any of these games?? By the way there is no Borderlands 3 and Battlefield isn’t filled with adventures

  12. The graphics in GTA V is just breath taking. It seems so life like and the characters seem so very realistic. This has marked the evolution in gaming. It is a great game to is challenging and it is so damn addictive.

  13. Did a 5 year-old write this article? The grammar is poor as hell and the rankings are completely opinionated, make little sense (Read the Call of Duty page) and have no factual evidence to back them up. Do not bother with this article

    1. I assumed that the article was written by someone for whom English was a second language or that it was translated to English.
      But if you are going to insult someone for having poor writing skills you should make sure that yours are in order. If the article was written by a “5 year-old” the response was apparently written by a seven-year old, and a rude seven year-old at that.

  14. The GTA series are the best game. The game play and graphics in GTA V is so life like. Credits to its creators. It has now has more reason to love the game.

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