Top 10 Best selling PS3 Games in The World

Top 10 most popular and the must own games for the Playstation 3 in the world in 2017, Best Selling Ps3 Games.

PS3 games- have fun in your leisure time: Mainly the teenagers are very fond of playing games. They always want to search the best playing ps3 games in the market. There are many games in the market that we found, but some of them are popular among the players. The players always look for the adventurous and the action games ps3 games.

List of the bestselling PS3 games 2017

The most popular games which have a high requirement on the market are the action games. Very less publishers publish the best games which attracts the players. The visual effect of the games should be very good.

Below here the list where you will get to know about the best selling PS3 games of 2017. The players who are very fond of the games will like the games and they will also grow interest while playing it. The best games are:

10. Call of duty Modern Warfare 2-

The game was introduced in the year 2009. The game is an action game for which it had got a good fan following. Maximum players love the game.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2, highest Selling Ps3 Games 2016


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  1. I would expect more technical kind of writing with such types of articles. Maybe there should be regular updation with such lists. They keep changing and this seems to be pretty older list.

  2. This is a decent list not very good as the other articles here in the site. You can improve with giving more descriptions on writing about the game play, story and the graphics elements.

  3. I like Call of Duty series. They improved th games in very season and now it has evolved a lot and seems perfectly life like graphics. The games have a great plot and game play. That interests me.

  4. I wanted to know the current games but it is quite outdated and not at all well written. A lot of work has to be done prior to publishing.

  5. This article is so bad. It’s quite outdated and could have put more variety and wider range of games in the list. It us very badly written too. No much info what so ever.

  6. Seems like the author was very lazy to work and study for writing this article. The grammar and language hasn’t been paid enough attention. The description about games should have been given. But it is a good list

    • The author is obviously studying english as a second language and performing editorial skills that rival that of a third-grader. But it also seems as if you could use a few more years of book learnin’ yourself.

  7. Batman orkham city was a great game. Well designed, well written game play and the graphics were awesome. The game on the DC’s super hero, went viral. I love that game. Need more of such games..

  8. GTA franchise is the best seller whenever it hits the market. The game play is very impressive and it’s awesomeness is too damn high. The graphics in GTA V are so incredible and life like.

  9. Grand Theft auto real is at the top and its craze is increasing day by day in all age group of gamers coz it gives you freedom to do things on road and city which you cant ever in reality

  10. Batman ,redemption amazing games with real high end quality graphics amzing to play and watch great storyline

  11. I love gaming and I played all of these games but the call of duty series I rea;;y love it for short level time and real excitement that it gives me it will always be number 1 in there friends eyes

  12. nice list you retards haha sorry just kidding but am curios about the people who are righting this stuff its quite amazing and looks how much they worked in for that

  13. onng what agreat list now I have get all of these games after reading the article hey your making me spend so much I hope its worth it otherwise I will find you hahaha

  14. I just simply love Grand theft auto series and GTA 5 has come a long way from his first part the graphics are improved amazingly love the storyline characters online gaming there nothing you can ask more from it guys going real crazy for such stuff

  15. Call of duty my favourite game of all time just love the game play and graphics of the and it’s a classic the other one that I like is the Batman amazing graphic and story and who doesn’t love Batman ?

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