Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles in The World

Most popular Top 10 best selling gaming consoles In The World in 2015-2016 and all time best gaming consoles.

The top 10 best selling gaming consoles 2017 : Gaming console is the best chosen games by the teens and the children. There are so many gaming consoles that are been sold in the market, but the best brands are sold the most. The general segmentation is on behalf of the quality, as while gaming is considered, price really does not matter for the teens and not also for the guardians of the kids. They love to give their kids the best tool for gaming like they do that for every single thing.

Presenting the most successful and popular bestselling gaming consoles for the year 2017

Impressing the kids with great gaming console is not at all an easy task, but yes there are few such games which won the heart of millions and made their place in the top 10 list of bestselling gaming consoles.

The top selling gaming consoles in 2017 are listed below. Just check them, and you will find the real reason behind their popularity in the industry.

1. Nintendo entertainment system-  The initiator of directional pad for gaming has introduced the 8 bit gaming console in the market in 2014. The gaming console has been listed at the tenth position among the gaming consoles that has been sold in the year. Nearly 60 million units has been sold world to put it on the tenth position.

Nintendo entertainment system, top selling gaming consoles

2. Playstation portable – The Sony product has listed in the top selling ten gaming consoles world wide. The gaming console is featured with USB 2.0 and with a joystick even, and thus has been a popular one for the teens. The perfect balance that can be maintained in the gaming console has made it a favorite one among the kids too.

Playstation portable, highest selling gaming consoles

3. Playstation 3 – This is yet another Sony product that had claimed the seventh position with 380 millions of sale in the world. The perfect stereo output system is having a joystick and storage capacity of 54 GB and thus it is one of the most fascinating for the teen.

Playstation 3, most popular gaming consoles

4. Game boy advance – It has been one of the best gaming consoles from Nintendo. The super 8 bit CPU is attached with the best computing speed and thus offers smooth gaming on it. It has been one of the top most sold gaming consoles with more than 80 million pieces sold in 2017.

Game Boy Advance, famous gaming consoles

5. Xbox 360 – It has been one of the top most sold gaming consoles in the market, with near about 90 million pieces sold in the current year. The gaming console has a variable disc space and that varies from 20 GB to 360 GB and hence is a favorite tool for the kids.

Xbox 360, Most sold gaming consoles

6. Wii – This has been a gaming console from Nintendo with the remote to control the display and the control. This has been the first time, when some gaming console has been initiated with remote and remained at the fifth position in the market in terms of sale.

Wii, Latest gaming consoles

7. Play station – The original version of play station from Sony has been still placed at the top of the market. The CD compatible version has been sold in the market with 110 million pieces record in 2017.

Playstation, top sold brand in gaming

8. Game boy – Nintendo has managed to stay at the third position again with the original version of the Gameboy. This has not that many features, but has been available at best price. Thus the guardians loved to avail one set for their kids. The gaming console has been placed in the market at the third position with 118 million unit sales.

Game Boy, Top selling game consoles

9. Nintendo DS – It has the facility of multi-gamers and that is the biggest issue, why is placed at the second position in the market. The gaming console is liked very much by the kids and their guardians too. The kids love that for the dual gamer mode, where as the guardians like it for the best price availability.

Nintendo DS, latest new gaming consoles

10. Play station 2 – It has been on e of the best presentation from Sony since 2011 and has been the top sold brand in 2017 in terms of selling units. Nearly 155 million pieces has been sold this year and this has balanced the fancy gaming console at the top most position in the market.

Playstation 2, all time best gaming consoles

Latest top 10 gaming consoles in the world in 2015-2016 with features and most popular gaming consoles.

Thus you can see that the price is not at all a factor for the gaming console, however the guardians do look at the price. This is a reason why the not so better products have go the position in the top 10 best sold gaming consoles. However the best of the gaming consoles has always been the most costly and the fancier one, since teens love those.