Top 10 Most Expensive Knives in The World

Most Expensive Knives in the World in 2017, The top 10 Best Knives Ever Made.

There are lots of people in the world who are really loved to buy some attractive gadgets. Nowadays there are many functional gadgets available in the world which available also in some expensive prices. There are lots of well designed pocket knife available in market today. The main thing of pocket knife is terms of design.

Presenting the list of most expensive knives of the world 2017

If you are willing to know about all those knives which are not only precious but also highly expensive then you are the right place as here we are going to share the names of the most expensive knives till date.
Pocket knives can vary greatly in terms of design. Here you are able to get wide information about 10 best and expensive pocket knives in the world.

1. The Gem Of The Orient – The name “The Gem of The Orient” might give a feel too many people that it relates to something which belonged to an ancient king, but this is not true. The maker of this precious knife was Buster Warenski, an American by birth. It also took the first position between all of the pricy knives all over the world. The Gem of the Orient body consist of 153 emeralds which are all of 10 karats and also 9 diamonds which weigh a total of about 5 karats. It consists of superb filigree which sits right over jade handle.

The Gem Of The Orient, Most Expensive Knives

2. Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer – This is one of the best and the second pricy knife among all the 10 knives all over the world. The maker of this beautiful knife is Nesmuk, who was a German cutlery-maker. The blade of this pricy knife was made from 640 layers of Damascus steel with a cutting edge which was made from the finest carbon steel. It’s too pricy because the handle of this knife was made by the wood of a 5,000 year old bog oak. Or it’s maybe the fact that it is decorated with a platinum collar set which is adorned with 25 brilliant-cut diamonds.

3. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife – The vital thing of Nesmuk knife is that the Nesmuk knife is a type of knife which existed over 3,500 years ago. The blade of this knife is coated with titanium or Teflon. The knife is really sharp because the blade of this knife is made from carbon steel and the handle of it is made from genuine silver where 8 diamonds are placed.

4. Searpoint Lace Knife – Searpoint Lace Knife is the most gorgeous and attractive knife all over the world because the high-end item is hand-engraved with inlaid 24 karat gold. The blade of this is made by ‘Boomerang’ Damascus steel. Also it can be simply released with the help of the one-hand button lock. There is no doubt about that, the Searpoint Lace has an outstanding design which gives the owner a secure grip, and a versatile blade.

5. Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife – William Henry, Mark Hoescht and Mike Norris they were the maker of Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife. The handle of this knife was hand-engraved with 24K gold, silver and copper inlays. The blade is made by Damascus steel. It is a knife of fine hand-engraving with a stylish handle and it is collected of attractive materials.

6. Gentak Makara Knife – This is also precious and took the 6th place in the list of 10 best knives. The handle of this knife is made out of walnut. And on the top of the knife there is one panther head made out of sterling silver and adorned with precious gemstones. It also had a stunning hand-engraved handle with 24 K gold. The blade is made by “Hornets Nest” Damascus. And it also had a one-hand lock button.

7. Black Panther Knife – This is an attractive knife of hunter’s. It has a price of $8150 and you can find it in online gift shops. The blade of this knife is well crafted using Damascus steel and then decorated with an image of panther’s head.

8. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with Corian Handle – – This is a Japanese knife which was made by renowned blacksmith Yoshikazu Ikeda. The blade of knife is designed using white steel. It has single edge sharp blade which comes with a corian handle. This knife was available with an elegant sheath completely hand-painted and which was decorated using the ancient Wajima Lacquer.

9. Lancet Ouroboros – This is another stunning knife from William Henry made with gorgeous materials. It has hand-engraved handles with 24 karats gold and copper inlays. The blade of it is forged by hand. It also has a one-hand button system. And it took the 9th place between all those 10.

10. Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki – This knife is a beautiful piece of art. This is made in Japan. To work with it the dream of any chef. This has a thin blade. It took the place of 10th among the 10 beautiful knives all over the world.

These all are well decorated and most precious knife of the world. Owners of these knives think that hiving this knife means having the great deal of sophistication. Not only these are valuable for its large amount of price, it all has a great amount of antique value in world market