Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Keyboards in the World in 2017, Most Expensive Computer Keyboards.

Enjoy with the most technical keyboards: Everybody has computers in their houses. Thus in this modern world we always want to use the most technical key boards so that you can do all the works properly. There are some keyboards in the market which are really costly but they will serve you in the most suitable way. The keyboards look very fashionable and stylish and hence they will give the trendy look to your laptop or computer table. Thus if you can afford the cost of the expensive keyboard then it is suggested to you that you must buy the best keyboard from the market. The keyboards will give you all the special advantages that you are looking for.

List of top 10 most expensive keyboards 2017

Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive keyboards. You can use these keyboards in different purposes. The keyboards are very helpful to the users. There are some modern keyboards which are really expensive but they are very useful to the users. These keyboards can serve you with different purposes.

1. Happy Hacking – It is the costliest keyboard in the market. The price of the keyboard is 4.400$. The special feature of the keyboard is that is has only 60 keys. The keyboard is made of gold dust. This keyboard is introduced by Fujitsu in collaboration with Daitetsu- Yatsui Urushi Workshop.

Happy Hacking, Most Expensive Computer Keybords

2. Optimus Popularis- The price of the keyboard is 2.554$. The keyboard uses the single large LCD screen. The keyboard is transparent and thus it has OLED displays for each key. The keyboard is very popular in the creative field. The keyboard is also used by the graphic artists and the photographers.

3. Optimum Maximus- The price of the keyboard is 2.400$. The keyboard has many current function keys which helps the user to use it in the comfortable way. The left side keys of the keyboards have the media buttons. If you press the shift keys then it will change the image to the upper case version.

4. 2000-IS-DT Keyboard- The key board was created by Stealth Computer. The cost of the keyboard is 2.200$. It is made of non Corrosive stainless steel. It also has the isolated barrier which ensures NEMA( National Electrical Manufacturers Association)4X protection. The keyboard has the temperature range of -40F to +194F.

5. Fingerworks Touchstream – The cost of the keyboard is 1.500$. This keyboard is the membrane keyboard with the twist. It can accept the gestural multi touch inputs on the surface of it. if you use the key board then you don’t have to sit with the mouse as it will serve all the purpose of the mouse.

6. Datamancer Custom KeyBoard- The price of the keyboard is 1.500$. This keyboard has the jeweled LED lights , brass frames and chrome keys, and it gives an elegant art Deco Font. The keyboard is originally found in black and white colors. It also has the splash of 1920’s machine age alarm.

7. Maltron Executive- There is 5 models of this keyboard. The price of the key board is 920$. This keyboard was founded by a South African inventor Lallian Malt. The keyboard is made with Perspex, stainless steel and polycarbonate key tops. Those who type a lot everyday this key word is very useful for them.

8. Professional II Datahand- The price of the Keyboard is 675$. The keyboard was released in the year 1995. The keyboard can record macros of keystrokes for the convenient use. The unique thumb switches and the fingers can change the typing mode.

9. Kirameki Pure Gold- The price of the keyboard is 360$. The keyboard is coated with 100% of pure gold leaf. This keyboard is only found in Japan. This keyboard has 86 keys. The keyboard has 2 USB ports, left, right and the center options for the connector cable.

10. Comfort Keyboard- The price of the keyboard is 350$. This key board is split into 3 sections, and it has a long metallic track which gives the fashionable look to the keyboard. Each section of the key board has the unique locking mechanism. The keyboard is very comfortable to use and it is basically for the left hander.

These are the most expensive keyboards in the market. If you want to buy the keyboard then you can buy these keyboards.