Top 10 Most Expensive Desserts in The World

The Most Expensive Desserts in the World in 2017, Enjoy your evening: with the most tasteful desserts:

After you are completed with your lunch or dinner you always want a sweet dish after that. So in the place of that sweet dish you can have desserts. There are different types of desserts in the market. Not every desert is tasteful. The taste of the desert depends on the quality of ingredients it is made of. The list of expensive desserts in the market which are found are mainly made out of good quality of chocolates . There are different types of desserts. Some of them are sundae, brownie, and cake pudding and so on.

List of top 10 most expensive desserts 2017

If you are a foodie person and ready to pay anything for tasting awesome food then this list of expensive desserts are just for you.Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive desserts. The desserts are very tasteful. They are made of good chocolates which builds the taste.

These expensive desserts are very rarely found in the market, thus if you want to have it you have to order it.

1. The diamond Fruit Cake- The cake costs 1.65 million dollars. The cakes have 223 diamonds which are located all over the cake. Thus you can say that the outside part of the cake is covered with diamonds. It is a fruit cake and it has an awesome taste.

The diamond Fruit Cake, The Most Expensive Desserts in the World

2. Strawberries Arnaud- This desert costs 1.4 million dollars. This desert has all the best ingredients in it. The desert looks very beautiful and the taste of the desert is also very delicious. You will get a very beautiful taste of the strawberry in this desert. They are made with the pure high quality strawberry.

3. Platinum Cake- The price tag of this cake is 130,000$. The cake is decorated with platinum jewelry from chains, pins, necklaces to pendants. The look of the cake is very beautiful and thus by its look they attract the customers. It is not possible for the ordinary man to buy this cake. The cake has an awesome taste.

4. Frozen Haute Chocolate- This chocolate costs 25,000$. The desert contains cocoa variants from 14 different countries, 5 grams of milk of 24 carat, a dollop of whipped cream, and truffles. This chocolate is served in a golden plate which is decorated with diamonds. In the year 2007 this chocolate has got the award, and it has its name in the Guinness book world.

5. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence- The cost of the desert is 14,500$. This desert was first introduced in Sri Lanka. The desert is made of various ingredients such as chocolates, exotic fruits, and Irish cream. The desert look very beautiful and thus you will love to have it.

6. Macaroons Haute Couture- This Macaroons cost 7,400$. It is made of with high quality butter and cream. This desert is made of with balsamic vinegar, red wine, fleur de sel, peanut butter. The taste of the desert is very beautiful. Of once you have the desert then you will be wishing to have it again and again.

7. The Sultan’s Golden Cake- The price of the golden cake is 1,100$. The cake is made of with apricot, figs, peace and quince. These ingredients are soaked with Jamaica arum for two days. The cake has a topping of French Polynesia Vanilla bean, black truffles, caramel and 24 carat gold leaf. The cake needs 72 hours to prepare.

8. The Brownie Extraordinaire- This brownie cost 1000$. This desert is sold at Tropicana Resort which is located in Atlantic City. It is served with a scoop of ice cream which is covered with dark chocolates and Italian hazelnuts. In addition the brownie the buyer can also wine which makes it more tasteful.

9. Golden Opulence Sundae- The price of the desert is 1000$. It is one of the most expensive sundaes found. The sundae is served in the golden plate. It is made of 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla Bean Ice cream which is mixes with Madagaskar vanilla and Venezuelan Chuao chocolate. The sundae is coved with 23k edible gold.

10. Noka Chocolate- The price of the chocolate is 854$ per pound. Noka use all types of cocoa in making the desert. The desert has a very beautiful taste. When you will put the desert in your mouth it will melts. The desert also looks very beautiful. They also use chocolate from Cote d voire, Trinidad, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

These are the most expensive desserts, They are of high quality and it is suggested that you must have it if you get the chance.

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  1. This article’s author needs a refresher course in English. Tired overused adjectives such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘delicious’ used to describe each of these luxurious desserts? And who says ‘thus’ anymore? Enlist the help of your word program’s spellcheck feature, too. ‘Dessert’ and ‘desert’ are quite different.

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