Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Restaurants in Chicago

The top 10 Hottest Restaurants in Chicago in 2017, most popular Chicago restaurants.

Foods never go out of fashion and most importantly it is the first thing which opens the doors of happiness inside a human body. A hungry man will show lots of emotions like anger, frustration, and disappointment, but when you provide him a delicious food, his emotions will automatically change and you can see the best part of him.

Top 10 most popular and hottest restaurants of Chicago 2017

There are millions of foods lovers in the world and for them, some great and delicious food providing restaurants are there. Especially the Chicago based restaurants are leading in terms of popularity this year.

Check out the list of top 10 most popular and hottest restaurants of Chicago in 2017.

1. Dinosaur Bar –B-Que: If you are a food lover and you want some excitement and heat in your life through some amazing variety of foods, you must visit Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Chicago. You will experience some mind blowing spicy and ultimate tasted dishes. Once you taste a dish here, you may be addicted to them. So enter the restaurant at your own risk.

Dinosaur Bar –B-Que, Hottest Restaurants in Chicago

2. C Chicago: You will get ultimate quality of sea foods here. If you are a sea food lover and want to experience some unique dish with sea foods, you must visit C Chicago. With standard prices you can get some amazing quality of dishes made with sea foods. Taste yourself the surprising variety of sea food dishes and you will not able to stop yourself from appreciating the cook.

3. Cochon Volant: If you are looking for some spectacular and tasty drinks, then visit the Cochon Volant once in Chicago. Many people seem to get bored with heavy dishes and want some refreshment through amazing quality of drinks. Here you can experience a huge variety of cocktails and mock tails. Even the simplest drinks are presented in such a manner; you will lose your heart there only.

4. Taco in a Bag: You will get some astonishing dishes and drinks in Taco in a Bag. Like the name of the restaurant, the foods available inside are also very interesting. You can get an amazing environment of food lovers like you inside the restaurant. The presentation and packing of food is simply awesome. The prices are affordable and the quality is decent.

5. Sink |Swim: This is another restaurant in Chicago which is popular for its seafood dishes. If you are a non-vegetarian eating person and like the seafood dishes then you have the best option available for you. The restaurant only focuses on the seafood. Sink|swim, as the name suggest only deals with sea and sea foods. The quality available here will never disappoint you. The presentation is done by keeping the restaurant reputation in mind.

6. The Angry Crab: There are many people who just love the crabs. Frankly speaking, the more furious the crabs look, the tastier they are. Crabs have a unique taste that is usually not found in other sea foods or any non-vegetarian dishes. The restaurant only deals in Crab dishes. You will impress by the spicy shrimp and the way of presentation of amazing dishes.

7. Boeufhaus: This restaurant provides the hottest quality of prawn and seafood dishes. You can simply expect the classy taste of seafood here. This restaurant gives a tough competition to other restaurants in Chicago which provide the seafood dishes.

8. Ramen Takeya: This is a prestigious restaurant in Chicago. It provides best quality of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. If you want to get a fresh taste and try some new and ultimate dishes then you must visit Ramen Takeya. With standard prices of various dishes, you will experience some great taste as well.

9. Strings Ramen: Strings Ramen basically deals in junk foods. For light breakfasts and meals you can visit this restaurant. You can get best quality of burgers, tea, sandwiches and shakes here.

10. The Pasta Bowl: As the name suggests the restaurant deals in Pasta dishes. Who says that the past era has completely gone? As it is mentioned in very first line that foods get never out of fashion, Pasta is still in demand. This restaurant provides some amazing quality Pasta dishes with spectacular serving.

If you are from Chicago or just a tourist there then you must visit these restaurants once in your lifetime otherwise you will miss some great tastes in Chicago. Satisfy your taste bud visiting these restaurants.

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