Top 10 Expensive Ice Creams in The World

The most expensive ice cream in the world in 2017, Most Expensive Ice Cream Desserts on Earth.

The ice creams are one of those luxurious necessities that may be tempting but you may need to rely on the tempting tastes in this world. Most of these ice creams are decorated with Karats of gold to provide gold treatment to your body. The souvenirs with these ice creams are also adorable. They are discussed in details in the article.

The list of the top 10 expensive ice creams 2017 is as follows:

Love to take a bite of your favourite ice-cream this summer then go through the below content to know about the top 10 most expensive ice creams which are available in the market.
The list below is the top most expensive ice creams with the latest tastes and mesmerizing feel indeed. They are as follows:

1. Strawberries Arnaud: the enormous price tag of $1.4 million. The real of real strawberries and the Arnaud dessert combines with the vanilla ice cream and the mint along with the port into one delicious dish. The restaurant also provides a jazz atmosphere for you so that you can enjoy the taste with your special one.

Strawberries Arnaud, most expensive ice creams

2. Absurdity Sundae: The absolute sundae is available at a cost of about $60,000, is considered one of the most expensive and tastiest ice-cream in this world. Once you take up this opportunity to taste this ice cream you will feel that the taste is like heaven. The money spend on this ice cream has a special souvenir of a T-Shirt with the brand imprinted on it.

3. Frozen Chocolate Haute: This is one of the wonder of the New York City which is the perfect blend for whipped cream and the milk with rare cocoa blends to garnish the food indeed. The goblet of the diamond is to increase the value with the spoon’s handle. The 18-karat bracelet with this ice cream is a souvenir with the price tag of about $25,000.

4. Three Twins ice cream Sundae: The cost of this ice cream is about $3,333.33 three twin ice creams is superb in taste owing to the perfect blend of citrus and the mix of dessert wines being served with the ice cream. The company promises a special antique spoon which you can take back home as an assets and memory of having this ice cream.

5. Golden Opulence Sundae: The wonderful blend of golden appearance within an affordable yet expensive price of $ 1,000. The gorgeous mix of truffle and the glided sugar recipe are rare including the citrus and also the Armagnac brandy. If you want to have the taste of this ice cream you will have to order at least 48 hours before, so that you can easily receive when you would wait for this thing to happen.

6. The Victoria: The name stands for its British royalty. The cost of the ice cream is about $1,000 and is perfectly decorated with the VSOP cognac, the vanilla ice cream and the golden leaf used to decorate the dessert. In addition to this, you get to a Wedgewood crystal bowl to keep you enjoy a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.

7. Mauboussin Mega Sundae: The cost of the ice cream is available in the price of about $1,000 from the Mega Sundae. This ice cream is made from with the vanilla ice cream whipped with the cream, the chocolate truffles and the special sorbet, the stunning gold leaf. The tasty brownies are covered in 24-karat gold created from the Dom perignon rose champagne.

8. The Black Diamond: The name is perfect for its presence. The cost of the ice cream is about $817 making it stand among the most expensive ice creams of the world. It is royally decorated with the 23 karat gold leaf. It can be served specially in a bowl by the Versace to keep the best. In addition to it, you can take back the matching spoon that comes with the dessert ice cream.

9. Capannari Ice cream: The cost of this ice cream is $190. The amazing presentation of this ice cream is said to be the master chef in the world of ice cream. You will get six pints in $190 creating the unique ice cream enjoying the black raspberry chip or the yummy Irish coffee flavours. The family owned business makes each pint the perfect of the ice cream distinctive and special.

10. Truffle Ice Cream: Yummy indeed! The truffle ice cream served is at the cost of about $95. The dessert is made with the white truffle ice cream perfectly decorated with gold leaf and then served in the glass. Masa Takayama claims that he wants his dishes to be a combo of the simplicity and the purity focusing on the fresh ingredients.

All these ice creams create the ambiance romantic and special for those who are couples and want to enjoy ice creams on special request. Thus, what are you waiting for, start accumulating money to grab the perfect ice cream.