Top 10 Best selling Candy Bars in The World

3. Kit Kat:

this is the world third renowned chocolate bar form the world of the chocolate. This is also the product of the Hershey Company selling candy bars. This is a wafer candy bar which has found its position in the third position of the international top selling candy bars in 2017. Each bar consists of fingers that are separated from each bar. You can easily have the chocolate by breaking it off from one side also.

Kit Kat, top 10 Favorite Candie bars 2018

38 thoughts on “Top 10 Best selling Candy Bars in The World”

  1. Dick Monti says:

    Who wrote this shit? They need to go back to school.

  2. Jakeryano says:


    1. Jakeryano says:

      I love twix

      1. Anonymous says:

        xd you suck

  3. J says:

    Is this actually just the top 10 choclates sold in Amercia? Because In Australia we don’t even sell the majority of the chocolates listed. At all.

  4. matthew says:

    Kit Kat , best candy ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. Jim Bielefeld says:

    Kitkat is not made by Hershey’s. It’s Nestle. Hershey acquired the rights to sell them in the USA, but they’re still made by Nestle.

    1. Alan says:

      Wrong. In the US, Hershey holds the rights to produce AND sell Kit Kat from before Nestle purchased Kit Kat. Kit Kat’s in the US are made by Hershey.

  6. Mandy nicosa says:

    Chocolates are like magnets for me. Thats my weakness too. Whenever i get angry i don talk to people usually. So my friends or my parents get me my favorite chocolates to convince me. And obviously i get pulled towards it.

  7. Saleeqa says:

    Chocolates! Yummmm!! I just love it.. You know, i usually have my tummy filled with chocolates than food. My mom keeps scolding for this. Hehe.

  8. Poviz says:

    Chocolates have been my love. And especially the top 5 chocolates of the list is incredible in taste. I love to yumm one snickers daily. It feels something special while eating snickers.

  9. Danbotham says:

    Kitkat is always the best. It is the best chocolate with richest crisp and taste. I love to have it. It seems like heaven to have kitkat.

  10. Torry says:

    It’s so obvious that we are the only planet to have chocolates and almost everyone loves chocolates. Every chocolate mentioned in the list is incredibly good and I love all of them for the taste and each differ in their own way.

  11. Rakshi says:

    Each one of them in the list are super awesome. For every chocolate lover, they are the best. As in India, diarymilk silk are the best selling I guess. Boys purchase a lot of em to gift to their girls. Lol.

  12. schezuva says:

    Butturfinger chocolates really tastes awesome than milkyway.. Its rich in peanut butter with crisp.. Most of the children love peanut butter than milk.. So butturfingr is best than milkyway.

  13. sneha says:

    Kitkat… Hmmmmm.. Yummy and crunchy.. My all time favourite chocolate.. Every time my mom goes for shopping she gets boxez of kitkats for me.

  14. Jeevanraj says:

    M&m, Hershey ‘s, kitkat, snickers or maybe all of them are my fav chocolates. I just love chocolates and they are the best. You cannot get better ones. A good list this

  15. Chinovi says:

    Snickers indeed are the best. No other chocolate is quite like that. You know I get lost in its taste. It’s so yummy. I always carry them with me.

  16. jessi says:

    woww!! awesum collection’s list.. i love chocolates more than anything and this list is just made for me.. thank you so much!

  17. sandy says:

    hershey bars are one of my favourite ones. my kids always prefer those chocolates. and they love them too.

  18. Justin Cevin says:

    I love snickers. It is the best and very very unique. It’s taste is unparalleled. I wish I could get one box of snickers from whoever reads this comment. Lol

  19. richa says:

    snickers are the best solution for hunger! lol! i always carry snickers in my bag so that i can fill my tummy when am hungry..

  20. Jiya Ahmed says:

    Love this list dude.
    Yummy. Kitkat, Hershey’s, snickers and all others are the best. They are better than one another. I love chocolates. Kitkat is the best.

  21. Jimmy Harris says:

    Kitkat should have been the topper in this list. It is loved worldwide. It’s crispy combination of chocolate and wafers is the best in the world. The taste is yummy and I love it than any other.

  22. Darvon says:

    Snickers is always the best! The taste is so unique and it is a great partner in hunger. It is a great flavour and nothing makes it like snickers for me

  23. Glenita says:

    Hehe! Love this list!
    I’ve always been a chocolate lover. I love Hershey ‘s, M&m, kitkat the most. Each of them are of unique taste and it feels so good to have chocolates

  24. Jimmy says:

    My most lived chocolate is kitkat. Nothing feels like kitkat. It’s so good and the taste is just out of the world. I love dum dums too.

  25. Lisa says:

    Kids to seniors all love snickers. It has a great blend of chocolate and nuts. I think there is no replacement for snickers. It is the best chocolate ever made.

  26. Daisy says:

    I love them all! Hahha! Hershey ‘s, kitkat, M & M’ s, snickers are all my favorite. I love chocolates and these are my love. The pleasure of having these is so good.

  27. Kim Harley says:

    Snickers is always good and I love it since the first ever time I had it. No other chocolate can ever match this and the taste is so unique for the brand.

  28. Tom Gabriel says:

    Snickers are the best ever chocolate for the mankind. It’s taste is very unique and stand out. The nuts, chocolate, wafer combination is so damn good. The taste is never be replaced by any other in the world.

  29. Rinisha says:

    I love Kitkat though! The crisp in this is like nothing else on earth. The Chocolate and wafers are in perfect combination and there isn’t any day that I don’t have kitkat. It’s taste is so damn good.

    1. Reshma says:

      So true! It is the best ever chocolate whichever the luxurious chocolate comes and goes. The taste is being improved and nothing matches it’s taste. The crispy layers with chocolate taste heavenly!

    2. Hishaaam says:

      I live kitkat tooo. Nothing on this planet is as good as that. It’s taste is just incredible and crisp and taste of chocolate is so good.

  30. Annah says:

    M&M’s are so damn yummy. They are my partners in leisure. I just love enjoy the taste of those. Ever since my childhood I’ve been having and their taste is the same and my love for those is increasing day by day!

  31. Suhaaas says:

    Kitkat is my love. The wafers and the Chocolate blend in Kitkat is magical. I’ve been eating since I was a kid and it still fascinates me. The taste is so good. I would love it no matter whatever chocolate enters market.

  32. Henry Louis says:

    Snickers make a great partner in hunger. Everyone from kids to elders love snickers. The taste is so unique like no other chocolate in the world.

    1. Warton says:

      I too love snickers!
      The nuts in it has made me nuts for their chocolate. The taste is so unique that no other chocolate in the world offers. I never feel done with snickers.

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