Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health in 2016-2017. If you are trying to eat healthy, you should know about the top 10 superfoods. These are foods that not only taste great, but they can improve your health and help you live longer.

List of Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health in 2016-2017.

#10 Apples

apples, Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health 2017

As the old saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is actually true. Apples are an excellent source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals, and can keep you from getting sick. Free radicals can also speed up the aging process. There have been studies performed on animals and they were given apples. The animals who were given lived longer than those who were not given apples. According to the researchers at Florida State University, apples are a “miracle fruit”. Their study found that older women who began eating apples regularly had a 23 percent drop in their bad cholesterol and a 4 percent increase in their good cholesterol. It took just six months for these drastic changes to occur.

#9 Almonds

almonds, Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health 2018

Almonds are very good for you because they are very rich in nutrients, such as iron, calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, and vitamin E. They are also a great food for someone who is trying to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Also, of all the tree nuts, almonds provide the most fiber. A recent study performed by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the participants of the study who were given 1.5 ounces of almonds to eat each day did not feel as hungry as those who were not given the nuts. This can have a very positive effect on your weight loss. They have also been shown to lower your risk of heart disease and cancer.

#8 Broccoli

broccoli, Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health 2019

Broccoli is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is very rich in fiber, folate, potassium, and calcium. It also contains phytonutrients, which are compounds that can reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Just one serving contains over 150 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. According to a recent study performed by the University of Illinois found that when broccoli is lightly steamed, it can reduce your risk of developing cancer. This is because it does not destroy the myrosaine in the broccoli, which is an enzyme that can prevent cancer. Another study also showed that if you eat broccoli regularly, it can prevent osteoarthritis. This is due to the compound sulforaphane.

#7 Blueberries

blueberries, Top 10 Best Foods for Better Health 2016-2017

Blueberries are not only a delicious fruit, they are also good for you. They are rich in fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. While phytonutrients are not necessary to keep you alive, it is necessary to prevent disease and will keep your body working properly. Blueberries can also help to prevent cognitive diseases. A study was performed at Harvard Medical School, where elderly participants were given blueberries. Those who ate the blueberries were less likely to suffer from cognitive diseases than those who were not given blueberries. It is also a great food to curb obesity. Studies have shown that they can reduce the development of fat cells, while they can also cause the breakdown of fat and lipids. Blueberries can be eaten alone or in a fruit salad.

#6 Oily Fish


Oily fish, such as mackerel, trout, herring, sardines, salmon, and anchovies are very healthy foods. These types of fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. These are found in the tissues of the fish. The oils can prevent heart disease and they can also be very beneficial to the nervous system. If you suffer from arthritis, oily fish can help with the condition. It can also reduce your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis by 50 percent. By eating oily fish a few time a week, you can greatly improve your health.

#5 Leafy Green Vegetables


Leafy green vegetables consist of spinach, cabbage, and kale, to name a few. If you make leafy green vegetables a part of your regular diet, you can significantly lower your chance of developing type 2 diabetes. These vegetables are loaded with vitamins, including vitamin C, B6, C, E, and K. It also contains a variety of nutrients such as selenium, zinc, copper, calcium, folic acid, manganese, iron, and betaine. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate these vegetables into a recipe, however, they are best when served uncooked, lightly boiled, or steamed.

#4 Sweet Potatoes


The Center for Science in the Public Interest compared sweet potatoes to other vegetables to compare their nutritional value. The sweet potato ranked at number one. It is rich in fiber, carotene, beta carotene, complex carbohydrates, and vitamins C and B6. Sweet potatoes are an excellent substitute for a typical white potato, and are great baked or boiled.

#3 Wheat Germ and Bran


Wheat germ and bran are found in a variety of types of cereal. It is very high in nutrients that are vital for your health, including zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, thiamin, folic acid, and vitamin E. Wheat germ and bran also contain fatty alcohols and essential fatty acids. Finally, it is an excellent source of fiber. Cereal is not the only place that you can find wheat germ and bran, you can also incorporate into muffins and bread.

#2 Avocados


Many people avoid avocados because they worry about the fat content in the fruit. While avocados do contain fat, they contain mostly monosaturated fat, which is good for you. They are also rich in vitamins E, K, and E. Studies have been performed on the benefits of avocados, and they found the people who consume avocados regularly have lower cholesterol levels. They can also be great for treating hypertension and hypertension. Finally, a study was performed at Ohio State University, and found that avocados can stop oral cancer cells and destroy certain pre cancer cells.

#1 Oatmeal


If you are looking for something healthy to have for breakfast, you should consider oatmeal. Studies show that if you eat a bowl of oatmeal each day, you can lower your cholesterol level. The oats in the oatmeal are complex carbohydrates and an excellent source of fiber. It is also rich in B vitamins, potassium, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you want a really healthy breakfast, have a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries on top.

If you want to eat a healthier diet, you should start adding each of the foods on this list to your diet. They can all be prepared and incorporated together to created healthy delicious meals.

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