Top 10 Hottest Anime Guys

The X-factor about the top 10 anime guys in 2017

If you are fond of watching animated movies then you must be in love with some special characters. These special characters are mainly the heroes of these animated movies. We always like to see these animated movies again and again because of these sexiest and loving guys. The specialties about these favorite characters are mainly their looks and muscular body. These characters sometimes really become famous more than the human actors or actresses.

List of top 10 Hottest Anime Guys in 2017:

Every one of us will be definitely interested to know more about the top hottest anime guys in recent days. So, here you take a look at the list of top 10 hottest anime guys in 2017.

1. Takumi Usui : Takumi Ususi is considered as the most popular and most attractive anime guy in recent days. He is the male protagonists of the famous animated series Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama. He is a tall handsome and young guy. His bright green eyes have made girls to fall in his love. He is of 17 years. He is a student as well as a chef too.

Takumi Usui, Hottest Anime Guys

2. Sebastian Michaelis : He is a tall and handsome guy with red eyes and pale skin. He is dressed in butler outfit which has made him extremely famous among us. He possesses the quality of sexy British Accent. On his shirts, cuffs and tie he has phantomhive crest. He occasionally removes the white gloves he wears.

3. Gray Fullbuster: This tall and hot anime guy has appeared at the top among other famous anime guys. His has become famous mainly because of his spiky black hair. In natural he never wears a shirt and thus he looks sexier. He is the most competent member of the Team Natsu.

4. ZERO: This famous anime guy is a vampire hunter. His smooth silver hair and bright eyes have made us crazy about him. These are the most appealing parts of him. He is very casual about hi dress. He normally wears his school uniform. He wears five silver earrings on his left and right ears.

5. L Lawliet: Famously known as L is the favorite character from the exclusive animated series Death Note. His dramatic strategies always confuse his opponents. His unusual sitting posture and his eating habit have made him famous around the world.

6. Sesshomaru: He is handsome and slender guy with fair skin and sharp eyes. He is basically is a form of giant dog. He is famous for his hobby to fight with strong people. Though he is a type of demon and anti-hero but still he has a protective side too. This quality actually makes him famous.

7. Lelouch Lamperouge: He is another favorite anime character who plays as protagonist in the anime series Code Geass. He is blessed with super powers by a witch. His visual appeal and style have made him extremely famous within the kids and adults. He is actually the 11th Prince of Britannia and 99th Emperor of Britannia.

8. Uchiha Sasuke: Uchiha Sasuke has become as one of the famous anime character from the animated series Naruto Manga. He is from Ninja family and he is also part of Ninja team. He always likes to be like Itachi, his elder brother who was favorite of his father. His motive is to bring change to the Ninja World.

9. Lavi Bookman Jr. : The sweet and funny side of this guy has made him extremely dear to all. His red hair and green eye color have made him extremely hot. He is a cheerful guy and always loves to enjoy the life. His aim is to become a bookman. He has an excellent quality to memorize everything he sees. Such a nice character will always be favorite of us undoubtedly.

10. Ichigo Kurosaki : anyone will love him because of his orange spike hair. His physique is also attractive as he is tall with peach skin. His eyes are brown. He likes to wear shirts specifically designed with number 15.

So, those above are the top 10 most famous anime guys whom we always like to see in animated series.