Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time till 2017. In the western side of this world, there are numerous music genres that have so many fans. All the music genres are ranked highly when it comes to the number of fans they have be it country music, hip hop, R&B just to mention a few of this genres that are famous all over the world. Every year thousands of songs are recorded but only a few of this make it to the list of the best songs.

New songwriters and singers are born into the western music industry but thanks to those legends who set the pace for them by recording and creating the best music that still lives on even after they died. Below is a list of the top ten best western songs of all time.

Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Big Iron by Marty Robbins

As stated earlier there are several major genres from the western music category and one of them is country music genre. Country music is one of the most famous music genre among the western countries people. This song by Marty Robbins is a country music single that has been ranked as one of the best in the world of country music and among the best western music.

9. Red River Valley by Traditional

This is one of the best western music that has been ranked highly due to the content of the song. This song was sung by Gene Autry. It has a message of two lovers who got the opportunity of becoming lovers at the Red River Valley. The song is reminding the girl not to forget the moments that they spent at the red river valley. It is a love song as well as a classical country music. Note that the earliest lyrics for this song date back to 1885.

8. Home on the Range by Brewster Higley & Daniel E. Kelley

This amazing western song has received high credits for the beauty of its composition and performance. One famous Disney Walt Feature Animation released this particular song not very long ago in the year 2004. In the video of this song, there is a picture of three mismatched cows. The voices in this song are very charming making a song a choice for many individuals who love poetry when it is sang. A song will suit the audience of the small kids.

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7. Tumbling Tumbleweed by Bob Nolan

Legends are defined by the kind of work they do to the society and one of this legends is Bob Nolan. Bob is a legend simply because of the kind of music that he composed and sad to the audience. This song’s title initially ended with the words Leaves that was later changed into weeds. It is one of the best songs especially if you read the lyrics without even listening to them.

6. Don’t Fence Me In by Cole Porter & Robert Fletcher

All singers when writing songs they always ensure that their message is relevant to the society or the audience to the music. This particular song has been sung about the voice of freedom where the singer was singing against the individuals who take away what belongs to other and making the previous the servant. In simple terms, this song is about asking for peace and independence to those that have been denied that kind of an opportunity. This is one of the Top 10 Best Western Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. High Noon by Dimitri Tiomkin

High noon or high noon (do not forsake me) is one of the wonderfully composed songs of the 20th century. This song was written by Ned Washington and was released in 1952. This is a great song, it was features in a movie called the same and it talks about Will Kane who is worried about the morality of his new wife. This song is one song that is meant to inspire is audience on the human morality especially in the world of relationships.

4. Back in the Saddle Again by Ray Whitly

All the famous songs in the western world are all songs that were composed and released back in the days, like in the case of this song it was released back in the year 1939. This song was a trademark song for one singer by the name Gene Autry and it was very popular during those days. It was famous to a point of being introduced into Grammy Hall of Fame in 1997. It is one of the best songs from American singers.

3. Cool Water by Bob Nolan

Another amazing composition from Bob Nolan is this famous song called Cool Water. It is one of the best and it is about a male who had a mule by the name Dan near mirage in desert. Although the original song was by Bob, this song was performed by Vaugh Monroe and The Sons of the Pioneer in 1948 and this version of the song became very famous and one of the bestselling in those years.

2. El Paso by Marty Robbins

Many of the songs that have been released in the 20th century have not held the mush impact this song has had in the western country music industry. This is a creation of the famous Marty Robbins. The song within the Grammy Awards credited its fame in 1960 due to the amazing vocals and harmony that are found in this song. It is one of the best songs, it will definitely sway you into getting emotional.

1. Ghost Rider in the Sky by Star Jones

The best western song of all time is this creation of one of the most famous America song writers Star Jones. It is a cowboy styled song that was composed and released in 1948. This song was very successful since it topped the billboards six years after it was first released. It has been released in several language versions including French, German and Portuguese. This is one of the most amazing and best song of all time in the western country music industry.

All those music lovers should that they check one or all the listed music and download them into their music devices so that they enjoy listening to western songs. Check out for more since this listing change with time.\