Top 10 New Western Songs

Top 10 new Western songs of 2015-2016, all time best most popular western songs list.

Music is one of the most staple forms of entertainment that stimulates your conscience through various phases of emotions. And when it comes to western, there’s wide variety of genres to pick from. It is easy to note that music is just a form of expression of the creator and defines the circumstances in which they were composed. From the nerve-soothing county songs to the head-banging heavy metals, there are hundreds of genres of western music to suit your requirement. And it is for your pleasure that we present you with the list of top ten western hits of this year.

List of Top 10 fabulous western songs 2015-2016

This is a list of the top 10 western songs of this season. The list is as follows:

Top New Western Songs List

1. Ghost Riders in the Sky: Composed by the American song writer Star Jones back in 1948, the cowboy styled song tops the billboards even after six decades. There have been several variants and versions of this song in numerous languages, including French, German and Portuguese. Judy Collins featured the popular number in her 2010 album, Paradise.

2. El Paso: Thriving in the top of the charts since 1959, the western ballad was the creation of Marty Robbins. The 4 minute 38 seconds song won the Grammy award in 1960. The gripping vocals and touching harmony of the song is sure to sway your emotions with sweet contentment.

3. Cool Water: Written in 1936 by Bob Nolan, Cool Water is a song that portrays the adversities of a man and his mule named Dan, near a mirage in a desert. The song is among the top 100 western songs of all times. Vaughn Monroe and The Sons of the Pioneers recorded the bestselling version of the song back in 1948. This is one of the most suitable songs that entertain you in all moods.

4. The Streets of Laredo (Cowboy’s Lament): This touchy song conveys a message from a dying cowboy to a living one. The song has been derived from the old English song, the Unfortunate Rake, and is also known as the Cowboy’s Lament. This song, too, has undergone various experiments and variations, and by some of the master voices like Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, Chet Atkins.

5. Back in the Saddle Again: composed in 1939, this is the trademark song of the American singer, Gene Autry. Slim Whitman released the popular version of the song in his album Twilight on the Trail. The popular number was introduced into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1997.

6. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me): This is a wonderful song, the lyrics composed by Ned Washington and the music by y Dimitri Tiomkin in 1952. It was sung by Rex Rittrt in the movie High Noon. The song features the life of Will Kane and the dilemma over the morality of his new wife, Amy Fowler-Kane. Not only the lyrics and music of this great number turns out to be astounding, it is also a song which re defines human morality in the complex world of relationships.

7. Oh Shenandoah: The traditional folk song of America dates back to the 19th century, although the source of the song remains unknown. There are different sets of lyrics showcased in this song. It is about the experiences of American fur traders travelling down the rivers in canoe with picturesque backgrounds and sceneries. The imageries formed by the song will literally blow your mind.

8. Tumbling Tumbleweeds: This is an intellectual gift of the legendary singer Bob Nolan, back in the 1930 s. The song was originally titled Tumbling Tumble Leaves. The song was featured on the album-cover of the Meat Puppets in 1982.

9. Home on the Range: This is a comparatively recent comedy song, rereleased in 2004, by Walt Disney Feature Animation. A real comedy as it is, the song pictures three mismatched cows in adverse conditions. And there’s a voice over to charm your senses.

10. Red River Valley: Although controversies rage over the origin of the song, there are hints of Canadian origin of the cowboy song. The earliest lyrics date back to 1885. This is one of the classical country songs that entertain you.

So the next time you plug in your headphones, be sure to get in touch with the topmost songs of 2015-2016. In reality, these western songs have remained and will remain immortalized in the folds of time. People from all walks of life have been mesmerized by these hits of all times, which still tops the chart of 2015-2016.


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  1. Top ten new western songs,wow an amazing list.It is awsome,HIGH NOON is my favorite,i can simply flow with the music,its great

  2. I think u should revise the list again ,many of the songs are not mentioned in the list and the songs mentioned here are also not soo gr8

  3. I’m not happy after seeing the post. You guys certainly missed so many songs that certainly deserve to be among the top 10. But that’s just my advice. I do like the songs that are mentioned here but I think the one who did the research didn’t work hard.
    On the brighter side, I would suggest the readers to listen to Cool water by Bob Nolan as that song is really amazing and captures the heart of people!

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