Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time till 2017. If you know Switzerland and its culture then you must now of the differences it has had with countries like Germany, French, Italy and Rome. Traditional music and religion dominated very much not up to the 17th century where all kinds of music started to crop up. The Swiss traditional songs was not well known because of poor recording of information. Good and reliable information cropped up in the 19th century. The oldest Swiss song is the Kuhreihen which was an agricultural song. Much can be said about the Swiss song but all you need to know is that they had different purposes just like others types of songs others were sang during agriculture, others during war others were for entertainment and others were for mourning and for celebrating a child has been born. Below is a list of the top ten Swiss songs of all times.

Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time 2017

List of Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Wings by birdy

The despicable musician who gained fame at age of 14 years and has pushes all through to produce among the 10 best Swiss songs at only the age of 17 years. The song is created in a circus setting and this has made it very unique in that very few songs are produced in a circus setting and trust me if you hate the song because it is on a circus then you definitely want to listen to this one and it will take your breath away. The girl has a beautiful voice that leaves everyone speechless.

9. Das wunschi dir. by Adrian stern

On listening to the song, you cannot help but think of that song of Katy Perry not like the movies that is normally on everyone’s mouth. In addition, who has told you that this one is not in everyone’s mouth? Alternatively, do you know the reason why it is the best all time Swiss song? The vocals are just perfect the beats are just great and the song will carry you away even without you knowing.

8. Baciami by Alex britti

He tries to act the role of a secret agent. Only the graphics of the song can clearly tell you that the song is very sweet and very enjoyable to listen to even without the beats. However, the song mainly displays action videos and drama. You will be surprised to see the great romance that takes place in the song.

7. Back seat love by Mayer Hawthorne

The soul musician from America has just been upgrading in his soul songs from the ones that he used to sing in the 60’s to the ones in the 80’s and finally to the ones referred to as blue eyed soul. The song is soul and it makes you have a feeling of remembrance of the hardships you have had and they and gives you that desire to love and cherish the moments of our lives that are worth remembering in an individual’s life. Soul music tries to break the aspect of selfishness and individualism and tries to improve unity. The song is latest version of the blue-eyed soul and it shows his prowess in producing such soothing relaxing songs.

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6. Marie Anna by Jamayl maleek

This is one of the Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of All Time till 2017. Wow! Where can I begin with this great singer? Is it his vocals his sexy body, or the great song he produces? Well Jamayl is a Swiss musician with songs with tone and very good beats that will keep you dancing all the way till morning. The song that we are talking about here is more of reggae that will give the feeling you want.

5. I always liked it by Maria mena

Maria is a songwriter and singer from Oslomena. She has known the perfect technique of catching the minds of her audience. The perfect way to put her songs at the top of the list as the top greatest Swiss songs of all times in history over time even if a new song comes up hers still emerges to be the best Swiss song that stands out to be the best. Her songs are mostly pop songs that are either unpleasant or sweet. Common the cheek needs to be commended for the job well done.

4. Heart quake by mads Langer

Even the name gives you great suspense of what the song entails and this is what most songs lack. Based on my opinion the song has the fame it deserves firstly by its name and lastly by having a great message that leaves everyone in great suspense chooses to listen to the song and you will know what am talking about.

3. Want to be mine by ira may

´You will definitely be mine if I want you” that is my slogan I don’t ret until I get what I want that’s my other slogan. You will find out that ira and I are more or less the same and that is why she has pressed hard to release one of the best Swiss songs.

2. liquid lunch by Caro emerald

Now if you want know the true meaning of talent then look no further Caro has it all. The Dutch vocalist combines the all the kinds of vocals you know and the turn out to emerge very perfect.

1. What’s the hold up by Marvin

The pop rock star Marvin! He produced the best Swiss song and is ranked as the best all time Swiss song and he has turned out to have all that it takes to become the best pop star musician ever. The vocals, the kinds of songs he sings are very great and they tend to be in very good settings as compared to the songs message.

These are the Top 10 Best Swiss Songs of 2017. Based on what I have learn if you want to be a good singer just like the ones I have just mentioned then you need to have a good taste and most importantly the vocals that is the thing that defines a real musician. So if you have never listened to the above Swiss songs then take the initiative of listening to them.