Top 10 Best South African Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best South African Songs of All Time till 2017. South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa despite the fact that rich African traditions and culture is still being upheld. Musically, the country still holds one of the top spots in the African continent. It has produced many iconic songs that have hit the world wave for such a long period of time. These songs have come out as world anthems regardless of most of them being composed in South Africa’s native languages such as Zulu. These are some of the top ten South African hits regarded as top ten of all time.

Top 10 Best South African Songs of All Time 2017

List of Top 10 Best South African Songs of All Time till 2017


Born lucky Philip Dube in South Africa, he produced this 1980’s single which rocked the world. With strong condemnation lyrics, the late lucky Dube used most of his songs to ridicule, teach and educate his listeners on certain specific burning issues most especially oppression. In this particular song, he brings out his regrets of engaging in crime. He suffers by not abiding by the advice he was given by a certain ‘somebody’ who told him that crime is bad. He continuous to say that it’s because of that neglect of advice that he has ended up in prison. An iconic song carries a very strong message against crime. This is among the best African reggae genre that South Africa has ever produced.


Yvonne Machaka best known as Yvonne Chaka Chaka released this song among her other tunes under the album name ‘best of Yvonne’. It’s a song full of vigor that deeply revolves around love. Yvonne is in love with a man, that kind of love that drives her crazy in a way that she is ‘burning’. It’s a song with strong feelings and the basic theme of love. She confesses that she cannot wait any longer for her love to come back home to be with her. That the feelings in heart are too strong in a way that her heart is ‘on fire’


Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala better known as mandoza is born South African who released this hottest single nkalakatha under the same album name. The late Mandoza describes himself in this song as the top dog. He brags as the big boss around and appeals to any other person who has a problem with him to face him in a ring. It is a song completely surrounded with power and supremacy. He wants his audience to identify him with energy and determination. He says that he is the big boss and he wants all the haters to face him and settle whatever issue they have with him. The song is sang in the Zulu language.


A South African song group comprising of various members including Zolani Mahola and Kyla Rose Smith produced this song with the Colombian artist Shakira. It was a song that made a great impression worldwide in celebration of the 2010 world cup held in South Africa. The entire world danced and sang to the tunes of this iconic vibrant single. This is one among the Top 10 Best South African Songs of All Time till 2017.


The South African duo of Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla nciza released the known album ‘sibonile’ in 2007 comprising of ndihamba nawe as one of the major hits. It’s a love song talking about the love of a partner telling the companion of how she admires him. She admires everything about him in that she can only see and choose him above all the others. She says that she can only follow him and be with him because she loves the way he sings, walks and every other thing. She is simply expressing the great love she feels for her.


Released in 1967 by born South African Zenzile Miriam Makeba under the same album name ‘patapata’. A party song used to embrace the pata pata dance style. She tries to describe the dance style saying that people can ‘pata pata’ every Fridays and weekends. As people groove and have fun immediately ‘pata pata’ song plays. Done in the xhosa language of south Africa, ‘pata pata’ is among the top songs in south Africa’s history.


Under the album ‘Sondelani’, Ringo released the song in 1997. Its all about love, the great love that he feels for a certain woman. The closeness and the togetherness that he wants with his woman. That he loves and cherishes her more than anything else. He wants her to go closer to him such that she can keep all his love. He claims that she is his only and him alone and that he wants to keep her for the rest of his life.


Born Brenda Nokuzola Fassie, she released this song in 1997 in the native South African Zulu language. She brings out the strong rite of passage called marriage. It talks about today being a wedding day, it’s a happy day. It gives marriage a priority in that, it’s calling out people to a wedding ceremony. After a long time of waiting, a son who everybody never thought will get married has finally found a wife. The Zulu language gives it an African touch escorted with its strong message of marriage.


The South African rock band hotline featured Penelope Jane Dunlop better known as PJ Powers in this song jabulani released in 1984. A party song that involves dancing and simply having fun. Jabulani brings out the wild nature in people who love to rock and roll. It is a song entirely for party people. If you love fun, dancing and twisting then this is the right song to complete a boring day.


Released on 6th September 2011 by Bulekwa mkutukana better known as Zahara the South African lady under the same album name. a strong gospel song praising and preaching righteousness. It discusses the holy way of going to heaven through prayer. It encourages Christians that no matter the hardship, they should continue praying and God will come to their rescue. The slow and cool rhythm completes the powerful spectacular hit that touches the hearts and souls of every true faithful. This is a top hit not mainly for the believers but also the rest of the people who enjoy South African rhythm.

It’s one thing to listen to music but, another one to listen to South African music. Mostly comprised of the local dialect, these South African songs 2017 are not only tantalizing in terms of dance but also educative and strongly cultural. Most of these great songs have made an impact in the whole world in one way or the order and the artists behind them are globally recognized. Take time and listen to these wonderful human talent products.

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