Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs of All Time till 2017. Punjab is divided into two parts, East Punjab in India and West Punjab in Pakistan. This country has been known to have best music ever that makes you relax and have fan. Artists have come up with different type of music that portrays their native cultures. Funny music videos was been produced with totally different style of dancing that you can learn from. There are known to be so entertaining and cherishes up your modes. Indian music has become famous for its varieties creative videos globally. They are party friendly. Here are some of top ten best songs you can choose from.


List of Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Maan by Bilal Saeed

He is most popular singer who made a mark in music industry worldwide. He is a Pakistani singer and music composer who was adopted by Bollywood to take part in some movies. He started his singing career in 2011, and had received a number of awards nominations in India, United Kingdom and Pakistan. He is so lucky to be the only Pakistani to get nominated for Brit Asia Awards and PTC Punjabi Music Awards. This song has an amazing background score and a beautiful melodious tune. It was received in a positive praises in music critics.


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  1. Jazzy B just rocked this list with his song” Mitra Den Boot “.He is the real rockstar of punjab.He has his fan following not only in India but in abroad too. I am his biggest fan.

  2. I love you Honey Singh.I heard his all songs .Specially love dose is my favorite . I am so happy to found this in this list….

  3. nice collection of songs i really love all the songs were just awsm n the song by atif aslam khair mangda is just killer one word to describe it just awsm

  4. Beautifull tracks love with Punjabi songs ..honey Singh rap is too awesome…Punjabi gaane sunne ka to maza hi Kuch or h…inke gaane bahut hi cute hote h 🙂

  5. I feel like dancing right now…Punjabi songs are full of swag…mast maza aaya sunn Kr ..some rock some soothing …worth hearing…honey Singh is mindblowing

  6. Ikk kudi jida ja ….ohhh loved this song…diljith ne to Dil hi jeet liya iss gaane se …truly awesome song…sung for the heart …we need to get these types of songs more often

  7. What a top class collection…I love Punjabi songs..they have got Beats ..they got chicks …beautifull locations..n many more…there are many reasons to hear Punjabi songs…love to play these songs in parties

  8. Bilal Saeed is my fav…loved his song Mann …he has outclassed himself in this song…even Atif Aslam …he too had sung full of soul…every song in the list are truly amazing

  9. What a collection guys. Really wonderful. I live in punjab and we here regularly do parties. And all of these songs could be heard in them. They have a different feel in them. I feel like dancing to them. These songs are amazing. Love you guys!
    I hope more people listen to these songs and these songs become more popular.

  10. Jehra tere vich bolda is a beautiful track sung by jazzy b and sukshinder. The lyrics are just awesome and heart touching ones. For me, its one of the best romantic songs among all.

  11. Wakhra swag is a super cool Punjabi song composed by Badshah the king of swag. All his songs are awesome. Kar gayi chul, the latest kala chashma and many more. The beats are really good.

  12. Even I’m not a Punjabi, I love those songs. In bollywood they frequently use Punjabi songs or atleast few lines. And then that song goes a hit. That is Punjabi for you.

  13. Bilal saaed is my fav singer. You know his many songs are very popular. He has a great voice and sings exceptionally well. His recent Khair Mangda from baar baar dekho is great.

    • Also khair mangda by Atif is also really good.
      I’m a big fan of Punjabi songs. The lyrics, the music is so good about those songs. One cannot simply ignore Punjabi songs.

  14. Whakra swag, suit are all so good. Maybe the latest kaala chasma is also damn great Punjabi song. They have the perfect beats to be called Punjabi.

  15. Honey Singh is a great singer I guess. There maybe many haters, but he has a lot of fan following. His songs are so good like blue eyes, Desi kalakaar, love dose and many more.

  16. A very good list. I liked it a lot. I’ve been a lover of Punjabi songs. They are very unique and the beats are fabulous unlike any other music.

  17. Ikk kudi is my fav. Diljith has sung it so soulfully. He is a great talent. Also the club mix version with alia is so damn good. Punjabi beats are the best for dance.

  18. Loved diljith in Udta punjab!
    That was a fab movie! And that guy is so very talented. I guess Ikk kudi is also from him. Patiala peg is also an awesome track with a pure Punjabi essence.

  19. I hate Honey Singh. He is the worst singer but has great popularity. He doesn’t know anything about giving a great song. Desi kalakaar, love dose, blue eyes and all other songs are just horrible.

  20. Diljith dosanjh has got a magical voice and his Punjabi beats are so good. His latest ikk kudi is very very good. Also the patiala peg is rocking good. The iconic Punjabi thing it is. A good song.

  21. Yo Yo Honey! Wow really love this guy love dose amazing song, great video, great choreography, n the most amazing rap, Diljit dosanjh my real desi love the spirit of Patiala peg really feel the soul of punjabi like dancing Haha bruuuuaaahh

  22. Really catchy n power pack songs, nice editing and love the way ranking is done trying to listen all of them love it

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