Top 10 New Love Songs

Considerable factors about the top 10 new love songs 2015-2016, all time best most popular love songs list.

In our life, music has made an essential place. After a daily work schedule, to refresh our mood, music plays a significant role. It may be pop, rock or simple romantic songs, all can cherish our mind with the beautiful lyrics and beats. Especially romantic songs are always composed with great heart touchy lyrics and hence love songs are extremely liked by music lovers.

List of Top 10 new love songs 2015-2016

Lots of love songs have become famous in recent days. Here we can take a look at the most beautiful top 10 new love songs in the year 2015-2016

Top New Love Songs List

1. Xo: We all are great fan of Beyoncé and her excellent songs. Her one of the greatest hit is Xo which is surely to be at the number one in recent times. The lyrics of this song have been composed in such a way that will definitely express the real love. Besides the exceptional lyrics and music, the heavenly vocal of Beyonce adds more charm to the song.

2. Story of my life: When we are speaking about best love songs then songs composed by One Direction can never be ignored. This band has already own the MTV music video award for their excellent popularity throughout the world. Among their nice collections, Story of my life really possesses the feeling of true love.

3. Mirrors: To expresses emotions in word is always not possible but Justin Timberlake has done justice to it. Here in this song we can find a perfect blend of words filled with emotions. Owing to such exceptional feeling, this song has rightly been placed within number ten. The video of this song won the MTV video of the year.

4. Beautiful: This song is the fourteenth studio album of Maria Carey. Here she is the lead singer. The lyrics of this charming love song have been written by Maria Carey, Muguel Pimentel, Mac Robinson and Brian Keth. The lyrics of this song have really made people all around the world to listen this song again and again.

5. Let her go: The famous British Recording Artists, Passenger has recorded and wrote this beautiful song. This song will definitely make you realize that how you start taking granted your deep love for someone in your life. The song is co produced by Mike Rosenberg.

6. 400 Lux: The singer of this song is Lorde who is just 17 years of age. Already she has become extremely famous due to her talent and excellent vocal quality. She debuted in this industry with the album Pure heroine. this song is one of the best songs performed by her in this album.

7. Closer: we all are quite familiar with the names of the twin sister Tegan and Sara. Their excellent creation is this song Closer. This great love song was released in the year 2012 and till today this is considered to be within the top 10 list. In the year 2013, the song was at the number one in Billboard’s Hot dance Club Song.

8. Hold on, We are Going Home: If one is seeking for the most adored love song in recent days then this song can be the best for him or her. The famous singer Drake is the singer of this song. He is well known for his excellent vocal quality. This nice love song will definitely enhance our love of our beloved.

9. Bruno Mars: This is such an awesome song hearing to which one will surely fall in love over again. Treasures performed it nicely to make this song popular all around the world. The song has a unique style and is full with emotions.

10. Adore You: At number ten, we should obviously consider the song Adore You. This song is from the album Bangers of famous recording artists from America Miley Cyrus. . The lyrics of this song are written such a way which will make you think about our love to our beloved. The song has been written by Oren Yoel and Stacy Barthe.

Hence, from the above we can easily chose any love song which we like to listen again and again.


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  1. Story of my life is just superb.I love the way the rhyme goes on,simply perfect.A very nice list for people who understand the taste of music.I just love them.

  2. Let her go by passenger is a beautifull track liste ning to it from quite a few time back it’s lyrics is so beautifull 😍😍

  3. My girlfriend made me listen to the song, Closer by Chainsmokers. I was amazed by the music as well as the lyrics. I don’t know how but I landed on this site and when I saw the post, I made her listen to every song listed here and she loved them all. She loved them so much I can’t explain.
    I’d say every boyfriend should make her girlfriend listen to all of these songs!

  4. All these songs. They make me feel like i can love again. I respect the person who did the research behind this post. It touches my heart!

  5. “Story of My Life” is a mid-tempo, guitar –
    driven folk-pop song with influences of arena rock , alternative rock and neo folk . the lyrics speak of a tumultuous
    relationship leading to lament and heartbreak.

  6. “Mirrors” is a mid-tempo progressive pop
    and R&B ballad. it is a song recorded by American singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake for his third studio album , The 20/20 Experience. The beautiful fact about the song is that the track was
    inspired by the marriage of his grandparents.

  7. “Adore You” is a pop and contemporary R&B ballad in which Cyrus discusses her affections towards her boyfriend. Itis a song recorded by American recording artist Miley Cyrus. It is the opening track of her fourth studio album Bangerz.

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