Top 10 New French Songs

Top 10 new French songs for 2016, all time best most popular French songs list.

French songs are highly preferred by entire population of France and they eagerly waits for the best hit list. Thus, people who are fond of super hit songs of the year 2016, for them we have prepared a complete list of French songs. These songs will definitely remove the tension of life and will ensure that everyone is entertained and fill their life with romance.

List of top 10 new French songs 2016:

Here is a complete list of top 10 classy French songs of this year that have gained high attention from song listeners. These songs will definitely ease the life and will pour romance and thrill. Thus, people can review the below list of amazing songs that is prepared by our team of experts and pick their desired song of the year.

Top New French Songs 2016-2017 List

10. Hey Mama: –

Hey Mama is another amazing song of the year 2016 that has found its positing in the list of top classy French songs of the year. Thus, a beautiful song by David Guetta is a decent romantic song of the year.


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  1. Music in david guetta songs are always good. I like his songs a lot. Background music will be awesome!! I love it..

  2. ‘Are you with me is a very good song. But is not completely french. You are not supposed to do this. We need information about complete french song.

  3. Bon article!!!
    Very much informative about french songs.
    Hey mama is a very good song and i love it.. i expected that i would come in the 1st three ranks..

  4. Hey mama is my fav track of this list. It is trippy and catching. David Guetta has rendered a magic with that. Loved Nicki in that song.

  5. All those English songs in the list are pretty great though. I don’t know why they’ve found places in French songs list. They are the most popular in English.

  6. Best one is take me to church. Not a perfect French song though. All other songs are pretty great too. But update the list.

  7. Plenty of English songs have been mentioned. I can’t figure out why is it so and on what basis is it done. Anyhow, I just love shake it off, love me like you do, hey mama songs. They are still in my Playlist.

  8. I love hey mama for Nicki and Guetta’s works. He is so good and I guess that song from him is incredible with perfect beats and dancing tempo.

  9. I don’t think all of these are French songs. There are English hips hops too. I don’t know why they are included in the list.

  10. Nicki Minaj in hey mama is awesome. David Guetta makes it much better. The song seems trippy to me. The beats go so well too. One best Dance track this.

  11. Love me like you do by ellie is a killer song. Omg. I love it. She is outstanding and her voice in the song is stunning. The song is very popular and it is one of my favs still.

  12. Hey mama is a trippy track! Beats by David Guetta and voice of Nicki make the track a great track for dance.! It’s cracking good!

  13. Hehe I love shake it off. Taylor Swift is an amazing talent. Her songs are very catchy and shake it off has very good beats. It’s different form other songs by her.

  14. Hey mama is a dang awesome song. Nicki Minaj and Guetta just kill it. The beats and tempo are so very good for a dance number. Very catchy and Guetta has shown why he is the best in the business.

  15. Love me like you do is an amazing song. The voice of ellie Goulding gives me goosebumps. It is very meaning full and the tune of the song is so good. I love to listen it over and over. She is one finest emerging artist with some other awesome songs under her name.

    • Ellie Goulding kills it in Love me like you do. The variations of picth and voice is so impressive. The tempo is rocking and the tune is also very catchy. I love that song.

  16. Hey mama by Nicki Minaj is a catchy track. Beats from David Guetta are awesome too. It’s a perfect dance track for any party. The bass is damn good for the loud speakers. Nicki Minaj has rocked in the song.

  17. Ain’t nobody loves me better than you wow love this song n love you hannah my love it reminds me of you whenever I see Yeah amazing

  18. Hey mama is my favorite I will agree with him what he commented it’s quite catchy song that gets stuck in your mind and keep on repeating

  19. Taylor Swift – Shake it off wow amazing peppy tune heart catching just keep on listening to it again and again and get so excited whenever I hear it yeaaaaahhhh! You go girl

  20. David guetta ft nicky minaj amazing damn girl you really burn it up love the way she say Hey Mama MAMA, REAL amazing song and video to am dancing to its right now hahah

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