Top 10 Best Drinking Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Drinking Songs of All Time till 2017. If you’ve ever visited a bar overseas or attended Oktoberfest, whether in Munich or in America, you have likely heard one or two favored drinking songs. They are often loud, they are obnoxious, and they are almost always sung by those who are deep into their cups or three sheets to the wind, or attempting get there. What makes drinking songs so much fun though are the very reasons that were just listed. They aren’t meant to sound good, they aren’t meant to be inoffensive to everyone, and they certainly aren’t meant to be sung in anything resembling a reasonably pleasant melody. They are drinking songs, the lament and adulation of the drinking and drunk, and they are the songs that are sung when in good spirits and in better company. So with that said, here are the top ten best drinking songs of all time.

Drinking Song Top 10 Best Drinking Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Drinking Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Little Brown Jug (Joseph Eastburn Winner)

What started out as a plantation song soon caught on and became something even more lively as it was picked up and turned into a swinging and singing rhythm that people could belt out at top volume and still enjoy. Despites its humble beginnings it soon enough became a hit that caught on with many a reveler looking for a good time. Featuring a light, bouncy feel that can be easily picked up whether sober or drunk, this tune is without a doubt one of the most well known pieces to ever be produced as a drinking song.

9. Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum (Robert Louis Stevenson) (Walter, Allison)

One of the more iconic pieces on this list and the more popular, this piece has been featured
throughout history as a traditional sea shanty that has deep roots in the film “Treasure Island” and
even in the more modern day pirate films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In the films of the current era however the song is greatly changed and even squirreled away as a bit of theatrical history that is more of an afterthought. As a drinking song it is not one of the most popular, but its capacity to be sung in an enjoyable manner despite the setting makes it a standout favorite from many others.

8. Drunken Sailor (traditional)

As one of the more traditional songs this seagoing favorite is one that is often sung by those who are in their cups or are simply hit by a fit of whimsy that they can’t deny. It has been sung many times in films, television shows, and just by anyone who seems to pick up the tune in their head while walking along or making their way in a drunken stumble from one point to another. It is a very catchy tune, and one that is often able to repeat itself over and over in one’s head without cease.

7. In Heaven There is No Beer (traditional)

A very jaunty and fun tune to clap along with or stamp your feet to, it has a very catchy beat that is rather infectious and can be followed quite easily. It was at one time a victory song used during the celebration of football and basketball teams and was carried on for well onto two decades. Unfortunately the lyrics were eventually banned in the early 2000’s by those who believed the song promoted underage drinking. The seeming finality of it no doubt worried some parents despite the fact that its upbeat tempo and playful manner are quite the opposite of any finality that might have been deduced from its meaning.

6. Auld Lang Syne, (traditional)

Having become a favorite at New Year’s Eve, this song is one that is sun continually between
December 31st and January 1st to commemorate new beginnings and a parting of ways with the year that has just been finished. While this song only comes around once a year and is by extension not a regular favorite among drinkers, it is still considered to be an important cultural addition and as such is afforded a place of great honor on this list. Plus, singing it while inebriated only adds to the meaning, “times long past”, which is one of the closest translations of the titular words. This is one of the most popular Drinking Songs of 2017.

5. Danny Boy, (traditional)

If you back east you might hear this tune rolling out of many an open bar as it is a favorite among Irish drinkers and a song that is not taken lightly by many. As a favored St. Patrick’s Day anthem its popular tune and tone are often butchered by those who take to singing in their best drunken, haze-filled voices. It still carries a great deal of meaning to those who sing it, but few if any would be able to remember attempting to croon the lyrics the day after.

4. How Dry I Am (traditional)

Often best left for the end of the night, the feel of this song is best described as the moment when the bar is about to shut down and the last few patrons stumble blearily from their stools, eyes bloodshot and gait shuffling and unsure. The entire piece seems to be picked out and pushed along much like said drunks who must be ushered to the sidewalk in a safe and orderly manner. While it is not as energetic as many of the songs on this list, it is without a doubt easy to remember.

3. Drink, Drink, Drink (Drinking Song), (Sigmund Romberg, Dorothy Donnelly)

Initially this might not seem like your typical drinking song. Despite the urgings of the singer to tip one back and the chorus that echoes this sentiment, it seems a bit over the top for a tune that might have been sung in a bar of long ago where men swigged heartily from mugs and the object of drinking was to in fact enjoy oneself and get pleasantly besotted while singing along with a hearty tale put to music. In short, it is not the typical drinking song, but something about it seems to pull at the senses and make it more than relevant.

2. Star Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith, Francis Scott Key)

Believe it or not the national anthem used by the United States is linked in some way to alcohol. If it is a surprise then you probably don’t know that the melody added in is courtesy of an old English drinking ballad that was, like many other things, “borrowed” from the old country. While it has endured a great many different renditions and even a few botched attempts throughout the years, the grand anthem of the US has become a symbol not only of the country but has kept its roots firmly attached to the origin from whence it came.

1. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (traditional)

It is simple, it is easy to sing, and it goes on, and on, and on, and, well you get the picture. While many a drunken reveler has attempted to belt out this tune in its entirety, many only get halfway before passing out or simply getting bored. It is a rather long ditty that has little if any point aside from the rather cryptic belief that it carries a darker side thanks to The Order of the Skull and Bones, who rumor has it created a cipher within the song to protect valuable information. Whether you wish to believe this or not, this song is quite simply silly, but so classic that it could not be left out.

The average drinking song nowadays is typically sung by a rock or pop star who is singing about champagne on ice, shots of whiskey, or something equally simple. The old drinking songs of the bygone era are swiftly fading into the sunset, only to be rekindled by those with a passion for culture and tradition.