Top 10 New Drinking Songs

Top 10 new drinking songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular drinking songs list.

Good music is the best way to heal the wounds of hearts that will motivate people to get best elements in life. Music helps in fighting with the foul thoughts and ensures that the listeners get away from the bad emotions, memories, and sadness easily. Thus, picking the right music is required to enjoy any special moment. Drinking songs are the best mean for people who love to enjoy a drink at home or bars. These songs will pour life and romance in the air and will increase the pleasure of drink.

List of top 10 new drinking songs 2015-2016:

People who are feeling crazy of the best drinking song will definitely find the below list suitable for them. Thus, here are some of the most popular songs of the year that will increase the heartbeats of listeners who wish to set best environment for enjoying best drink time of life.

Top New Drinking Songs List

1. What’ll We Do With a Drunken Sailor: – This is another best song of the year that is highly suitable for people who are fond of best environment and music for drinking. The music and lyrics of the song will set favorite environment for its listeners and will pour romance and pleasure in life.

2. Danny Boy by Frederick Weatherly: – Another sensational drinking song sets mood of the listeners at bars. This song ensure that the listener enjoy this song and environment and finds it fits for drinking. It pours life to environment and hypnotize person to forget the surrounding environment and enjoy sensational drink.

3. Johnny Jump Up: – who wish to enjoy some best tie of life after entire day work in bars with a drink; this is the right music. It will add additional beauty to the moment. The lyrics and music of this song will remove sadness and tiredness of entire day and will excite its listeners to enjoy drink.

4. Jug Of Punch by Clancy Brothers: – People who are desperate to enjoy a sensible drink at home or bar, they should also pick the best drink song that will set his mood and environment suitable for drinking. Best song when combined with drinks, will definitely enhance the beauty and pleasure of time.

5. All For Me Grog: – Another amazing drinking song of the year that is the super hit of the time and is among the highly preferred and downloaded song of the year. This song will set mood for the best drink experience and the real pleasure of sensible drink in a pleasant environment. Thus, it motivates its listeners to get best moments in life.

6. An Irish Lullaby (Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra) by J.R. Shannon: – This is another sensible drinking song; it will heal the wounds of the listeners along with a thrilling drink. This music will help people to fight with their emotions and w yeas ill set a pleasant environment for them. Thus, this top music will definitely ease the life of every individual.

7. Black Velvet Band: – The top 10 drinking songs are the most popular among the people who are frequently to drink and love to set environment suitable for drinking. Thus, this song will definitely erase the tensions and worries of life, will amaze people when they enjoy drink along with listening this song.

8. Bog Down in the Valley: – This is another sensible song, it is highly suitable for every drinking people as it set mood for him or her and generate best environment. Thus, people who wish to set mood and fight with various emotions, then this is the right music for them. Thus, people need to be more careful while selecting the right music track for enjoying unforgettable drinks at bars or at home.

9. Do Virgins Taste Better: – People, who once enjoy this song, will never demand anything else while enjoying a pleasurable drink at home or at bars.

10. Flower of Scotland by Roy Williamson: – This song is among the best song that is able to fit in the list of top 10 drinking song due to its music, lyric and rhythm that hypnotize every listeners and helps them to forget the worries and tensions of life.

Therefore, above list is a great help to the people who desire to spend some sensible moment in drinking and listening best drinking music. Best drinking music is the best way to set right mood and environment to enjoy best drink time.


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  1. From quite a few time I have been boozing playing most of these songs from the list , good piece of work from the team

  2. Do virgins taste better is the best,when you are drinking u need a beautiful sing to rhyme your occassion.It is my favorite and i just love it.An amazing listt,wowww i just love it

  3. ” All For Me Grog ” is a traditional folk song that was originally popular with sailors and later adopted by folk music performers and pub singers. There is an Australian version of the song
    called Across the Western Plains. Even that song is really beautiful.

  4. “Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral” , an Irish
    Lullaby, is a classic Irish-American song.
    It is sung by John Gary, a
    brilliant voice. Irish songs are always awesome .

  5. the jug of punch was sung on the Riverside album English Drinking is an Irish traditional song
    which was recorded by Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers. Clancy brothers are the real rockers.

  6. Danny Boy is a ballad written by English
    songwriter Frederic Weatherly and usually set to the Irish tune of the ” Londonderry Air “. It is most closely associated with Irish communities . these irish tunes are one of best tunes ever which gives the song a new phase.

  7. What’ll we do with drunken sailor – is a different kind of song than others . The lyrics are really good which adds joy to our drink . And yea its different too. The song contains few questions which adds something new to the song and which brings it out well.

  8. Johnny Jump Up is part of a long line of Irish drinking songs about the joys and the perils of alcohol. It just describes the pleasures we go through when we drink alcohol.This song also a kind of party stuff song. I enjoy drinking listening to this song.

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