Top 10 New Disco Songs

Top 10 new disco songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular disco songs list.

All most all people are party lovers who love energetic music and dance. In every type of dance party, disco song plays great role. Most of the popular spots where the dance party takes place are disco, pubs. In these places, all songs are played at highest volume, so that disco songs perfect for these event.

List of Top 10 new disco songs 2015-2016

Here is a list of Top 10 new disco songs 2015-2016, which you can play in a party or get together, by which the party become more lively and vibrant.

Top New Disco Songs List

1. Rather Be — Clean Bandit – This song is one of the most disco songs which deserve the 1st ranking among the Top 10 new disco songs 2015, because this song properly fit with all types of party. This song has the capacity to help each individual to explore their energy and entertainment.

2. Summer — Calvin Harris – This is amazing disco song along with great rhythm and energetic music. This song gets huge popularity due to its energetic music which fits well with all party. It has some wonderful wording which has easily made a great effect on the mind of all audiences.

3. Bad — David Guetta and Showtek – This song also gets huge popularity due to the excellent music and rhythm produced by David Guetta and Showtek which made the audience spellbound. This is also a great disco song of this year that fit with all types of party. It takes the 3rd position in this list.

4. Selfie — The Chainsmokers – You can find a fantastic lyrics and melodious music in this song, but most of party lovers are attracted by this fantastic disco song due to its rhythm and music. It is true that they hardly realize the lyrics; they only want music and rhythm. This song is suitable with the category. It takes the 4th position in this list.

5. Wake Me Up — Avicii – This is a perfect package of energetic music, amazing rhythm, wonderful tunes, by which you can create a proper environment for the party. This song has a great power to make the party lover perfectly entertained. It takes the 5th position in this list.

6. Wasted — Tiësto – Wasted, this is also a great disco song produced by Tiësto. This amazing disco song has a unique power by which people can set their mood impressively in any event including all types of party. This is also one of the great disco songs of this era and takes the 6th position in this list.

7. Addicted To You — Avicii – This is one of the most energetic disco songs of the year packed with energetic dance music which can easily make people entertained. This superb song mainly produced for party, that have the capability to bring a bundle of joy in a party or special event or get together, so that it can easily take the 7th position in this list.

8. Shot Me Down — David Guetta – This is also an amazing disco song. It is true that there are no any other elements apart from music to make a party perfect. To get entertainment in a party, all party lovers want disco song like Shot Me Down produced by David Guetta which easily takes the 8th position in this list.

9. Hey Brother — Avicii – This song is renowned in all over the world due to its amazing tune as well as rhythm, for this reason this song get huge popularity in across the world. Not only that this perfect for kids party. Now it is in the 9th position in this list.

10. Turn Down For What — Lil Jon and DJ Snake – Disco songs must be a great combination of music, rhythm and lively voice of the singer and Lil Jon and DJ Snake, one of the renowned singers, is an ideal example of this combination. If you select Turn down for what by Lil Jon and DJ Snake; you may realize that the song has every type of element by which kids can easily entertained themselves in a party. It takes the 10th position in this list.

Are you searching for the latest disco party songs 2015-2016? Here is a list of latest song which are sung by Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lionel Richie, City Rollers, Kid Rock, Rick Springfield etc. if you play these song in a party, your party become more vibrant, lively etc.


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  1. Every song in the list is awesome I have listened to each n every song thousands of time .hey brother ohh God I have been liste ning to this evry morning

  2. Calvin Harris is simply the way to go when it comes to disco songs and you don’t have any particular liking to any particular artist. The other songs are also amazing and deserve listening to them atleast once. I enjoyed them and I am 100% sure that anyone who listens to them will also enjoy them!

  3. I love that song by Chainsmokers. They are just awesome in this genre and they have more and more new songs under their name now. They give fabulous beats and bass with their songs, perfect for a disco mood. Closer, don’t let me down are their other greatest songs.

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