New Country Songs 2016 – Top 10 List

Top 10 new country songs for 2016, all time best most popular Country songs list. ,Music has already been the most entertaining stuff for all throughout the world. Music is practiced worldwide. Some practice it for fun whereas some take it professionally. The singing is the best way that you can afford for refreshing your mind. Singing is also practiced in different parts of the world not only for making money and fame but also for meditation. The basic genre used for meditation is the trance genre. There are different genres of meditation all over the world. The genres also depend on the culture of a place.

With the latest technologies, new genres are turning up and they are hitting the chart buster. Here in this article we are talking about the top country songs which is an American music form. Unlike other American genres with heavy mix masters, country music is a soft one. There is a specific guitar patter for the country music; known as the country guitar. This music genre has a jazz mix to it and this genre is has its own taste.

The top 10 list of amazing country songs for year 2016

Top New Country Songs 2016 List

This is a list of the world’s top 10 country songs 2016. We are sure you are going to love these songs for sure. The list is as follows:

1. Bartender: this is a song which has got a different feel to it. This song has acclamation from all over the world. This song is sung by Lady Antebellum.

2. Meanwhile Back at Mama’s: this song is sung by Tim McGraw feat. Faith Hill. Tim McGraw is a very talented singer and is regarded to be the one of the best country singer of the present days. The listeners say that listening this song is not enough; you will have to feel the song.

3. I Don’t Dance: this song is sung by Lee Brice. This is the best song of today’s country music. This song holds the 3rd position in this list of the top 10 country songs of the year 2016.

4. Leave the Night on: this song is sung by Sam Hunt, regarded to be one of the most talented country singers of today’s world. This song is in the 4th position of this list of the top 10.

5. Hope you get lonely tonight: the voice behind the song is of Cole Swindell. This song has got a different feeling to it. This country number holds the 5th position in this list of the top 10 latest country songs in 2016.

6. This is How we Roll: country genre is basically a soft one and most of the ones in this genre are romantic numbers like this one. This song is sung by Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan. This song holds the 6th position in this list of the top 10.

7. Dirt: this is the softest one the list. The lyric is just what was needed for the song. The voice behind this wonderful song is of Florida Georgia Line. This song holds the 7th position.

8. American Kids: this song is a musical narration of a story. This song is by Kenny Chesney. This is the best way that you can relax yourself. The song stands in the 8th position in this list of the top 10.

9. Drunk on a Plane: the tempo of the song is a bit high, unlike the other songs in the list. This is fun loving song. This is a song by Dierks Bentley. The song holds the 9th position in this list of the top 10 greatest country music hits of 2016.

10. Burnin’ It down: though this song is in the last position finishing the list of the top 10, it’s a huge hit among the country lovers. This song is sun by Jason Aldean.

Country music in 2016-2017 is basically a traditional American music. For the support of the music only a country guitar is required. Though this genre is not the one to always hit the chart busters but is practiced by many from different corners of the world. Country music is a soft genre with a simple tune. Only mere listening of a top country song in 2016 is not only important but simultaneously you will have to feel the music. In the 19th century song of this kind were played in many parts of the world but in the recent years the popularity has doomed a bit due to the modern technologies.


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  1. Before this I never heard about Akon and Taylor swift , after seing the list I listened them n now I think how I have missed these legends m jus crazy about them

  2. Awesome list of songs specially the burning it down is my favourite one, whenever I am on the way to office I often listen to this song in my car

  3. All songs from the list are equally good , specially the Taylor swift and Akon both are legends , both has been giving great music constantly

  4. Taylor Swift and Akon are simply amazing. I heard bartender when I was young and that song stuck with me the entire 20 years from then. Taylor swift is also lovely. Her looks and the voice. I love her voice.
    The complete collection is amazing and more of the same kind be done!

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