Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time till 2016. These are songs and melody tunes played during Christmas times. These song remind us of how things used to be back then with passion. Many songs were released back then, however not all that got fame. Below is a list comprising of best Christmas melodies that can be played all the time.

Christmas Songs Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time till 2016

10. Must be Santa by Mitch Miller

Must be Santa is a Christmas song that was first written by Bill Fredericks and Hal Moore. In 1960 Mitch Miller released it to outside world having done a complete cover version by Tommy Steele. In that same year Santa was ranked among top 40 in United Kingdom’s Singles Chart. I remember when we were in kindergartner, we sang more than 50 times in each term and with loud voices. Even old men sing at this days and feel getting back to those days when December moments was all about Christmas day.

9. Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms

Jingle Bell rock is another popular Christmas hit produced by Bobby Helms in 1957. Joseph Carleton was first composer of jingle bell in between 1900 to 1967 before Bobby’s contribution. Beat’s public relations professionals added an advantage to it of being played frequently in United States of America’s streets. This party track has been performed by so many artists during Christmas moments such as Ashanti, Avanti, Billy Gilman, Billy Idol, Bobby Sherman and Geri ahaliwell. All these are famous song writers and artists among others.

In early 1960’s this track was so popular hitting many billboard charts every year during a few days to big day (Christmas)

8. Baby its cold outside by Dean Martin

It’s another Christmas article written by Frank Loesser in 1944 and later performed by Dean Martin himself. This song answers as a call response to a few singers who tried to convince guests that it was so cold outside during Christmas periods. All he wanted is a celebration deal with those visitors. Neptune’s daughter once recorded it in a movie film ever since it was released. Some parts of the lyrics speak about good food and drinks as well in regards to a Holy celebration.

Different Christmas parties have used this song to rock their nights.

7. it’s that most wonderful time of each year by Andy Williams

Edward Pola and George Wyle are writers of this Christmas tune in 1963. Andy Williams only recorded and then released it later as his own white Christmas cover album instead of a promotional single. Columbia records helped in recording an official document. Celebration Description of wonderful time in each year is hand in hand associated with Christmas plans and focusing primarily on family and relatives as well.

6. I saw mommy Kissing Santa Claus by Jackson 5

Jackson 5’s Christmas tune is said to be another classic hit that is being declared of being a season of baking breads and cookies for that special day. Sometime back, Roman Catholic Church of Boston Condemned it for taking so much pleasure in singing about food only and also associating a Holy ceremony with kissing matters. However, others pastors from that same country organized rallies against him. Billboards and other charts contain questions like what is wrong with kissing for right people. Roman Catholic Church stopped being concerned after receiving a downfall. This is one of the Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time till 2016.

5. Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano

Felisa is a Christmas album written by an American song writer Jose Feliciano and released in 1970. All songs in this album are Christmas classics with different tunes and beats and were released at different particular times. 15 successful tracks are overheard played in several television stations all over the world. some of them include Jingle bells, first noel (according to Catholics), Little drama boy, white Christmas, we three kings of orient Are, Mary’s Little Boy child, Feliz Navidad and cherry Tree Carol. Apart from these tracts there three other bonus additions namely come all that are faithful, Santa Claus will be coming to town and Las Posadas.

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4. Let it snow by Frank Sinatra

Let it know is indeed a popular song and was first written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne composed it in 1945. This was during California’s heat waves conditions and so they were trying to imagine of cooler conditions. In 1946, let it snow became so popular and appeared in various Billboards during Christmas seasons. Its among other observable recordings such as winter romance (1959), I wish you a merry Christmas (1962), Doris day Christmas album (1964) and Christmas with Glen Campbell (1995)

Let it snow track is popular among many nations and mostly heard few weeks before 25th December each year.

3. White Christmas by Drifters

Guinness world record states that Bing Crosby’s white Christmas version is best selling in market today compared to other versions. An estimated number of 100 million copies are sold worldwide in each year earning Berlin so much credit and fame. White Christmas is appearing in this position due to great familiarity with modern pop culture and other versions recommended by popular artists.

2. Silent Night by Temptations

Popularly known as temptation Christmas card, this holiday tune was written and released by a group called temptation in 1970. Silent Night is from Gordy album comprising of other tracks namely little drama boy, Christmas song, silver bells, white Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to town, my Christmas tree, someday at Christmas and Rudolph red nosed Reindeer.

Silent Night isn’t really silent as the word suggests. It is only a cool moment of Christmas celebrations.

1. Christmas song by Nat King Cole

Christmas song is the best and most charming celebration track today. You may wonder and ask yourself how it landed here but truth of all matters is having so many fanatics and is mostly played in and out of Christmas seasons. Only that during Christmas, rate is relatively high. Learn to have fun and celebrate Jesus with popular track Christmas song.

Above list comprises of best Christmas songs 2016. Some of them were written and recorded long time ago but are still good to during that time.