Top 10 New Canadian Songs

Top 10 new Canadian songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular Canadian songs list.

You must be a fan of music and for that you must have referred many international songs. The first of them is ofcourse4 the US songs, but the Canadian songs are perfect to be recalled. The songs are really attractive in terms of the lyrics and also in terms of the melody. There are many top songs of Canada and here the top 10 songs of the nation of the recent times. The songs are very much popular and they are top in the list of the most downloaded songs. Get through the list and check whether you heard all the songs. If you have not, just download it from the internet,

The list of the top 10 Canadian songs 2015-2016 are as follows:

Top New Canadian Songs List

1 Cheerleader- OMI has been one of the top names in the Canadian music and also in the world. The top thing about this song is the lyrics; however this song has been in the list for the record download of the files. The song has been one of the top downloads of this year and thus do not miss the lovely song.

2 See You Again- The song from the duet Khalifa and Charlie has been one of the top songs that you might have listened. It has been one of the songs that you can collect for the perfect entertainment. The song has been one of the top songs of the recent time.

3 Bad Blood- Taylor Swift has been a fantastic singer and this song has been one of the best among his creation. The song has been one of the best songs in his career too. Thus do not make a mistake to miss out this song, by any chance.

4. Uptown Funk!- This is a lovely song with outstanding lyrics. Mark & Bruno have been outstanding too in this song and it is worthy to be collected. The song has also been sensation in creating a market for itself. The song has been a perfect one and it has created a fan page on its name too.

5 Sugar- The lovely song from Maroon 5 has been one of the top songs of recent time. The song has beautiful video effects too and that is the key to make the song perfect in the market as well. You must not miss this song and thus download it now.

6 Kick The Dust Up- Luke Bryan has many good creations, but this one is the best among all of them. The song is having outstanding feats and thus it has been rated as one of the top songs of the recent time.

7 Renegades- X Ambassadors has been recorded as one of the top band from Canada, and this one is a lovely creation from their end. The song has been one of the top of the recent times and it is one of the best from the band too.

8 Ex’s & Oh’s- Here is another top song from Elle King. The king has been an outstanding performer in terms of the best song recorder and this song has performed sensationally in the market and among the fans. So miss it not. Collect it from the social networks and also collect the video of the song.

9 Girl Crush- Outstanding lyrics and feats have made the song from Little Big Town a big hit in the market. Most importantly the song is having the best video effect and that has made the song a perfect one in terms of the popularity.

10 B**** Better Have My Money- Rihanna cannot be missed out from any of the list. The song has been one of the top of recent times. It has been one of the top songs that have been downloaded the most. The superb song has been one that has been marketed in the field.

You can get the best songs of the Canadian singers from the site and can create a playlist for yourself. They are most important in the segment of music and lyrics. You can also get the best songs from the internet and can also get through the videos, that has been uploaded in some of the wide sites.

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