Top 10 New Bollywood Sad Songs

Top 10 new Bollywood sad songs for 2016, all time best most popular Bollywood sad songs list.

Songs in Bollywood the ones to make most of the fans go crazy. From the Indian streets to the marriage parties, these songs are played and enjoyed everywhere. The best parts of the song are the emotions. The Bollywood songs are the ones to have most of the markets in India.

The top 10 list of sad songs from world of Bollywood in 2016

Sad songs of Bollywood are the ones to make most of the market among the other ones. This is the list of the top 10 Bollywood sad songs 2016. Feel every bit of the below songs to realize the true pain of sad songs. The list as follows:

Top Bollywood Sad Songs 2016-2017 List

10. Khamoshiyan:

this song is from the movie ‘khmoshiyaan’. This song has been the most talked about ones among the Bollywood sad songs. The voice behind the song is of Arijit Singh. This list of the top 10 bollywood sad songs ends with this one.


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  1. This could be called a list of the best songs in a year 2015,but not new sad songs. These are all good songs I agree but they are old now. Please get an update.

  2. Judai is an awesome track by Arijit and rekha Bhardwaj. It is so soulful and touching that one can feel the sad emotion of the track

  3. I love khamosiyaan by Arijit. It is one heck of a song. It’s so silent and is perfect to listen when feeling lonely. His voice is magical though!

    • I love it too. His voice is seriously superb. What I feel is he is God gifted and he can make anyone to be his fans. I love his many other songs and I wish he keeps giving great songs all the time.

  4. Humnava is a brilliant song. The sadness just gets into one’s heart while listening. It’s very soulfully sung by papon. A great composition by jeet ganguli.

  5. I love it whenever I listen to Agar tum saath ho. I’ve like heard it thousands of times but I still love it. Alka Yagnik has lend her beautiful voice. Rehman as usual has done a great composition.

  6. Agar tum saath ho is one of the finest compositions by AR Rehman and it the best sad song in the recent times. It is just awesome song sung by Alka Yagnik and Arijit. The lyrics is also so damn good.

  7. The list needs to be bit bigger and bit more refined with all the slow sad songs in place. More curated, updated list would have been better I suppose. Bezubaan phir se, Khudha bhi, Teri meri kahani can be excluded I guess.

  8. Tu hai ki nahi is a very soulful and melodious sad song. The feeling of a boy is so well portrayed and very well sung by Ankit Tiwari. The initial whistling sound is also so good.

    • I love that song. The whistle is so good in the beginning and later ankit Tiwari just kills it. He is incredibly exceptional in sad songs.

  9. Humnava is not very popular song but it is just a brilliant composition by jeet ganguli. And every Mohit suri ‘s movie has great songs and so is this. Papon is an awesome singer. He too is less known when compared to arijit and ankit Tiwari. But I guess, papon from coke studio is a great singer. He is highly versatile and sings melody very soulfully.

  10. T͞͞h͞͞e͞͞s͞͞e͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞n͞͞g͞͞s͞͞ a͞͞r͞͞e͞͞ r͞͞e͞͞a͞͞l͞͞l͞͞y͞͞ a͞͞w͞͞e͞͞s͞͞o͞͞m͞͞e͞͞.. W͞͞h͞͞e͞͞n͞͞ i͞͞ b͞͞r͞͞o͞͞k͞͞e͞͞ u͞͞p͞͞ w͞͞i͞͞t͞͞h͞͞ m͞͞y͞͞ b͞͞a͞͞e͞͞ e͞͞v͞͞e͞͞n͞͞ i͞͞ u͞͞s͞͞e͞͞d͞͞ t͞͞o͞͞ l͞͞i͞͞s͞͞t͞͞e͞͞n͞͞ t͞͞o͞͞ s͞͞u͞͞c͞͞h͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞n͞͞g͞͞s͞͞.. B͞͞u͞͞t͞͞ t͞͞h͞͞e͞͞ w͞͞o͞͞r͞͞s͞͞e͞͞ p͞͞a͞͞r͞͞t͞͞ i͞͞s͞͞ t͞͞j͞͞e͞͞s͞͞e͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞n͞͞g͞͞s͞͞ n͞͞e͞͞v͞͞e͞͞r͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞n͞͞g͞͞s͞͞..i͞͞n͞͞s͞͞t͞͞e͞͞a͞͞d͞͞ i͞͞t͞͞ c͞͞r͞͞e͞͞a͞͞t͞͞e͞͞d͞͞ e͞͞v͞͞n͞͞ m͞͞o͞͞r͞͞e͞͞ d͞͞e͞͞p͞͞r͞͞e͞͞s͞͞s͞͞i͞͞o͞͞n͞͞.. T͞͞a͞͞t͞͞s͞͞ d͞͞ f͞͞u͞͞n͞͞n͞͞y͞͞ p͞͞a͞͞r͞͞t͞͞ t͞͞h͞͞o͞͞u͞͞g͞͞h͞͞!

  11. Khamosiyaan creates a silence in the soul and arijit’s voice keeps haunting. There is nothing like that man’s voice. He is a soulful singer. I love each of his songs.

  12. Agar tum saath ho from tamasha is the best sad song in the recent past. The voice of Alka Yagnik, Arijit Singh have come out so soulfully. I have played that song like 1000 times once I heard for the first time. It is such a brilliant composition by AR Rehman.

  13. Papon has the most attractive voice in bollywood. He is a better singer than Arijit also. Humnava describes the importance of the girl in his life and how he wants her back. Every line brings lot of feel into listeners mind. Since, it is a Mohit Suri film, he always gives great music like ashiqui 2 or ek villain.

  14. WTF do you think I am a slut I love rohan and I am just clearing things with him coz he is my life and this list so good that It reminded of him in everysong so you back off am not interested in anyone other than him

  15. oh damn you rohan how can yyou do that to your friend knwing that she is already hurt babe I am here for you can we be friends just respond I will be a true friend to you

  16. oohh I hate you rohan referring this list to me just for fun m crying right now you knew m going through rough time aahha oohhh I really hate you I will never forgive you for that

  17. Bezubaan amazing song soul touching song really soothing and makes me feel at piece real soft music and si ger did real justice to the song

  18. Nice list of recent times I am going to get all these songs for my friends who is going through a break up just to sympathise and have some fun also😂

  19. I love the list but 8 number should be down to 10 and khamoshiyan should be on the top of the list coz I love that some the most and it deserves to be on the top

    • K͞͞h͞͞a͞͞m͞͞o͞͞s͞͞h͞͞i͞͞y͞͞a͞͞n͞͞ i͞͞s͞͞ n͞͞o͞͞t͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞ g͞͞o͞͞o͞͞d͞͞ a͞͞s͞͞ c͞͞o͞͞m͞͞p͞͞a͞͞r͞͞e͞͞d͞͞ t͞͞o͞͞ o͞͞t͞͞h͞͞e͞͞r͞͞ g͞͞o͞͞o͞͞d͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞n͞͞g͞͞s͞͞. I͞͞ m͞͞e͞͞a͞͞n͞͞ y͞͞e͞͞a͞͞ i͞͞t͞͞ h͞͞a͞͞s͞͞ a͞͞ g͞͞o͞͞o͞͞d͞͞ m͞͞e͞͞a͞͞n͞͞i͞͞n͞͞g͞͞ b͞͞i͞͞t͞͞ n͞͞o͞͞t͞͞ s͞͞o͞͞ h͞͞e͞͞a͞͞r͞͞t͞͞ t͞͞o͞͞u͞͞c͞͞h͞͞i͞͞n͞͞g͞͞ n͞͞ a͞͞l͞͞l͞͞. J͞͞u͞͞s͞͞ g͞͞o͞͞o͞͞d͞͞ t͞͞o͞͞ l͞͞i͞͞s͞͞t͞͞e͞͞n͞͞.

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