Top 10 Best Arabic Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Arabic Songs of All Time till 2017. For a song to be considered a top song it has qualify to be the best not only in the motherland of the singers but also all over the world by other people regardless. Music singers from all over the world have had their songs sang and listened to all over the world by different people who do not even recognize the singers in person.This has been the case for singers from the Middle East especially the Arabs whose song content and message has been a source of their fame all over the world.

Below is a list of the top ten best Arabian songs of all time which have been listened to by all people every time without stopping.

Arabic Songs Top 10 Best Arabic Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Arabic Songs of All Time till 2017

10. “El Donia Helwa” by Nancy Ajram

Starting our listing is this amazing Arabian song by one famous singer by the name Nancy Ajram. This song title when translated to English it means, “The world is Sweet”. This is an amazing song and even its video has received numerous viewers. What made this song very famous is the fact that it played in a commercial by Coca Cola. The lyrics in this song are all about moving on from a past that will affect your future in living the live you wanted and after moving on you should face the world with love.

9. “Dawwabony Aynee” by Ehab Tawfiq

Ehab is one of the famous Arabian singers who have produced many famous songs. This particular song is very famous due to the fact that even those persons who do not know how to speak Arabic listen to this song. In English, this song means His Eyes Melted Me, making a song that will definitely create the feeling of love to its listeners. Its lyrics are all about two people falling in love and the melody of the song is great to the ear.

8. “Hareb” by Kathem el Saher

El Saher is also one of the famous singers whose song content has been loved by many. This particular song when interpreted into English it means running away. This song is all about the wars in Iraq that happened for almost 20 year which led to numerous loses of families, loved ones and even property. It also led to destruction as shown in the video of the song. The person is trying to run away from this but every new day he wakes he always sees the faces of his lost family.

7. “Faris Odeh’ by Rim Banna

Faris Odeh is one of the songs that has been sang in memory of a young boy by the name Faris Odeh. The boy was 15 years of age and was killed by the Israeli soldiers. In this song there are scenes showing the grief that is felt by people in Lebanon. This is one of the best songs because it not only was an entertainment song but a song with a message of loss of lives at the hand of soldiers.

6. ”Tariq Al Nahal” by Fairuz

This is one of the best song from the Middle East simply because of the content in the song. When you interpret the title to English, it means the “The Path of the bee”. This song has been rated highly because of the emotions of sadness that it evokes in the heart of the listener. This song was composed so well that the people who do not hear Arabic listen to the song by reading the subtitle shown in the song video. This is one among the Top 10 Best Arabic Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. “Habibi Ya Nour El Ain” by Amr Diab

You can consider this as one of the best love song sung by Arabian singers. This song is quite amazing especially when you get to listen to the lyrics of the song. It is not one of the modern song as it was released in the year 1996. In English title of the song means light of my eye. The singer of this song is an Egyptian singer who is very famous as an Arabian pop star. This Arabian song is one of the best starting from the amazing lyrics to the well-shot video.

4. “Nassini El Donya by Ragheb Alama

Have you ever met you one and only who would make you forget about the world completely and take them as your world? This is the message that is delivered by Ragheb Alama in this amazing song. In English, the title of the song means Make Me Forget the World. The song is all about that love that is extraordinary that is found when you meet that one person that is perfect for you. The lyrics of this song are an amazing dedication that an Arab boy can dedicate to the girl of his dreams.

3. “Khalini Shoufak Billeil by Najwa Karam

When a song is sang people often consider the voice of the singer so much more than even the quality of the music video. Najwa Karam is one of the powerful voice when it comes to singing Arabian songs. This song title in English means “Let Me See You Tonight”. The content of the song is about a forbidden love that the two lovers can only see each other at night when no one else is seeing them. It is very popular in all Arabic Speaking countries because it has a message for all.

2. “Ana Mosh Kaafir” by Ziad Rahbani

This is one very popular Arabian song. In English the title of the song means I’m not a heathen or am not an unbeliever. This song is about the Lebanese wars that happened in the 1980’s. The main cause of the war was religious influence stirred into people fighting each other. This song was inspired by the words Kaafir that was a derogatory word especially during the civil wars. This is an amazing song.

1. “Quds Al Atika” by Fairuz

The best Arabian song of all time is a amazing well composed song that was sang by Fairuz. In English, this song means Old Jerusalem from Fairuz’s album called Jerusalem in My Heart produced in 1971. It is about how the Arabs settled in Jerusalem after Israeli defeated them. The song is definitely an amazing choice for many lovers of Arabian songs.

These are the top ten Arabic songs of all time till 2017 that every Arabic speaking individual should have on their playlist, as there are best in term of the message and the quality of the music.