Top 10 New Alternative Rock Songs

Top 10 new alternative rock songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular alternative rock songs list.

Rock songs are the life of every party and occasions, thus it is always necessary to pick the right alternative rock songs that fits in particular occasion. Dance lovers and people who are looking for new rock song can find the below list for their entertainment. These alternative rock songs are highly preferred at discos and parties, are the real stress busters, pour romance, and thrill in the life of everyone. Thus, the list of best rock songs will always ease the life of various listeners who are looking for a decent list of best rock songs.

List of top 10 new alternative rock songs 2015-2016:

Our experts have prepared a list of top and classy new alternative songs of the year 2015-2016 that have poured life to parties and celebrations. Thus, dance lovers can get a sensible romance in their life with the below provided alternative songs.

Top New Alternative Rock Songs List

1. Something From Nothing by Foo Fighters: – Something From Nothing is best rock songs of this year that is highly preferred for its versatility usage. It is a suitable song for enjoying a sensible dance at dance floor along with thrilling entertainment in loneliness. This, it is an amazing alternative rock track by Foo Fighters.

2. Cigarette Daydreams by Cage The Elephant: – Cigarette Daydreams is second in this list however; it does not mean that is less popular and best song than the above. It is a decent rock song that is entertaining large number of population of entre world. It is an amazing alternative rock song by Cage The Elephant group and its fans are increasing every day.

3. Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon: – Shut Up And Dance is again a trendy alternative song by Walk The Moon group that is gaining trendy in this year.

4. Lampshades On Fire by Modest Mouse: – Lampshades On Fire is now a trendy song that can compel listeners to listen its frequently and show their dance skills on dance floor. Thus, this beautiful song by Modest Mouse is an amazing song that is known for its amazing music, lyrics and rhythm that shakes the feet of every listener.

5. Believe by Mumford & Sons: – This song is a decent alternative rock song by Mumford & Sons and is a popular song of the year. This track is entertaining its people and is loved by them for gaining real thrill and pleasure at dance floor and in various parties.

6. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) by Awolnation: – Hollow Moon is a trilling rock song that is the beauty of various bars, discos and dance floors. Parties are never complete without this song, as its music and lyrics generate energy in the hearts of listeners and makes them dance for some time.

7. Dead Inside by Muse: – Dead Inside is a beautiful and shaking alternative rock song of the year 2015-2016 by Muse. It is now almost popular songs in this rock segment and we assure that a party, other celebration is never complete without dance, and this track will shake the feet of listeners. Thus, a motivational and rocking song will pour life to a celebration.

8. Renegades by X Ambassadors: – Renegades have increased the beauty of this list, as it is the best rock song so far by X Ambassadors. A new rock song that everyone should once try at various parties, people will never forget the charm of that particular time in their entire life.

9. Budapest by George Ezra: – This modern rock song is listed in the top 10 alternative rock songs of the year. it is a rocking song by George Ezra and is now most favorable and pleasing rock song of this year.

10. Centuries by Fall Out Boy: – Centuries is a decent song on this list, as it is never too late to enjoy this song, as it is a modern rocky song of the year and people will never lose their craze in this track. This song reflects the best music and lyrics that will be new in this song segment.

Therefore, people who are looking for the best modern rock song, then above is the best list prepared so far of the alternative rock songs of this year that have made people their fans and are inseparable part of life.


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  1. Cigarette daydreams is my favourite song , I frequently listen to this song the lyrics love the location and everything about this song

  2. According to me, Lampshades on fire is certainly the best among the list. After taking a good look at the list, I listened to all the songs and came to the conclusion that these songs have something special about them. Really good compilation. Nice job man! Peace!

  3. Lampshades on fire is certainly the best among the list. I listened to all of them after seeing the list. Good compilation work.

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