Top 10 New Upcoming Tamil Movies

Top 10 new upcoming Tamil movies in 2015-2016, all time best Tamil movies list.

The Tamil movie industry is one of the biggest movie industry of India, that’s why a Thousand of hit movie is made in this industry every year. According to the recent survey, 2015 is considered as the profitable year for world movie industry,

Top 10 new upcoming Tamil movies 2015-2016

Here is the list of best upcoming movies of Tamil, by which you can get some brief idea about these movies

1. Avalukkenna Alagiyamugam – Expected released date- 7 august, 2015 – Directed by Vikky Adithya, Avalukkenna Alagiyamugam is recognized as a one of the best Tamil movie of 2015 where the audience can achieve a beautiful story line. Avalukkenna Alagiyamugam is as interesting as an audience want. The director assures that the story can make the movie must watch.

2. Rajini Murugan – Expected released date- August 14, 2015 – Rajini Murugan which is directed by Ponram is considered as the best Tamil movie of 2015. After watching this movie you can find a great story line. Starred by the Siva Karthikeyan, Sri Divya, Rajini Murugan is one of the best action pack movie in Tamil.

Rajini Murugan, New upcoming Tamil Movies

3. Night show: – Expected released date- August, 2015 – Directed by the famous director Anthony and produced by Ai Vijay, this is also considered as one of the best movie of Tamil. This movie is based on a Political background and action. Night show is starred by Satya Raj and Yugi Sathu, both are famous actor of Tamil film.

4. 24: – Expected released date- September, 2015 – Directed by Vikram Kumar, Masterminds behind one of the best upcoming Tamil movie of 2015, “24”. This movie has a great storyline, so that director assure that it will be attract huge number of audience and maybe it will be turned in to the best tamil movie of 2015.

5. Paayam Puli: – Expected released date- September 4, 2015 – Released on September 4, 2015, Paayam Puli can take top position in this list with excellent, interesting story line. Starred by most promising Tamil actor Vishal Krishna and beautiful actress Kajal Agarwal, this is an action packed movie. According to critics, this movie, which is directed by the renowned director Vishnuvardhan, may be numerous big Indian Award

6. Puli: – Expected released date- September 17, 2015 – Released on September 17, 2015 this will be also a great Tamil movie, based on Epic. Due to its excellent story line, this can attract a huge number of audiences. According to the critic, this will be the one of the best Tamil movie of this year.

7. Endrathukulla – Expected released date- October 2, 2015 – Released on October 2, 2015, this is recognized as the most demanding upcoming Tamil movies of 2015. The storyline of this movie is great and also interesting. According to director version, the movie is starred by most promising Tamil hero ’Vikram’, who is also hit hero of tamil, which can make this movie most watch.

8. Kaan- – Expected release date- 2016 – Directed by Selvaraghavan will be released on 2016. This is an action packed movie, which has a great storyline, that’s why it is considered that this movie will be the one of the best Tamil movie of 2016. The main theme is how his fight against the evil to protect the people of his town. The movie is starred by Silambarasan Rajendra, Catherine Tresa

9. Gethu: – Expected released date- 2016 – Gethu which is started by renowned actor Tamil movie Haris Jayaraj will be ready to back in 2016. It is the director’s promise that the movie will be the best Tamil movie of this year. This is an action packed movie and also have an interesting storyline.

10. Thoogavanam: – Expected released date-2016 – Thoogavanam is considered as the other best upcoming Tamil movie of 2016 is directed by Rajesh Selvam. Produced by Rajkamal films this is actually an action based movie. It has also an interesting story line, where you can enjoy great acting skill of renowned actor Kamal Hasan…

These all upcoming movies are considered as the best Tamil movie in this year. According to the critic these all movie will gain numerous award. All of them have the great story line and also directed by the renowned Tamil director and also starred by famous actor and actress.