Top 10 Best Trance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Trance Songs of All Time till 2017. Trance is a great music form that evolved out of the electronic music scene in Europe. In case you didn’t know, trance music is a slow and hypnotic musical form that plays a lot of repetitive beats. This music form also uses melodies and/or vocals that are mesmerizing. Here is a list of the top 10 best trance songs to have ever been made.

Top 10 Best Trance Songs of All Time 2017

List of Top 10 Best Trance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. BT: Flaming June

BT released Flaming June in 1997 and it is now considered a Trance music classic. This song has always been a reference point for Trance music lovers everywhere. When the song is played many Trance music lovers think of this song as an anthem. It is a great musical masterpiece that continues to be an important part of the world of Trance music.

9. Gouryella: Gouryella

Ferry Corsten and Tiesto are the members of Gouryella and these highly rated DJs know music. When they released Gouryella they knew that had a Trance song hit on their hand. This song took off in the charts and all over Europe when it was released. Gouryella is a just a great Trance piece that will continue to inspire since it is such a great musical piece.

8. Agnelli & Nelson: El Nino

El Nino is an uptempo Trance groove that will make a person get up and get going. This song will drive people right out of their seat and over to the dance floor. The beat is soothing but hard to ignore. Agnelli & Nelson both made this song into a great tune for Trance lover ears. This song is a great tunethat will probably continue to entertain well into the future.

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7. Paul Van Dyk: Binary Finary

Binary Finary by Paul Van Dyk rocked the Trance music world for years. This song was put out in 1998 and it was played everywhere. Even though this song was no longer popular it still continues to entertain people today. Most Trance music listeners consider it to be one of the best of all time for this genre. Binary Finary is another Trance music masterpiece.

6. Energy 52: Café Del Mar

Energy 52 created the trance song Café Del Mar a couple of decades back but this song continues to find its way to modern Trance audiences. The song has been included in films and has been rated the best tunes in the history of Trance music is truly a good piece that keeps going without being slowed down by time. Café Del Mar is a great song.

5. Rank1: Airwave

Airwave is a Trance song classic. It has been played for many years since its initial release back in the 90s. This song is a huge seller and it has wormed its way into the Trance music Hall of Fame. When Rank1 created this song they probably did not think it would have this much influence. However, the song has been continuously hook new fans each year. This is one of the Top 10 Best Trance Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Chicane: Saltwater

Chicane’s Saltwater trance song is so popular that it can be heard everywhere all throughout the country. It is often heard on television commercials and in advertisements. This is a trance song that will continue to be popular for many years into the future. Saltwater is just one of those songs that has entered into mainstream society.

3. Veracocha: Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche was a great Trance song that still continues audiences today. This song was put out in 1999 by Veracocha. This is a Dutch duo that consist of Vincent de Moor and Ferry Corsten. The group made this song into a great masterpiece that will not easily be forgotten. This Trance song has withstood the test of time and can actually be placed in the Trance music Hall of Fame.

2. Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan: Silence

Sara CLachlan is a popular singer who has been entertaining for years. She hooked up with Delerium during the early 2000s to create Silence. Both of these music powerhouses took Tiesto’s song “In Search of the Sunrise) and mixed it up into a spectacular musical masterpiece for a person’s ears. This song is really attention grabbing and it can make people feel like they are living in the 2000s are here again.

1. Paul Van Dyk: For An Angel

Paul Van Dyk’s song For an Angel is a trance song that has the ability to hypnotize people and suck them into the tempo and melody. This song was released way back in 1998 but it still captured the hearts and mind of trance music lovers everywhere. This song is such a hypnotic piece that it literally can help people to forget about their worries or concerns while they listen to it. This song is considered the best trance track to ever been made.

Trance songs are soothing and relaxing. They just help people to chill out after a hard day of work or a good night of partying. These top notch trance songs can help people to stay loose and not be so uptight.