Top 10 New Trance Songs

Top 10 new trance songs for 2016, all time best most popular Trance songs list.

Music is a mode of entertainment which is cherished by many in this earth now days. It can also be said a mode of relaxation too. Music is practiced by many in this earth. Most of us are bathroom singers though but we have seen many talented musicians creating masterpieces for years. Music is also practiced in many physical and mental exercises. It has the power to heal the mental state of a person. Music has no limits.

There are certain forms of music which has widely made its significance in the earth. There is a trend of mixing different forms into a single track, they are basically known as fusion music. Music can be presented in many ways keeping in mind that the piece should be ear soothing. Among all the genres in the world in present times, Trance Music has made a huge mark among the listeners

Top new Trance songs list 2016 and 2017

The top 10 list of some amazing trance songs 2016

Trance music is an electro dance genre which was introduced t the world by Germany in the mid of 1990s. Trance is basically a method to hypnotize and in this form of music different kinds of layers are added to make an impact of sound. This music as already made its mark among the listeners all over the world. This is a list of the top 10 trance music in 2016. The list is as follows:

10. The Oracle:

This song is a gift to the trance world by Darren Porter. The list of the top 10 trance song ends with this song.


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  1. I love trance …n this list of trance had made me crazy …great list with some really awesome song ..u could get high and enjoy the every psych of it ..awesome

  2. What was this?? I mean it’s insane …I am spitchless right now …I heard these for the first time…n I really liked it.. y I got soo late to hear these songs …great music Beats were awesome

  3. Ohh awesome tracks…Maza aa gya ..full on adrenaline rush…the songs itself will make you genre utna popular to ni h …but for those Jo sunte h …it’s really a pumping sort off

  4. Ohh great these trance really makes me feel high …the Beats and notes are superb …gives goosebumps everytime I listen to these songs…perfect songs to get high …specially the armin Van one….

  5. These songs are truly amazing ..its addictive ..I listen to these songs when I get high..specially the composition of Armin van is super…the high notes makes u crazy

  6. Wow. These trans songs seriously make me feel like getting high. I do listen to them whenever i get high. I also listen to manali trans. do hear it. One of my favourites. These songs have something special in them that makes me feel very light!

  7. All or nothing gold is a beautiful song. It is sung by ben gold. He is one of my favorite singer. He has the best voice. I am a great fan of him and his songs.

  8. blood Moon is an American hip hop
    recording artist The Game . its beats are really mindblowing. Its high tempo and and rythm makes the song blockbuster. The love i have for this song is everlasting!

  9. Hystereo really deserves the topmost position in this list. I just love listening to it. It has the best music ever. I am a great fan of armin van buuren. His songs, intensr, in and out of love, waiting for night are his few best songs.

  10. Cosmic gate, eric lu songs are always the mindblowing ones. Falling back is one of their hit trance among their albums. Eric li is one of the best chinease american classical pianist. His composes are really awesome.

  11. Darren Porter – The oracle trans is a bloody fantastic song! It is a nice tune track by porter. Those lyrics are just amazing. Among my trans collection this is the best one. I just love this track and wish to have it in my favorite list always.

  12. These aren’t new but thanks that you have a unique list. It is hard to find any info about this genre of songs. I love Hystereo of them all. It is so catchy and impressive.

  13. This is a unique list.. Very difficult to find. But all these are not new. Actually all these are pretty old and please update with new songs.

  14. Wait, what? All or Nothing isn’t sung by Ben Gold, that’s Christina Novellis’ vocals. This list is more a pish-pot mash-up of fairly average trance tunes with a few exceptions. Hystereo was a 2014 release so how did it even get on this list as a ‘new’ trance track? Idiots.

  15. Thanks! A great list this. A perfect weekend party partners are these songs. This genre is so good and not everywhere we can find such a song.

  16. Hahaha!
    Love them all. It’s not a popular genre but for those who hear one Wil get addicted to the trance songs. Perfect for any parties to rock!

  17. That composition of Armin Van bureen, Hystereo is an awesome trance song. The beats, tempo is all perfect about it. It gives me goosebumps everytime and is perfect for a party. I still remember when it made news as chart buster.

  18. Hystereo taking the top spot much deserved for this track ssuch a powerful track makes chill go down my skin and make me go crazy adreline pumping bang bang

  19. yeah I am loving doing head banging oh yeah so amzing tracks it like am having a party yeah love it comeon guys drinks on the house hahaha

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