Top 10 Best Techno Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Techno Songs of All Time till 2017. Techno tracks are songs used by people during a certain celebration or party when people are mostly engaged in dancing, eating good meals, performing and even drinking favorite drinks. These tracks are featured by their beats, instruments and slightly vocals. To help you on what to play on your party, we are going to feature top 10 best of these hits.

Techno Song Top 10 Best Techno Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Techno Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Three O’ Three by Public Energy

This is just a simple track that not many people truly admire it. Only music conscious people are able to tell uniqueness in Public Energy’s composition. Three O’ three is regarded as a techno song due to various characteristics such as great bass line, double kick from a powerful drum set and well organized vocals that rock it all. Public energy band refers it as simple but crazy. This song is recommended to be played mostly at night in royal parties.

Three O’ three has really proved to be a base for new style in 21st century generation.

9. War Zone by Terrace

War Zone is an Italian techno song released by Terrace on 1st April, 1990. This beat track was first produced as an electronic genre in Italy by Motor City Mix. Three other formats followed from there but did not hit as Motor City Mix. Several positive reviews have been dropped on war zone’s website due to its amazing characteristics and quality features as well.

Terrace made a recognizable work as War zone is regarded as more than just a track but a class one recommended for dances and party grounds.

8. LaReal Part 1 by Surgeon

Surgeon’s real names are Anthony Child. LaReal Part 1 is just part of his excellent work that not many people under this universe are able to do. This young and fascinating boy started his Career by playing drum sets at a local club during live concerts. After learning well of it, he left and started a band of himself that has turned very successful to date. LaReal Part is a part of his fantastic work. There are more to tell of him. Unique beats and great sound effect are always heard when LaReal part 1 is playing. LaReal part 2 is more than you can imagine as it’s far from common techno tracks.

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7. Science Fiction by Carl Craig

Carl hails from Detroit’s second class family and recognized for producing or releasing Electronic Genre music. Many party occasions have been calling him to perform Science Fiction as a live concert performance. This is how fame dropped on him. Since 1990’s when Fiction was released, several other mixes have been produced by popular and successful artists as well as dancers. Carl got inspirations from Jazz and Soul moving him to do his own compositions of Techno music.

6. Captive by Steve Stoll

This is one among the most famous Techno songs ever until 2017. Captive was first produced by Steve Stoll also called acid farm or Ausgang. This young man hails from New York and best known for his excellent work in producing Captive on 31st December, 1997. His tracks are regarded as proper, fresh and raw techno hits. Due to his DJ personality, Stoll is always invited to perform live occasions using his own compositions. Some other parties allow him to do other artist’s tracks or mixing them with his. Good thing is that the solution is great and fine.

5. Museum by Robert Hood

Museum is a song by Robert Hood, an amazing American DJ and Music producer. Hood is popularly known as founder of Techno hits because of much tireless efforts in producing quality music Genres. There are many interesting techno compositions from Robert but let us feature Museum which is greatly recognized by a long line of fans. This track was released on 1st May, 2010 from Hood’s own album known as Minimal nation. Being a professional DJ, Robert is capable of turning a boring party into a joyous one by use of techno hits. No wonder, he is the recipient of many awards and nominations for great work done.

4. F.U. by Fuse

F.U. is a great techno track produced by an American DJ and songwriter Fuse. This popular star used to be a singer several Years ago before quitting and Joining DJ club industry his work was mixing songs only and sometime doing live performance. Each and every year there fuse attends more than 100 thousand parties and dance occasions. His dream while singing was to gain fame. So far, he has acquired a lot of it. Plan to have Fuse’s great techno hit on your great day and you will never be disappointed at all.

3. Energy flash by Joey Beltram

This is an American Techno track from most popular DJ called Joey Beltram. Joey is still known around for producing a good track recognized by many clubs and dance hall worldwide. Energy Flash was released on 23rd January, 1990 at a live performance conducted in Mexico City and attended by thousands of people on that particular day.

Energy was released several years ago but still hits grounds of current generation. It is so amazing.

2. Meson by Sleeparchive

It will take a vocalist, instrumentalist and music conscious person to observe uniqueness in this track. Meson song plays at minimal temperature heat of 128 bpm. Not so many people have heard of but placed in 2nd position due to its qualities. Our list could not have been complete without featuring this powerful and pure techno track that works to give people real music experience for a single night.

1. Tunnel by Richie Hawtin

Tunnel techno song by Ritchie Hawtin is also contributing to this list by landing in first position. Work done by Hawtin is awesome leading to high market demand of DVDs containing this track. Ritchie is recognizable by many big clubs globally for his fantastic live performances.

These are the Top 10 Best Techno Songs of 2017. In several party occasions, techno music is always required and meant to bring a difference from common parties. Others are played in big clubs and some used by talented dancers in portions of movie films.