Top 10 New Techno Songs

Top 10 new techno songs for 2016, all time best most popular Techno Songs list.

People who are fond of parties and love to enjoy thrilling and dance music, then these techno songs are the best one that can pour life to parties and days. We have prepared a list of some of the best techno songs that are popular in the year 2016.

List of top 10 new techno songs 2016:

Below is the list of some of the best techno songs that have remained super hit of the year. They are preferred songs for parties and other entertainment.

Top New Techno Songs 2016 2017

10. Systematic Addict by Jaceo & Trent Cantrelle: –

Systematic Addict is another techno song that is released on Toolroom by Jaceo & Trent Cantrelle. This classy track song is highly preferred for parties and dance.


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  1. Cornelier deserved to be in the top spot. I like that song a lot. For all those who don’t know about the genre, I wish they check out this list and listen to these.

    • That’s true. It’s a great list for all those who don’t know what is techno songs is all about. Basically I am a dancer and I want such music to get animations in dance. It is very helpful.

  2. I love magentik of all these 10.its a great list. Very rare to find and the songs have been ranked very well. I didn’t know few songs too. And now I can download those. Thanks

  3. I guess new vision is the best in this list. It should go to the top place. Seriously it just pumps ke up. It has been greatly composed.

  4. Back to Belmont is very much familiar to me. It’s a one crazy, trippy kind of track. Best suited for animated dance forms. So well sounding song is that by Tim weeks.

  5. Magnetik and systemik are perfect pieces of Techno or electronic music. The jazz, tempo are so good and it keeps haunting in the mind. The feet taps on its own for the beats and other songs are also good I think.

  6. Systemic Addickt is an awesome techno composition and all the other songs are also very good. It’s a great list and kudos to the author.

  7. I recommend this list. A well curated techno songs list is here. Can check out. These feel like a genetically modified pop music. It gives a nice time to just tap feet and relax.

  8. Slound and klevin ‘s Magnetik is awesome. The bass and the beats make a party cracking. The jazz is trippy with the Magnetik track. They both are gaining a huge popularity and their tracks are getting into the party houses.

  9. Very nice tracks love the psychedelic feel in the songs very very good for those who don’t have time for searching music all day, n those who don’t have much knowledge of this genre

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