Top 10 New Tamil Songs

Key factors about the top 10 new Tamil songs 2017, all time best most popular Tamil Songs list.

India is the land of culture and every part of India is famous for its own ethnicity. This involves music and dance. All the casts in India have their own tradition in music and dance. In the Bollywood film industry, we can observe a huge presence of hindi version of Tamil songs. Tamil Songs are comprised of classical and contemporary style and such features have made Tamil songs extremely popular.

List of Top 10 new Tamil songs 2017

If any music lover is interested to listen Tamil Songs, then he or she should look at the list of Top 10 new Tamil songs 2017 which are going to be extremely popular in recent days.

Top New Tamil Songs 2016-2017 List

10. Neeyae:

This is one of the most beautiful song from the Tamil movie Pugazh. the famous Manimaran has directed the movie and music is given by vivek-Mervin. The song Neeyae is sung beautifully by Vivek siva and Mervin Solomon.


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  1. Don’u Don’u Don’u is one of the amaginglly done composition in the movie Maari. Exellent work done with this songs lyrics and music by its composers. Awesomlly sung by the singer i just loved it.

  2. I love that song don’u don ‘ don’ u in this list from the movie of dhanush. I am all time Dhanush’s fan .He was just fabulous in this movie. He has great singing skills too. Kolaveri d song is blockbuster song from him. He is just awesome with his all skill.

  3. i cant understand the lyrics a bit but the music is given by the a.r rehman is admirable it just took me to a another world carry on sir not just i but your all fan are looking forwrd to it

  4. Haha I didn’t understood a single bit of the lyrics ….Pr music sahi laga boss ..a.r Rehman ji ki to music jhat se pakar m aa jati h…loved Rehman ji music …gaane ka to pata ni pr music achhi thi

  5. Yaar Tamil gaane to sunta ni hu…but this time I listened to some songs…gaane to smjh ni aaya Pr music sunn Kr maza aa gya …kya baat h …keep up Ur work n updates us like this everytime

  6. Oh I loved the whole tracks listed in the list ….they so soulfull …n if u get to hear a.r Rehman sir music …then u will get a inner piece …his composition are so cool n soothing …jus love him hear again n again

  7. The songs are really soulfull…I love hearing to ar Rehman ..nice list of songs …the tracks are really gud wid nice lyrics..liked the list alot

  8. The south indian songs are realy cute and have a slightly different taste. The raagas are very delicate, which is what i like about them very much. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics much, but the music in itself is very charming. I loved all of them!

  9. The song Kaara aattakkaara from O Kadhai kanmanu is one of my favourites, guys. Thanks for putting it on your list! I love A.R. Rahman and his music.

  10. I love songs from Maari and OK Kanmani. They both have mixture of several feelings in their songs so it is always great to listen to them. I like Aye Sinamika and Mental manadhil and Maari thara local songs of all these.

  11. Don’u don’u don’u song from maari, has the funkiest lyrics. I just love this song. The track is also good. However dhanush is my favorite actor in tamil, so i can never say no to his song.

  12. These are all way old for the title new tamil songs. Maybe do an yearly list for songs. Because it’ll be easier than updating over and over.

  13. Hey! This is an amazing song list.. Love all these tracks.. Specially of maari and oh kadhal kanmani.. But it has bcum old now.. Please update the new ones soon.

  14. Yeah ok kanmani has the best songs.. Mental manadhil is one of my all time fav track. The pair in the movie is too good! I just love them.. And yea.. Am in luv with dulquer!

  15. These are not very new songs though. Try to update the list as soon. It is a good list with the good songs previously. But I love that OK Kanmani songs.

  16. AR Rehman has no match in the world. Ge us the best and he is the maestro in music. So called Indian Mozart, he has given a lot of contributions to Indian music. His compositions are magical.

    • I love his compositions. He is a legend in Indian Film music. He had taken the name of the nation to international Heights. These compositions by him are the epic ones and are remembered forever

    • He is one of the finest musicians the world has ever seen. He is a magician with tunes. He gives some of the soulful melodies one can verify listen to in a life time. I admire him hell loads.

  17. Maari songs are so catchy and trendy. The music composition is very good. The movie was a comedy one and the songs were good too. Dhanush rocked in the movie.

  18. Mental Manadhil is one heck of a song! AR Rehman is a magical composer and he’s shown it again it OK Kanmani. Very well sung too. The songs shows the youth’s life and thoughts and it was a great film too.

  19. For me eeya yen kottikkara is the best of this list. The slow, melody is the stand out about this. In the awesome movie of Kamal sir, it was a great song. The songs portrays love, hope, happiness and is a very fine track.

  20. Kaara aatakkaara song is another classic one from the movie OK kanmani. AR Rehman has showed his talent in this movie. Every song in the movie is awesome. It’s youthful and catchy. He is a True legend.

  21. Songs from mari are so good. They have very catchy tracks and lyrics for a comedy movie. Dhanush has done very well in the movie.

  22. Aye Sinamika and Mental Manadhil from OK Kanmani are awesome songs. AR Rehman has composed very well in this movie.

    • The Ok kanmani movie had some exceptional songs and background scores by Rehman Sir. Mental Manadhil by Jonita Gandhi is very haunting and kick Ass. I love that track.

  23. Like a like my laila singin it Yeah haha wow amazing song n amazing new kind of lyrical video like the way they put it together

  24. Nice list so many amazing songs just love it never heard a lot of songs in the list and they are great really like it

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