Top 10 New Tamil Love Songs

Essential factors about the top 10 new Tamil love songs 2017, all time best most popular Tamil Love Songs list.

The Indian film industry is rich with the presence of melodious songs and heart touchy lyrics. Not only Bollywood, but also in different regional movies too, we find that music is always composed with mind blowing lyrics. Especially, in romantic songs, we can find some awesome lyrics composed by great lyricists. Like other regional movies in Tamil too, love songs are composed with some great music and lyrics.

List of Top 10 new Tamil love songs 2017

There are many Tamil movies which have become super hit not only because of the great story but also we can find some great music in these movies. If any music lover is fond of listening to Tamil love songs then the list of top 10 new Tamil love songs 2016 can help a lot.

Top New Tamil Love Songs 2016 2017 List

10. Anjali Anjali Pushpanjali:

This is another awesome romantic song which is composed by Vairamuthu. The lyrics are extremely heart touchy and have been performed nicely by S.P Balasubhramaniyum. This is from the great romantic Tamil movie Duet. K Balchandran directed the movie and music was composed by A.R Rahman. Prabhu and Meenakshi Sheshadri were in the lead roles of this movie.


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  1. New tamil love songs really? You could have made evergreen tamil love songs and this could have been a OK kind of list. Please be careful.

  2. Dude. I guess this list has gotten pretty old now.
    Please try and update. There are some fantastic songs up and people are going crazy about those.

  3. For me kanave kanave is the best among these songs. It has got a beautiful and meaningful track which everyone will love ro listen.

    • Yeah. It is a great song. The romantic feel is carried all through the song and soothes ones ears. A great composition and very well sung too.

  4. Munbe va is like woow factor song. Its like once i start listening to that song i feel like listening it over n over.. And yes i feel really good if i listen to it.. Thanks to A R Rehman!

  5. Hariharan’s uyire Uyire is pretty old song but I think it is the best in this list. It is so romantic and the love, life has been expressed so well. Rehman has proved that he is a genius with this song.

  6. This is a good list but the songs are very old. If you update the list it will be good. More new movies have come and the songs are very good also

  7. AR rahman is a genius! The way he composes is mesmerizing. His tunes are catchy to the soul and are trademark kind of to his name
    Only he can do such songs. I see his songs dominating in this list.

  8. These aren’t new though.
    But they are few of the best love songs in Tamil. Be careful while naming your articles.

  9. Munbe VA! Omg! A beautiful track by Rehman Sir. The feel and melody in the song is so good that I feel lost listening to it. Wonderful tube and scores are given in this song.

  10. Anbe anbe song in darling is so my romantic I love that song because when I hear it i used to sung the song

  11. I live uyire Uyire. Not only in Tamil, the song was remade in other languages too. The tune is very good and hariharan sang very well. The tune is energetic and good tempo too.

  12. Munbe VA is a very melodious romantic song. Composed by the maestro AR Rehman Sir, it is an evergreen song. The freshness of the song won’t fade away even after decades. I love that song for the music and the lyrics.

  13. Uyire Uyire is an evergreen song. The tune is just brilliant and for the great movie, the music was also great. The song is very well sung and lyrics is great too.

  14. Ennalave aadi is a great composition by AR Rehman. The lyrics is equally good and the melody is exceptional. It is a huge hit at the time.

  15. I heard Munbe VA recently by Vidya. Later I searched for the original song and I loved it. AR Rehman is such a great composer. All other songs in the list are also very good.

  16. Really romantic songs love the music real heart touching and heart warming. Hariharan really sung it awesomely for the No. 1 song Nenjjukkul just love it real nice

  17. Love the song from Bombay Movie Uyire Uyire heard the hindi version of that but never heard the Tamil version but it’s quite amazing I don’t know tamil but can relate to it quite nicely amazing song

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