Top 10 New Summer Songs

Top 10 new summer songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular Summer songs list.

Summer songs are the ones which are played in order to refresh and rejuvenate the mood all the more. The perfect season of summer is to go and visit the beaches in order to create a fantastic chemistry with your family and of course your partner. Apart from this, the most important treasure that makes you feel superb is being together in a cozy and supreme ambiance with your loved ones. The enjoyment and the merriment multiply when you get charm of unique and excellent place just to celebrate with awesome summer songs from the latest list of the top 10.

List of new summer songs of 2015-2016

Here we are with the collection of the latest and the top 10 new summer songs especially dedicated for the summer season. These are collections of voluminous beat with wonderful wordings to attract the listeners to its charming experience.

The list of the top 10 new summer songs is as follows:

Top New Summer Songs List

1. Sam Bruno Search Party: This is one of the best and the best summer song of the year 2015. Listeners have marked this song at the top as they feel connected to each other when the lyric plays its charm over them.

2. Elliphant Love Me Badder: Following the triumph of the latest trend of music, it has been found that this song has also been the best enigmatic Swede of the year 2015. Not only this, Elliphant drops an electro dance grenade in just any time. The charming melody rocks the floor and lightens up the summer holidays for a while.

3. Jason Derulo Get Ugly: the charming melody with its extremely impressive song texture makes you feel that you have completely entered the song through the lyrics and the amazing piece of music which no one can ignore. Jason flicks up his best impression through this song.

4. Zella Day, High: this is one of the most amazingly prepared summer songs of the year 2015-2016. The list would have been left incomplete if this song wasn’t in the list here. The message through the song impeccably has painted the picture which has been delivered to the audience.

5. Holy Child, Money All Around: this song has blended to be one of the perfect blends in the world of music and its industry. This is regarded as the best pop albums with magnetic hooks and a texture filled with nostalgia and the pop up video visuals.

6. Bea Miller, Force of Nature: The name itself suggests how perfect and superb this song can be. Bea Miller has wonderfully painted the emotions through this song making it stand among the top 10 list of the new summer songs of the year 2015.

7. Alessia Cara, Here: the latest song sung by Alessia makes the crowd all the more big and provides you with popularity all over the world. This song has managed to receive numerous positive and authentic supports of the people all over the world of music lovers. The critics even have remarked this song to be ranking among the top 10 best songs of the summer season.

8. Hilary Duff, Sparks: The song welcomes the emotions of the singer in such a way so that the spark of the latest indication makes a comeback as top 10 new summer songs in the year 2015. The perfect lyrics of the song makes it ring in the hearts of million of the fans.

9. Adam Lambert, Ghost Town: This is one of the lead songs of Lambert. He is infact a slow grower of music with casual fans. The song marks the dazzling display of the American idol approved vocals. They are embraced upon the fifth and the sixth listening pattern. It has a value attached to its name.

10. Halsey, Hold Me Down: One of the best summer songs that capture the emotions of the singer with its unique and extra ordinary music essence. The excellent rhythm is also perfect in its own.

These are the songs which are making a great impact in the mind. They are drastic mood changers which gives the summer season a real charm on the whole. Thus stay tuned so that you can make an awesome summer all-round the globe. Stay tuned4 and stay connected.


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  1. Hold me down is an awesome composition of Halsey. Its music is just perfect . The beats and rythms if this song is really hearttouching ones. I just love this from the core of my heart.

  2. the song is about everyone who secretly hates parties.Musically it is an alternative R&B and indie pop song. The main body of the song is a flip of the musicality behind ” Glory Box ” by Portishead .

  3. “Sparks” is a dance-pop and synthpop song. it is a “bubbly slice” of Swedish dance-pop. The song’s instrumentation contains tribal elements, which according to Carolyn Menyes of Music News , gives it the “infectious dance-ability that could really only be found in 2015”.

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