Top 10 New Spanish Songs

Top 10 new Spanish songs 2016, all time best most popular Spanish Songs list.

Music has always been the most talked about modes of entertainment in this earth. Music is practiced by many from different parts of the world. Music is said to be the key to eternity. Music has no language barriers, it practiced by many from different parts of the world in various languages and forms. Some of the major forms music are leading the market these and have always been the most talked about ones among the listeners.

It is seen in the recent times that people are dealing with various types of music from all over the world. The basic concept behind music is something that should be ear soothing and thus the Spanish music are said to be one of the most stylish and sexiest forms of music. Spanish have always been the most loved music for the listeners.

The list of the top 10 Spanish songs 2016

Top New Spanish Songs 2016-2017

This is a list of the top 10 Spanish songs of this season. The list of the top 10 is as follows:

10. Yo Tambien:

This song has been the most talked about Romeo Santos Featuring Marc Anthony. This song is famous among the Spanish listeners for its awesome lyrics and powerful vocal support. This song holds the last position in this list of the top 10 Spanish songs.


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  1. Enrique Iglesias is my god of songs.
    I will be facinated by his songs everytime when i hear it.. he is like pop rock ..

  2. Eris mia is one of the best song ever..
    I thought it would be in the first position.
    And it has to be in the first position. The article is not that good.

  3. Hey!!! Thre are enormous amount of Spanish songs which are released presently. You must update this article.
    And most the songs are so bad…

  4. Mark antony is the best singer ever…
    I really appropriate his songs as they are very good. There are variety of his Spanish songs. I like them too..

  5. Oh dios mio!!!
    Beun articulo!! I feel so good seeing an article abot spainsh songs. But this article has to be updated.

  6. Omg!!
    I haven’t seen such a good article until now about spanish songs. Spain is my country and im proud of it.

  7. Romeo santos, my favourite singer, made me feel that im in hevean by song, eris mia. I really love that song. I alway listen to that song. And this is a very good article.

  8. Bull fight!!! As it is our, spanish people’s favourite game, songs are also our favourite thing. Its good job that you have done a very good job by creating a list.

  9. As always this website gives good articles like this. The article is really good. The songs here mentioned are really good. Here it includes melodies, raps etc..

  10. Yo tambien, my favourite song.. seeing this list, my heart feels for my mother tongue.. i just feel refreshed by hearing this song. And rest of the lis also too good.

  11. Not actually the new songs but these were the best songs. These seem to be well picked and can be updated with more recent songs included in the list.

  12. Ay vamos, yo tambein are just great songs. Actually the songs are ranked very well and it is a good list. All of them are good but those to songs are just the best.

    • I like them a lot too. It seems like they are so good to listen and it is a good list with best songs. Any non Spanish can also listen to them.

  13. I love romeo Santos. He is a brilliant artist. Love his songs and records. The list has many of his songs and that is quite great.

  14. Travesuras is a good song and my favorite of this list. It is a trendy Spanish track that is wonderful to hear. It is one of the present day classics and I want the list to be updated or a new list of about 20 songs will be good.

  15. Very useful list. Thanks a lot for this one. I had known only one song but these are very good songs I guess. It is helpful and very unique.

  16. My god It’s like Romeo Santos and Romeo and again Romeo I think this should be named romeo’s top ten list Haha he is so talented

  17. Ohh man Romeo Santos with Drake omg wow awesome what a track Industries finest putting it together so moved by the track I just love Drake he makes such cool tracks

  18. I love Marc Anthony and the song Yo Tambien so amazing Romeo did a real nice job I love the tune I feel like dance and swing on the tunes Haha love it, it makes my hear real happy

  19. Great list I really Spanish songs and this list is real help in finding the best of the best I really like the song 6 am by Farruko heard him for the first time and now he is one of my favourites thanks for putting up this list

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