Top 10 Best Spanish Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Spanish Songs of All Time till 2017. Spanish music touches people from all corners of the world. Their music brings good feeling and is always charming when listened to. As far as our site is concerned, many of these songs are examined today. Top 10 of those beautiful melodies are listed below beside track’s artist.

Spanish Songs Top 10 Best Spanish Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Spanish Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes by Paulina Rubio

This song was performed by one of most popular Spanish pop singer, Paulina Rubio on 10th November, 2009 and its remix released on 17th November, 2009. Paulina released Rosas as her ninth album called Gran City pop. Among her hit songs, Juguetes was second to be released as a single. Noel Schajris, Gianmarco Zignago and Claudia Brant are contributors in writing white Cachorro Lopez did production part of it. On 17th august, 2009, a Spanish radio announced Rosas as best second single in Spain.

Rosas has several promotion and winning awards.

9. Besame Mucho by Consuelo Velazquez

In simple English Besame Mucho means kiss me a lot. A popular song writer from Mexico called Consuelo Velazquez wrote Mucho in 1940 however most people came to recognize it lately in 1999 and currently is among most sang Latin compositions worldwide. Consuela herself confessed that she wrote it having yearned for a moment of kissing because she had never had before. Due to that reason fans considered it a sin. That is how downfall came. However, a Spanish Granados inspired her so much upon including Besame in a movie film, Aria of Nightingale that composed of operas of same name. Emilio Tuero and Lucho Gatiga were recorders who made Consuela’s composition famous among Spanish songs.

8. El Porompompero by Manolo Escobar

El Porompompero is a popular Spanish song written by Manuel Garcia Escobar (died on 24th October 2013 at 82 years of age) who did a lot of music in Spain until nickname singer Andalusian copla. Apart from singing he also did acting and live performance in many Television shows and musicals. Some of his famous songs include La minifalda (1969), y Viva Espana (2000), mi Carro (1969) and obviously El porompompero which take our subtitle today.

History behind this track is that most people gave positive reviews concerning him and as a result manolo called his own home El Porompompero, after his own composition name.

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7. Asturias by Patria Querida

People from Spain have nicknamed it as a national anthem because so many people from Asturias love it. You can describe it as an instrumental article especially because of guitar. Different versions of Austrias are written in Portuguese, polish and Italian. Spanish Caveman’s door has melodies of Querida’s track. People of Spain love this song with a lot of passion and always choose to vote at least to make it stand in a good position.

6. Romance Anonimo

It took so many years for researcher to come up with right answers of which owner of Romance is. There was confusion because some though South Americans were owners white others thought of Spain. Anonymous is part of song’s meaning while other part is just romantic. There is no clear record of when it was recorded only estimated to be between early 1897 to late 1901 in Madrid.

Romance Anonimo is a successful Spanish composition voted by many people at large.

5. Libertango by Astor Piazzolla

Introduction part of Libertango was written by Nuevo Tango a member of Latin Music Style influenced by Jazz Band. Astor Piazzolla was main writer who did her recording in 1954. Later in early 1960s, more than 500 million pieces were sold to several parts of this universe earning Astor more income and fame. Several other pieces are released and sold daily. Spanish music always advances in growth because Spanish people love their own music and culture. Almost all of Piazzolla’s tracks are dedicated to guitarist AL Di Meola and Cellist. This is one of the Top 10 Best Spanish Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Oye Como VA by Mambo and Tito Puente

Tito Puente (Latin Jazz Musician) and Mambo wrote and performed oye with a lot of passion in 1963. Having written so many articles in Abraxas album, mambo and his fellow went ahead advertising oye track in social media and with use of written material. Through that way many people got to discover Como’s sweetness hence being among best song of Spain. Popular Spanish artist also used mambo’s work as cover music in their own career.

Mambo and Tito are regarded successful because movie films use their own music bands to expresses certain emotions in portions of films.

3. Historia De UN Amor by Carlos Eleta Almaran

Spanish romantic songs are considered best, soothing and cool music. Historia De UN Amor is an example of Spanish romantic composition written and recorded by Carlos Eleta Almaran. However romantic, it’s kind of sorrowful because Almaran wrote it after losing a blood brother’s wife and made a vow to keep that memory. He narrates a story of how men are weak creatures without women and tend to suffer a lot in single lives. Historia has been heard in several television shows including a Mexican soup opera of 1956.

2. A Quien sera by Virginia Lopez

Popularly known as mambo, sera was released in 1953 by Virginia Lopez and gained a lot of fame within a short time. Dean Martin is titled in this track hence faster growth. Since production time, Virginia’s hit has been covered in numerous numbers of languages including Latin.
Real meaning of a Quien Sera is who will be.

1. Placido Domingo by Siboney

This makes to be our number one in Spanish best tracks and was written by composers from Cuba called Ernesto and Lecuona. Ever since it was manufactured, Placido has been a great inspirational in films like Cuban. Beautiful versions of Placido are available in all music stores or shops.

These are the Top 10 Best Spanish Songs of 2017. Spanish music is always amazing when played in most homes, films, live bands and other places. There are several artists who have been featured as best artists. Their songs make our subtitles above.