Top 10 New Sad Songs

Know the top 10 new sad songs for 2016, all time best most popular Sad songs list.

Sad songs are often more melodious than all the songs of all the genres. It is not a genre itself, but it becomes so popular that it is often regarded as a genre. This the general, which are downloaded the most and above all they are the songs that are liked the most and who last for a long time. Here is the list of the recently assessed popular sad songs, all of whom are little old, but while ranking has been made, it was found that, they are even more popular than the songs that are published this year. Here is the list of the top ten sad songs that are in the list, sorted out recently.

Top new Sad songs 2016 list

The top ten new sad songs of 2016

10. Cruel summer-

Ace of base has many wonderful beats, but among the sad tunes , this one is the best. You cannot complete the list of the top 10 sad beats, by missing out this particular one.


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  1. rubbish link shit shit totaly shit ,i am searching for sad song ,google shown me its link top 10 sad song at top 101 new but in actual there nothing like this (sad song)

  2. My heart will go is like a mood killer. If once you hear that song you will be in a mesmerized state for a while…

  3. Broken string made me cry for days. According to me this is the best song ever. Nobody can write a song or sing a song like this. It made me to remember every sad insidents of mine.

  4. You know like sad songs at times give you happiness while listening, but at times when you are low they bring all the tears off you. But, they are better than happy songs.

    • That’s the best thing about sad songs. They can either make you forget everything or remember everything. Sad songs soothe a broken heart too. But, too much sentimental makes a man go insane I guess. I liked this list

  5. Jar of hearts is a truly touching song. It is so well sung and that song made me fall in love with Perri’s again after thousand years. She is mesmerizing with her voice.

  6. such an amazings songs these are.. it is very meaningful too.. i feel so good listening to these songs.. but somwhere get depresed too..

  7. Celine Dion’s My heart will go one :’). What a song. It’s just a fabulous sad song. The feeling of love, heartbreak, sadness is so well expressed in that song.

  8. Quit playing game is one of my liked songs but all these are so old and title says new sad songs. No enough description is given too.

  9. My heart will go on is just one heck of a song. It’s so damn awesome. It’s a kind of romantic, sad song. I feel so good to listen to it even after years. Celine Dion has rendered gem of a song with this track.

  10. The world of music lost Amy wine house very early. She was a great singer and this track back to black is a beautiful sad song and she as usual is an exceptional singer.

  11. These are very good songs but quite older. Few were my favorite and I have heard like some thousand times. Especially jar of hearts, my heart will go. The female votes of both the songs are so touching.

  12. My heart will go on! It is still fresh to my ears! It’s a damn good song by Celine Dion! I love the song for the feel! It is just so melodious and soulful!

  13. The title is new sad songs and not all are new songs in this. But these are the most popular sad songs in the English songs history. Change the title as most popular sad songs.

  14. I love Jar of hearts. And I love all of Cristina Perri’s songs. Especially Thousand years,distance, jar of hearts. Very soulful are these songs.

  15. A good list but the descriptions are not so good. It feels horrible to read the descriptions but the songs here are good and all time favorites are there songs.

  16. Jar of hearts is a lovely track and it is a freaking good sad song after break up. The way Perry tells about the guy who cheated on her is very touching. Especially in the end, her voice in high pitch sounds so good.

  17. That theme song from Titanic is evergreen. James Cameron had pictured it so well and this Celine Dion’s My heart will go on just adds breath to it. Such beautiful track is it. I just love for the feel it carries.

  18. Amy winehouse had got some great, soulful songs and one such is back to black. But unfortunately she passed away. But her songs are still on and they’ll ever be. It’s so good to listen to the song when alone and sad.

  19. Everyone knows the iconic titanic theme song my heart will go. It drives a feel if sorrow into everyone’s heart. And greatly sung by Celine Dion also.

  20. We the Kings featuring Elena Coats- Sad song should have been there in the list. It shows how A lover feels once they have broke up and feel the necessity to get back. It’s so heart touching for me.

    • I know that song and I love it. But seriously this article is not so well written and no much work has been done. Better research would have given better songs. The name reads new sad songs and there are some old classics. The author must look into such things.

  21. Just give me a reason by Pink and Nate is a great sad song of present times. It’s verses are about a breakup and that gets tears in me.

  22. The lines by Christina – ” who do you think you are, running around leaving scars” sh8ows the heartbreak felt by the lover. The song is so beautifully written and Christina has sung it so well. I never miss out listening to that song.

    • Jar of hearts is a splendid sad song. The feel is so touching and her voice impresses so much. The melody with pain just holds the listener with the song.
      I love it.

  23. My al time favourite My Heart will go on by Celine dion quite an old song but still come sin top end of the list beautiful lyrics love the way Celine sung the song I can hear this song forever always in my playlist

  24. Really meaning full and amazing songs full of emotion just going through a break up and these songs just touched my heart I love the Sorry seems to be the Hardest the most omg its just related to my life

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