Top 10 Best Rock Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Rock Songs of All Time till 2017. There are songs that are remembered and songs that transcend the generational gap between listeners. What is popular and considered to be worth listening to is not always the same for the next generation in line, but the truly powerful and inspirational songs that stick around are those that are able to appeal to listeners both young and old, past their prime and just coming into their own. Music often has to be more than just “good” to transcend one generation to the next, as a flash in the pan band can be hot one day and forgotten the next. The truly edgy and lasting performers are those who are not afraid to give the audience what they want, but in their own voice.

Those songs that do last are the truly great ones, and with that, here are the top ten best rock songs of all time.

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List of Top 10 Best Rock Songs of All Time till 2017

10. ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath

Now let’s be honest, it was hard not to like Black Sabbath when it was still a new and upcoming band and it’s hard not to like them now. Despite the fact that the group has gotten older and their music is now, like most of this list, considered “classic” rock, they are still without a doubt one of the hardest-hitting bands on this list. Having been lauded as starting the template for heavy metal and what it truly stands for, Black Sabbath became one of the true groundbreaking bands of their time and is still remembered today whenever ‘Paranoid’ is aired.

9. ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd

From the slow, easy pace of the song to the smooth feeling it produces as it moves along, ‘Comfortably Numb’ accurately describes the song as it seems to capture and hold the listener until the end. Even after the song is over it is very easy to remain in the same comfortable state that is brought about by the haunting combination of the lyrics as they meld with the melody. Pink Floyd is a legend among classic rock bands that has portrayed the ability to not only gather a massive fan base but to do so across multiple generations. Here are the : New English Songs 2017

8. ‘Everybody Wants Some’ by Van Halen

There is no doubt that Van Halen is a band that is laced with controversy following the split between the band and Sammy Hagar. Despite that major issue however they are and have always been a fun band to listen to largely because of their seemingly unlimited energy and the tempo they are able to keep during their tracks. ‘Everybody Wants Some’ has been one of those popular songs that has been featured on movie soundtracks, commercials, and various other forms of media throughout the decades, proving its staying power and the fact that it is an undeniably fun song.

7. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen

This is another inherently fun song on this list and one that has also appeared in various different media. No doubt one of its most famous appearances in the 1990’s was one that many people will remember when it was featured in “Wayne’s World” in what is considered to be an epic scene. The track is slow to start and even a bit clunky, but its pace and jaunty nature are such that most listeners can’t help but be drawn into singing along with the band. It is without a doubt one the greatest songs ever recorded, and has withstood the test of time thus far, as it will likely do in the decades to come.

6. ‘All Along the Watchtower’ The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Despite belonging to a different artist, this song was covered in such a masterful way that many people would honestly think that it was a Jimi Hendrix original and never once think that it might have come from someone else. So popular was Hendrix in his day that his every word and every note from his guitar seemed to evoke a sort of magic that people simply couldn’t resist. Despite being a Bob Dylan song to start with, ‘All Along the Watchtower’ has gone down in rock history as being remembered most fondly for the rendition that Hendrix gave to the public.

5. ‘A Day in the Life’ The Beatles

The Beatles are likely one of the hardest bands to make a decision on when it comes to one song. It is akin to choosing only one type of food that you will eat for the rest of your life, it is that difficult to pick out just one song from their entire list that can fit the bill. As the one song that seems to fit this list however, ‘A Day in the Life’ is perhaps one of their most powerful and lauded songs that has allowed them to remain such a classic example of what rock truly stands for throughout the years.

4. ‘Back in Black’ AC/DC

This is one among the Top 10 Best Rock Songs of All Time till 2017. There is a type of power to AC/DC’s music that can’t be denied and the feeling of being punched in the face by their hard-hitting but carefree style. The growling lyrics and powerful guitar riffs are enough to rattle the bones and make a person react to the music on instinct alone as the band’s energy awakens something deep inside. The hard beats, whining notes that set your teeth on edge, and the continual pace that keeps rumbling along have made this track last on sheer energy alone. Whenever you need a wakeup call, AC/DC is one of the best bands to do the job.

3. ‘Gimme Shelter’ Rolling Stones

Its always assumed that where The Beatles show up, The Rolling Stones aren’t far behind, or have already been there. With ‘Gimme Shelter’ The Rolling Stones are in what can be assumed is their regular form, as it moves with a smooth and edgy rhythm that can get the toes tapping and the heart beating just a little quicker. Many of the songs on this list have been picked up by various media throughout the years, and this track is no exception, though it has often been played in movies depicting past decades so as to underscore the time period and the situation during which it is played. In any case it is a great piece and one that has gained a great deal of recognition even to those who are not fans of the Stones.

2. ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Led Zeppelin

If there was any doubt that this song would be placed on this list or even reach into the top five then shame-on-you. Such an iconic piece could not rightly be left off of any top ten list featuring rock, classic rock, or even top songs of the 20th century. ‘Stairway to Heaven’ seems like a very simple song to those who have never heard it before, but upon listening one can easily pick up on the complexities throughout the entire track, finding themselves listening to each passing second as they become enraptured by the very sound. Songs like this only come along once in a generation, and those who are fortunate enough to hear it are very lucky.

1. ‘Sweet Emotion’ Aerosmith

If you talk about bands that have been together seemingly forever, Aerosmith is almost always among that particular list. The scratchy tones of Steven Tyler have become a part of American culture in a way that many thought would never hold, and ‘Sweet Emotion’ is only the tip of the iceberg. The long, drawn out notes within the song contain a moderate to heavy feel that is not unpleasant and carry a great deal of meaning that is only punctuated by the lyrics, a truly “sweet emotion” that is anything but lip service to a great song.

These are the most popular Rock Songs of All Time till 2017. Rock won’t go out of style, but it will evolve. In another thirty to forty years this list will likely be supplanted by what is considered meaningful and powerful in the current era. But that is rock, it will roll on regardless of who is in the top ten, and it will always stay alive so long as one person decides to listen.

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