Top 10 New Remix Songs

Significant factors about the top 10 new remix songs for 2016, all time best most popular Remix Songs list.

We all love to listen music as music is the way to make our soul and brain relaxed. Whether it is a rock music or light music, the beats and tunes always make us charmed and refreshed. Today, we can hear songs which are remixed. Old songs are presented in a new format with contemporary beats and music. This music is different than old music and the young generation likes such remix songs. Today lots of English songs have been remixed and by using contemporary instrument these have become extremely popular.

List of top 10 new remix songs 2016

The old songs, which have been remixed have become extremely popular to the new generation. The music lovers will surely be interested to know more about the top 10 remix songs. Here we can take a look at the top 10 remix songs 2016 which have become extremely popular in recent days.

Top New Remix Songs for 2016 2017

10. Coming with You:

This is remix composed by Blonde and this famous tract has become popular among the music loving people. This song has been performed by the American Rap Artists Ne-Yo. This song has been taken from the sixth studio album.


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  1. Are you kidding me??? This is not at all a list of new songs. You must update it. There are plenty if new songs released.

  2. Something new actually a good remixed song..
    I usually hear it. The sound track is good. And the background music is also very good.
    And we get good information about songs.

  3. If i compare classic and remix, i go with remix because itll have many combination of tastes.
    Itll be like a cocktail. And i like cocktail.
    As it gives more information about remix songs, it is a very good article.

  4. This article must be updated soon. There are even newer songs which are better song in the market. You are relly supposed get updated.

  5. Four five second is the best song ever.. i just feel like hearing it alway. Tje track is really good. Barbarian singer rocked the entire song. Thus as we get information from this article, this is a hood article.

  6. List is very good. Here we get enough information about what we deserve. Thos is a good thing that we can down load any song looking at this list.

  7. This list seems quite interesting list.. I usually dont listen to remixes.. But this one seems kind of interesting ones.. Let me try once!

  8. Something new is one of my all time favourite song dude!! Its so awesone to listen.. Almost all my friends love that song too.

  9. coming with u is just a beautiful track.. am really crazy about it.. whenever i listen to it.. and wherever i am i start singing and dancing there only.. haha!

  10. woww.. this is quite an amazing collections! but when did all this started.. i never knew at all.. i would just listen to original tracks and enjoy! hehe!

  11. These seem to be great songs just because I love all these songs in their original version. The artists who have rendered for remix are well known and i think I should check all these out right now.

  12. I really liked the list. These are actually the best songs and the remix versions are also so good. They just make one feel so good. Credits to the original artists and the remix artists.

  13. The remix of classic four five seconds also sounds really good. It is very well taken care if and it still holds the same old essence of classic by Paul McCartney. It is one of the best works by him.

    • Hell Yeah. The classics were good and the remix versions have gotten them even better. The modern day Dj’s are incredible in giving such stuffs. In fact music has taken a leap in the modern Era.

  14. Very good collection.
    Rhymes is just a freaking awesome song. The beats and the bass for the remix is so good. I love it. The mixing is out of the box!

  15. D-Guetta gives some cracking remixes and EDMs. He is an exceptional digital music artist. I love his compositions.

  16. Nice list I never knew that some of these songs are remixes from older version of songs really like it quite amazing collection great song fm great music some are better than old ones for the new generation

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