Top 10 New Reggae Songs

Key factors about the new reggae songs for 2016, all time best most popular Reggae songs list.

Songs have always been a significant part in our life. Whether it is a light music or rap songs, we love to listen every type of music to make our mood refreshed. Many legendry singers and musicians have composed some great songs which have a great influence in our life. Today we can have a good collection of reggae songs which have a good combination of offbeat rhythm and blues. This particular music style has been originated in Jamaica. Bob Marley was the first famous reggae musician.

List of top ten new reggae songs 2016

Reggae music has nice beats that has made it extremely famous around the world. Let us have a look at the top ten new reggae songs 2016.

Top New Reggae Songs 2016-2017

10. Time Bomb:

In this recent time, Time Bomb has become another popular track. This is the great creation of Iration. If we are true music lover then we can never stay without listening to this excellent song. The heart touchy lyrics and nice music have made this song famous among us.


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  1. From the the original capital letters reggae band , performed at the one love festival London 2016.
    As a UK reggae band ever been number one in JA . also if you would like to check out the original capital letters reggae band , you tube capital letters Chigwell festival 2016. Would love your feed back., also new album soon to be realised. Look forward to your reply POPS.

  2. Jamaican reggae got me when I started listening to Bob Marley. After that I’ve been following reggae music and especially because of the uniqueness in it, I love those.

  3. I love each and every song in this list. They are all just superb. Jamaican reggae has always attracted me and these songs are my fav.

  4. Jamaican reggae is like a treat for me man. It’s just incredible kind of music. There have been legends and the culture is now an inseparable part of English pop culture.

  5. I’m a huge fan of Jamaican reggae! It is one unique thing in English pop.
    It’s just a splendid music composition and a contribution from the Carrebian. Bob Marley is the God of reggae music.

  6. The one evergreen legend! Bob Marley! And that Legend song is so fresh even today. It has got exotic beats and very well composed and sung by the greatest singers, Bob Marley. He should have lived longer.

  7. Wow amazing list I all these songs but I didn’t have some of them and I always loved Bob Marley thanx for publishing this great list. The no. 1 song the legend is real great by the legendary Bob marley

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