Top 10 Best Pop Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Pop Songs of All Time till 2017, most popular Rap songs in 2017.

Pop Song Top 10 Best Pop Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Pop Songs of All Time till 2017

10. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Nirvana

It’s a bit hard to equate Nirvana with pop culture when they were so heavily into their own rhythm and were in a sense the godfathers of the grunge movement, but as songs go this one appealed to many individuals. In a time when America’s youth were in vast disarray and largely unmotivated to do much of anything other than sulk and become confused about which direction their life would take, Nirvana stepped in and became the sounding board and the call to action all in a very short time to assuage the discombobulated youth. Even in the current era the sound of such music sets a fire under the seat of any millennial that can recall what it was like to feel lost and alone and ultimately drawn to Nirvana’s edgy, unapologetic sound.

9. ‘Rehab’ Amy Winehouse

There are a great many celebrities who would be pictured under the word “ironic” when looking in the average dictionary, and Amy Winehouse is no exception. The very song ‘Rehab’ is an allusion to her own control issues and substance abuse that was so well documented throughout her career. There is no doubt of the talent that she presented to the general public, but it seems too often that her words were a desperate cry for help as well as a means of entertainment for her fans.

8. ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Elvis Presley

An icon and a legend, this was a man that for so long could do no wrong in the eyes of his devoted fans. He was a marvel to many and considered a bad influence for his innovative dance moves and racy lyrics, but there is no doubt that Elvis was by far and large a revolutionary in his time and any other. The mere fact that his name still appears on such lists so long after his demise is a testament to everything he gave and every fan who will never forget his soft, resonant voice or the way his lyrics could cause the heart to melt or burn with desire.

7. ‘Superstition’ Stevie Wonder

Yet another legend in his own time that is never far from the minds of his fans and most loyal followers, Stevie Wonder is a musical genius that still thrives on the chance to create and develop new music. There is no doubt that his powerful and moving hits of the past will always be his trademark and a stamp left on musical history that people remember him best for. The very way he lays down each track makes it easy to understand how he has managed to make his way onto these lists time and time again. This is one of the Top 10 Best Pop Songs of All Time till 2017.

6. ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ Righteous Brothers

There is something so haunting about the powerful, almost forceful vocals that drive this track. It is so easy to sing along that many people feel the absolute need to join in during the chorus, no doubt thinking that they are harmonizing almost perfectly with the singers while in truth their voice is being carried along by the masterful notes of the performers. A favorite of high school choir directors and fans alike, this time honored classic is one that seems to pop up every now and then just for fun, or with a more meaningful purpose.

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5. ‘Crazy in Love’ Beyonce w/ Jay-Z

Now you know when a list about pop songs is made that an appearance by Beyonce is sure to come in at the top five at the very least. ‘Crazy in Love’ was an almost automatic hit as it came out when Beyonce was still riding the upward slope of her stardom to the level she is at now, climbing without pause to become the celebrity that everyone knows and loves. Featured as one of her more energetic and even addictive hits, this song has been featured in numerous forms of media and is perhaps one of the most universally well-liked songs by this artist.

4. ‘Rock Around The Clock’ Bill Haley and His Comets

Picture “Happy Days”, remember the cast, the fun, and the comical days of sitcoms long past and you will remember this song with a fond smile of longing. Despite the obvious success of Bill Haley and His Comets, most fans would recall the Fonz and his crew making their way through one hilarious episode after another when they hear this song. They might also think of sock hops and school dances as well as slicked back hairdos and leather jackets. So get your thumbs up and your swagger on, this oldie is still a goodie.

3. ‘People Get Ready’ Impressions

Smooth, easy, not too challenging and not at all edgy, this song is one of the old classics that is both soothing and pleasant to just stand and sway to. It is one of the all-time best slow songs to hold a loved one close and simply move to, as it offers a slow, comforting beat that can allow one to just enjoy the melody and easygoing rhythm. In fact, it might be a perfect break during a school song to kick back and relax before the rowdy hour starts again.

2. ‘Fantasy’ Mariah Carey

Whether you love her or aren’t much of a fan, this tune by Mariah Carey is one of the more jubilant and fun pieces she’s produced in her long career. Despite her often high-pitched additions to each song this tune is very easy to listen to and creates a sort of bouncy, upbeat feel that causes the toes to tap and the hips to sway as the music continues to roll on. While it might be considered by some to not be worthy of such a high rank it is still a very noted pop song, which is no doubt why it rests in its current position.

1. ‘When Doves Cry’ Prince and The Revolution

Prince had to make the list without exception. While being number one could be argued for amongst many different fans who either love his music or simply tolerate it, ‘When Doves Cry’ is still a powerful piece that has touched at least most of those who have ever bothered to listen. During his career Prince was regarded as a genius, an oddity, and even a rather eccentric individual who lived by his own rules and did his own thing most times. No matter how he was regarded however one thing is very clear, he understood music and how to make people fall in love with his work.

These are the Top 10 most popular Pop Songs of 2017. Like all music, the pop genre will change like the ebb and flow of the tides from year to year. Some of those who have topped this list will no doubt be replaced once another iconic star comes along to usurp the spotlight, but others will remain simply because they helped to redefine the genre and created a style that can never be fully replicated.