Top 10 New Metal Songs

Considerable factors about the top 10 metal songs 2015-2016, all time best most popular Metal Songs list.

Music has various genre and different instruments are used for different category. Some of us are fan of metal songs. To compose these songs heavy metal instruments are used. These songs are rock types and today the demand for such metal songs has enhanced a lot. Today, around the world many bands for such rock songs can be found. These metal songs are based on the blue rocks and psychedelic rock. These metal songs mainly became popular late 1960’s in the United States. The instruments which are mainly used in composing the metal songs are electric guitar,bass guitar, drums etc.

List of Top 10 new metal songs 2015-2016

In recent days, the popularity of different types of metal songs has been increased a lot. Here the music lovers.

Top New Metal Songs

10. House Of The Moon: This song is the fabulous creation of the famous metal band Goatsnake from the USA. The song has a deep expression and this has made the song extremely enthralling. This song is within the recent released album Black Age blues. The vocals also made this song immensely popular among the music lovers.

9.Blessed: KEN Mode, the famous Canadian metallic rock ban have entered within the list of top 10 of best metal songs with their superb creation Bessed. This band is famous for noise rock and sludge metal drums. Jesse is on the vocal and guitar and Shane plays the drums. This song is one of the excellent composition of the band with metal instruments.

8. We Can Do What We Want: Drenge is one of the famous two piece English rock band. They are famous as alternative rock band. Since the year 2011 this band has composed some great creation. Eoin Loveless is on vocal and guitar whereas his brother is superb on drums. Their excellent creation, We Can Do What We Want has already become famous among the listeners.

7. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged: People who are in love with Egypt will never miss the song. Melechesh the famous rock band founded in Jerusalem has composed the song. The use of drums and other instruments has really made this song extremely popular.

6. When The Stillness Comes: Slayer, popular rock band from California is going to release their another superb album Repentless where we can hear this innovative musical track. Slayer is one of the most talented and experienced musical band since 1981.

5. God Damn: Vultures the famous hardcore rock band is from London which has huge experience in composing different types of rock music. God Damn is another outstanding creation which has already taken place among the list of top 10 metal songs. The guitar has been nicely used in this song.

4. How The Years Condemn: Napalm Death is one of the most efficient rock band which has composed many heart touchy music like how the years condemn. Since the year 1981, this band has created lots of metal songs for the music lovers. Mark Greenway is the person who has made this song extremely powerful.

3. Minions: Another famous band is Torche from Miami which has vast experience in composing metal songs. In the year 2004 this band released their first music album. Millions is another great creation of metal songs by Torche.Millions is such a creation of the band Torche where we can find the existence of musical heaviness.

2. Faith No More: Superhero is the famous British Christian rock band which has already made the people around the world to love their creation. Throughout Europe and United States, this band has become extremely popular. With the song Faith No More, this band has showed their power of innovation in the metal music.

1. High On Fire: At number one we should take the name of the most famous band The Black Plot. This is their seventh successful release which has already made people to be crazy about this band. This song is fully composed with extremely nice guitar work. Matt Pike is the main here to play the guitar and on vocal too.

So, these are the top 10 metal songs which have become extremely famous in recent days.


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  1. Minions should have been more up in the list …according to Slayer is the best metal band ..apart from this I love any metals they are like simply awesome

  2. Ohhh yeaa enjoyed the songs…fucking crazy sing…am a fan of metals used in it makes me crazy ..the notes n base of these are really great…roll n get high guys

  3. Metals are always a treat to ears …love it listening it to at high volume ..great bass ..get high and listen to those songs…will definately take u to the higher level ..great trebble too

  4. High on fire . Really awesome song…metals I have been listening quite often n I love it .. all songs mentioned in the list are gud ..n loving to listen to metal after a long time

  5. I am metal lover from past …I have listened alot of metal…some of these songs are good …but frankly speaking earlier metals were more great..I like hard metals

  6. I am a huge fan of metal. I used to hate metal when I was growing up but a friend of mine took me to a concert and that changed everything. I am intrigued by the way the lead vocalist sings. The effort that goes into making these songs is simply amazing. My personal favourite is Lamb of God and Metallica. But the other ones mentioned in the post are also real good. Do listen to them!

  7. Faith no more, woww, i just love the songs of these albums. Its so damn awesome that i cant stop myself listening to it. Faith No More, a San Francisco-based band,
    have recorded approximately 100 songs over the course of their career. this includes material from six studio albums, one live album, and numerous B-side tracks and out- takes.

  8. Minions are my favorite television characters and the songs of minions are really awesome. It really has got heavenliness in it. All the albums of minions are superhit and banana song is my favorite one.

  9. High on fire really deserves the first place in the list.Everyone has their favorite High
    on Fire album, and it’s not
    because the band are constantly
    throwing polarizing curve balls. The albums of high on fire are super hit among all nations. People love the genres.

  10. Ha, ha!, very funny, the song “Faith no More” by the band Superhero.
    But being Fait No More one of the most famous alternative rock bands in history, I doubt someone could fall in the joke.

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