Top 10 Best Love Songs For Him And Her of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Love Songs For Him And Her of All Time till 2017. There are so many Love songs in music industries today. These tracks can be dedicated to wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or even Fiancee. Top 10 best love songs for him and her are listed below.

Top 10 Best Love Songs For Him And Her All Time

List of Top 10 Best Love Songs For Him And Her of All Time till 2017

10. You are my best friend by John Deacon

John Deacon is a queen Bassist from America who wrote this amazing track in 1975 and dedicated it to his beloved wife. You are my best friend is a heartfelt message done in a song. This track sounds romantic and sweet to listen to especially knowing that friend is based on true life story of John. Deacon’s wife almost burst into tears upon hearing this track being played on popular radio stations and even television series. It has also taken part in romantic portions of different kinds of movie films in America.


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  1. mirrors is just a beautiful composition and song by arjit sing romantic and best love song at the moment. the background score is beautiful too. so lure the song mirrors is just beautiful written and the music as well is so good. the felling expressed in each line about the guy just awesome. you are my reflection phrase is just romantic love. I LOVE THE LOVE SONG my contact number. 9603394031

  2. I didn’t particularly enjoy this list of songs and you should start thinking about what everyone else thinks, you could use a survey if you are going to make another list.

  3. i love camron diaz she is beautiful and best writer and also good actress and its my dream on day i will meet with her.

  4. If I use any of these songs to my girlfriend, she’ll get the hell out of me. These are old songs and many new songs have hit the charts and are being very please update.

  5. All the songs in the list are not so good.. Excpt mirrors and adore you. Please make a better list than this.. I can help u if u want me to.. Haha!

  6. Adore u is one of my favourite song.. Miley is just an amazing singer.. And beautifull too.. The album ‘bangers’ is really awesum.. Is really one of d best!

  7. Mariah Carey’s beautiful is a good sond actually. Maybe this is an old list but that song is very good. She has sung it so very well and it keeps going round one’s head.

  8. Mirrors is my fav song in the list. But I guess the list is too old. New songs are very good and few love songs are too catchy. So, better update.

  9. This is not a new list. So better update and this will be very useful then. The songs in the list are very good. I like treasure, adore you, mirrors.

  10. I love mirrors song. It is such a melodious, romantic number. It is so lovely and the flash of Bae gets into my mind whenever I listen to it. JT is one of my fav singers too. Can’t stop the feeling is a good track too.

  11. I liked this list but can you please update the stuffs? There are more new songs and I can provide you if you want. These were the chart busters some months ago. I’m saying this because the title reads new love songs.

  12. Bruno Mars is one of my favorite artists. Treasure is one of my favs by him and also just the way you are, moonshine, marry you are all so romantic.

  13. Treasure by Bruno Mars is my fav from the list. That song is kind of pumping, melodious and a typical Bruno Mars thing. A really good one that by Bruno Mars. I still love uptown funk!

  14. I Love adore you and mirrors a lot! These two songs are so sweet and soothing. The feel of love just rushes through my veins!

  15. Lol! There are hell lots of mistakes in the articles and seem to be written by a school student. Could have been a better list with better language and research. I hope that I’ll see corrections soon.

  16. Umm…

    A) Treasure by Bruno Mars, not Bruno Mars by Treasure
    B) Lorde is a girl…

    That’s all byeeeee

  17. Mirrors is just a beautiful composition and song by JT. It’s romantic and best love song at the moment. The background score is beautiful too.

    • Yay! I love this song! It gives me the romantic feeling and my girl’s image everytime I listen to it. The melody is so good and soothing. He is my favorite singer too. The mirror lyrics is also very very lovely.

  18. Can the author be more precise with the words rather than using unnecessary words at places. The article doesn’t interest reading. The description of songs must male the reader to listen to those or just remember those.

  19. Beautiful by Mariah Carey is one awesome song to listen. It is soulful and melodious. The lyrics have been written very well too.
    I just love the way she has sung. It is so gorgeous.

  20. Miley Cyrus is beautiful and is a great singer too. Adore you is one masterpiece by her. I get so lost listening to it and her sweet voice is so brilliant.

  21. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, takes the listener to a new world of love. The feeling of the guy who wants the girl by his side is expressed greatly. The music scores is very romantic and catchy.

    • So true. The song Mirrors is just beautifully written and the music as well is so good. The feelings expressed in each line about the guy is just awesome. You are my reflection phrase is just romantic.

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