Top 10 Best Latin Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Top 10 Best Latin Songs of All Time till 2017. As we all know songs have different purposes depending on the genre of the song. Others express love others are for entertainment while others brings about comfort and relaxation. Songs have a great impact in a person’s life. Nowadays we cannot survive without listening to some soothing songs to at least calm our nerves after a very tiresome day or even while working so that you may be cheered up to continue doing the job or the piece of work assigned to you. We can surely say that music is a controller of people’s minds since it can drive a person to do what he or she never actually intended to do. Here am going to talk about the well renowned Latin songs. They are very interesting and for that reason am going to list the top ten Latin music that you definitely would like to hear.

latin Songs Top 10 Best latin Songs of All Time 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Best Latin Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Shaky shaky by Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankees latest Latin song was produced on 14th July 2016 by the legendary one and only Daddy Yankee. The song has gone viral over YouTube over a short period of time and this surely shows how the song is very good right from its video to the singer himself. Daddy Yankee was born on February 1977 and was given the name Ramon Ayala Rodriguez, he is also an actor song writer and a record producer. He had a passion for baseball and wanted to play baseball as a profession but misfortune came his way when he was shot and due to this that is how his dream was shattered. He went to the music industry and now has 18 million albums which he has sold.

9. LA Carretera by Prince Royce

The Latin musician is well known musician who became very popular right from the age of 19.right from childhood he had developed a special interest in music. At teenage he started writing poems and also started to experiment with music his first album was on 2010 which was composed of two songs and they became number one in the 2010 billboard awards. He got very popular and through that he got a chance to feature his songs with celebrities like the well renowned Pitbull, Jenifer Lopez and Snoop Dog.

8. Andas en mi cabeza by Chimo featuring Nacho Daddy Yankee

Thanks to Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, Daddy Yankee and JY, who wrote the above song which has gone viral? It was sang by Chino and Nacho and was produced on April 19th 2016. It was directed by Nuno Gomes. Chino who was born in November 15th 1984, his name is Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez and Nacho who is Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti who was born in 1983 august 22nd won the 2010 award for best city album at the Grammy Latin award.

7. Glaze by J Balvin

The born May 1985 singer is well renowned for the song glaze that has saturated the Colombian music industry. He is a Colombian record producer, rapper and also a song writer apart from being a singer. His name is Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin but he is well known as J Balvin born in Medellin Colombia. He begun music at the age of 14 and he pursued it with passion despite some few difficulties here and there which included learning English which he didn’t know.

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6. Letra de me vas a extra by Fernando Tinajero

It’s a song released on 5th may 2016 and hit the music industry within the same month. Fernando Tinajero became renowned very well for his good job and became very famous. This is one of the Top 10 Best Latin Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. El poder by Maluma

Poder is a Spanish name meaning power. El poder in full means the power. The song mainly talks about the power or the ability Maloma, who has not given most of the details about himself tries to bring the aspect of what if a girl had all the power she wanted how it would be.

4. Bobo by J Balvin

The song which was produced in the on 13th May 2016 by the famous musician who people knew that he was good at what he is doing perfectly knew what he was doing. He was a Colombian from a place called Medellin. Bobo is an elegant restaurant in New York. By singing the song he shows the elegance of the hotel and the way it is a luxurious place to be. The song has gone viral because of the way he sings.

3. Hasta el amanecer by Nicky Jam

Released in January this year, the song is more of reggae ton and this is what spices it up. Nicky jam has done reggae ton all his life and the name he uses was given to him jokingly by a man who didn’t have a home and that is how it came to be. He started music at a tender age of 14 and he documented his first song album at the age of 14. Because of the any hits he made after releasing his first album he got a chance to meet great musicians like Daddy Yankee and that is how he grew and came to release the song which has saturated the music industry.

2. La bacicista BY Shakira and Carlos Vive

As we all know most songs released in take time before they get to hit but the song which was released in July 8th 2016 even didn’t last for more than a month and it was already being played in to everyone’s playlist to show how it had hit the music industry.

1. Duele Corazon by Enrique Iglesias featuring Wisin

Whom have I heard saying that Enrique Iglesias has stopped keeping his fire burning? Then know that you are lying to yourself and you need to come to a reality. On 13th may 2016 he released a song featuring wisin which has left everyone speechless. The song tops the list of the ten best Latin songs 2017.

These are the best Latin songs 2017 and hope you enjoy dancing and singing along.